When the two brothers were ordered to go to Monkey, they were dissatisfied and said, "Master, it seems that this kind of rebellion is to thunder and lightning the dead body, and you will delay walking when you dig a grave."

"Wu, please invite Yang’s benefactor family to say more, or the teacher will read the incantation."
I don’t want to go to the old Yang family when I think of the powerful magic spell.
Hearing that the son was killed, the family hurried to see the dead body of the son lying upright in the pit, and the white-haired man sent the black-haired man.
"Old benefactor, this is a poor monk’s fault, but I am willing to bear any resentment against the poor monk."
Then Sanzang took out a thorn, undressed and crossed his hands, bent over the grave and read the scriptures of the past.
Lao Yang took the thorns in the first place and slapped them for hiding. He scolded, "You cruel monks are kind. If you eat and drink, it’s my son. If you’re not a monk, you shouldn’t kill him. Now, let’s ask the old couple to send black-haired people such a heart. Which Buddha has given it to you?"
Bang, bang
As soon as Sanzang said nothing, his body was covered with blood, and Monkey’s eyes suddenly showed evil light!
Chapter 422 False Monkey King Appears True King See Golden Cicada
"Master!" Both Jie and Friar Sand could not bear to come and help them, and Sanzang pushed them away.
"It’s the master’s fault that the apprentice didn’t teach well, and it’s my fault."
Yang Lao head no matter whether he is sincere or pretentious, he cries at the grave of his wife and son-in-law.
Monkey leaned on the white horse and several people cried, which made him even more upset.
Immediately, the fierce heart quietly walked behind Lao Yang’s head with a stick, and he was going to fight according to his head.
"enlightenment! What are you going to do? "
Sanzang woke up and Lao Yang looked at his head less than a foot away from his head and suddenly sat down in horror.
"Master, how dare this old man beat your brother like this? It’s a reunion for his father!"
Hearing such outrageous remarks, the old man suddenly fainted when he smoked, so that his wife, son-in-law and two children dragged him up and walked back.
Monkey seemed to have signs of chasing after him. When Sanzang saw this, he immediately shook his hands and crossed his hands to recite the incantation.
Immediately, he rolled around and cried out in pain.
Shout "Master Mo Nian! Master Mo Nian! "
After reading Sanzang for ten times, he stopped and said, "Do you know your mistake?"
Monkey said, "I know my mistake."
"Now that you know your mistake, ask the benefactor’s family to forgive you. These ghosts killed by you are also properly placed. Fortunately, his family will leave a grandchild, or the teacher will not spare you lightly."
Walker immediately jumped up and rushed home only to find that the escaped mountain thieves had gathered at home again. It was you stupid thieves who gave me this headache, and so did my grandson! ‘
Make a stick and beat the brains out one by one, scaring the family to stay at home with trepidation.
I didn’t see a heavy black air scattered thousands of miles away and caught by a figure, but it was a Monkey.
"Hey, hey, you can’t bear fruit. I will do it for you."
Sanzang was afraid that the monkey would be fierce again, so he sent a ring to check it out. He just bumped into Monkey and rushed back to sue the master.
When Monkey hurried to the future, Sanzang shook his head. "You’re too fierce to prove that you’re not a Buddhist monk. Go and realize that I’ll continue my relationship with you."
Monkey exclaimed, "Master, have you forgotten about Bai Gujing? If you leave me, who can protect you from the Buddhist scriptures? "
"Po Hou! Your little kindness today makes it difficult for me to get the scriptures, or the teacher will read the incantation! "
When Monkey heard this, he immediately said, "Just go, Master Mo Niandi!"
Walker left immediately and neatly, but now his murder is fading away, but he thinks that the journey to the west is difficult, and master will probably come to find himself and complain to Bodhisattva!
Immediately make a somersault and go straight to the South China Sea.
Wu Ming, the first yuan god, saw a white cloud earlier and stopped him. "Where’s the Great Sage?"
Monkey stopped to salute the clouds and said, "It turned out that the South Relic honored the King Buddha, and you were tired of subduing Hong Haier before."
"Why don’t you do something for the Great Sage? How can you wander here without accompanying the Tang Priest?"
