[One reincarnation]

[Mode camp killing (choose your own camp to kill the reincarnation of your own camp, and kill the reincarnation of the enemy camp to get half the reward points of the other side)]
[Plot identity: Song Guomin people/Yuan nationals choose one]
[The main Xiangyang city war won the country of its own camp-5 reward points (if the two sides are still undecided after the end of 6 days in this world, each person will be deducted 1 reward point)]
1. Kill one hundred enemy soldiers-2 reward points
2, kill Wulin people-no inflow, 5 reward points, 6 streams, 1 reward point, 5 streams, 25 reward points, 4 streams, 6 reward points, 3 streams, 11 reward points, 2 second streams, 25 reward points, first-class 54 reward points, innate 5 reward points, master: 14 reward points, 2 reward points, broken virtual 5 reward points.
More times, you need to select a camp to unlock it]
Chapter 331 trivial riots
As he finished reading the general information of the world, his reincarnation also gradually woke up.
After two vibrations around,
Knocked two doors respectively.
One side is marked with "Da Song" and the other is marked with "Da Yuan"
The meaning is concise. You can go in wherever you want to take refuge.
Olga is too lazy to think much. After all, which side is so-called to him that it doesn’t even need what the plot is.
Directly into the nearest DaSong.
Barely joined the "DaSong" camp.
If he has a camp in his eye
After seeing him take the lead in making a choice, the reincarnation people watched each other warily and made their own choices.
In twos and threes, they entered their respective choice doors.
There are also a few reincarnates who choose to quietly observe their own movements and want to choose the best way to ride a ride by judging which reincarnator is stronger.
There are also reincarnation people who are reading through their Lord God’s information quickly, trying to understand what the so-called Xiangyang City War is.
After all, let alone white people or black people, even many Asians have never heard of it.
Which side is stronger? Which side is weak?
It is a fusion of hundreds of martial arts worlds, but what is the martial arts world?
What is Dasong?
What is Dayuan?
One by one is full of question marks.
After walking out the door
Olga found himself in an ordinary room.
The room decoration is very simple, which is no different from the inn in the martial arts drama.
The bed is also equipped with a custom-made ancient costume to disguise the indigenous people.
And there is an announcement on the table.
【 Order of Recruiting Talents 】
[I am Lv Wenhuan, the general guarding the city of Xiangyang. Recently, I received a military spy that the Yuan Dynasty army is about to invade, and my Dasong reinforcements will not arrive until 10 days later. Now we are recruiting all kinds of talented people to help guard the city …]
As Olga finished reading this notice,
The Lord God sounded again.
[Dasong camp secondary activation …]
【 Secondary Kill Yuan Army General-Uhliangha Ashu … 】
【 Secondary kill master of Yuan Army-King Jin Lunfa of tantric sect … 】
【 Secondary Kill Master of Yuan Army-Magic Sect … 】
Seeing this information, Olga instantly knew what the reincarnation of Dayuan would be.
Nothing more than killing the top of DaSong.
Every time I see these minor Olga, I think this thing is a hunting list.
Occasionally interspersed with a few not murder and arson.
Then another message came.
[Is it necessary to cover up the obvious special features of the reincarnated person? (only valid for indigenous people)]
Olga is well aware that this so-called special feature refers to his silvery white hair and red eyes.
This kind of appearance is obvious even if it pays attention to individuality and modernity, and walking in ancient streets is a little lower-key than wearing a dragon robe
But Olga has never looked at others in his life, and he is too lazy to care what others think of him.
For him, pretending to be a race is the limit!
It’s impossible to ignore all the people and not to cut them!
He walked out of his room wearing a pure white suit with the idea that he was always dragging.
It was the sudden appearance that made the bartender pass by with the teapot outside the door surprised!
That kind of shock is like walking down the street and suddenly seeing aliens.
This painting style is different!
At that time, it was a great shock to the shop assistant wearing simple linen!
That strange hair color pupil and that pure white western pure white leather shoes are the appearance and dress that the other party never dreamed of.
For a moment, it lost its thinking ability and fell into a dull state.
Ignoring each other’s look, Olga hummed and walked up the stairs.
Someone