Monkey immediately told Wu Ming about the killing of a bunch of mountain thieves, and he was really puzzled. This is not what Tang Xuanzang did. Where did he have this responsibility?
But I still smiled. "This is still you."
"King Buddha, how much did my old monk suffer? Did the robbers kill him? No, you said I was going to the South China Sea to see Guanyin Bodhisattva. "Then I immediately stepped on the clouds and left."
After Wu Ming watched the monkey leave, he stopped paying attention to him. Instead, he carefully observed the Tang Priest’s haste when he was in his daughter country. He never felt that he did not feel like a mortal now.
"Unless Jin Chan has awakened Su Hui?"
Sanzang drove Monkey away by the roadside and stood still for a moment, then told them to hurry.
He is now a mortal walker who can’t intervene in the disaster, but you bodhisattvas and Buddhas value him and will certainly help him. Maybe they will see him again soon, and then he will be a conscious and enlightened Sun Walker.
After walking for forty or fifty miles, Sanzang suddenly felt thirsty. He immediately asked Jiejie to get water. It was deserted here for a long time, but he didn’t find any water. He also asked Wujing to find Jiejie and come back on his way.
Early in the distance, I heard that liu er macaques immediately held a bowl of water and made a somersault. I heard the sky fall loudly in front of Sanzang. "Master, if you don’t have me, you can’t even mix a bowl of water. You can quench your thirst with this bowl of herbal tea first."
Sanzang frowned, took a sip of the tea bowl and asked, "Are you enlightened?"
Liu er laughed. "Who is it?"
"If you don’t realize how you can ridicule the master, you Uber can’t coax me into reading. You can send me a cup of tea and leave quickly, or you can’t leave when my two disciples come back."
Liu er macaques immediately changed their faces, became angry and shouted angrily, "Spitting thieves and baldness is very mean to me! Which one is your apprentice and which one is afraid of your two stupid disciples! "
Immediately, he swung an iron bar and hit Sanzang on the back. Fortunately, the gods didn’t kill him. The liu er macaque took the opportunity to rob the package and rush to Huaguoshan.
Wu Ming came to help Sanzang up and took a sip of fairy dust before he woke up faintly.
"If you dare to hit the poor monk, you will not be spared!"
When I opened my eyes, I saw Sanzang in front of a bodhisattva, and suddenly I felt a little embarrassed. Then I casually didn’t know, "Thank you for saving the king and Buddha."
Wu Ming laughed. "Should I call you Tang Xuanzang or Jin Chan?"
Golden cicada suddenly felt terrible in his heart, but now he is recognized. Isn’t Lingshan also known!
"Brother Cicada, don’t panic. You had a good conversation with the poor in the Orchid Club 300 years ago!" Wu Ming sad way
Bonsai Club?
Jin Chan forgot for a moment how a bodhisattva could claim to be original, thinking carefully about who would have talked to in the basin at that time.
"Turns out to be true gentleman! How did you enter my Buddhism now? " Golden cicada finally remembered suddenly exclaimed
Wu Ming said a few words briefly, and the golden cicada immediately admired him for being able to repair a Yuan God into a positive result. Isn’t it so easy to see how many monks in the Three Realms can’t repair a Luo Han Guo?
Just then, when Friar Sand came back to see this scene, he couldn’t help but exclaim, "Master, where did you fall and salute?"
Wu Ming has left the Demon God Palace. I don’t know when to come to Huanghuaguan. It’s better to be careful. Then liu er macaques will go to heaven and the underworld sooner or later, and then let the second yuan God observe it carefully.
Sanzang said, "A genie changed the appearance of your big brother, took the salute and knocked the teacher unconscious."
Stop fuming and say, "Hey! What monster dares to do this? If the old pig encounters it, it must build several blood holes! "
Friar Sand helped Sanzang to his feet and said, "Second Brother, please help Master to your previous alms house and ask for some hot tea soup so that Master can calm down."
Sanzang has been hindered, but he still walked along with the two disciples for a little while to stay with that family.
Chapter 423 Ten Wang Yan Zhen Jun’s second thoughts make dry Kun.
Youdu of the underworld

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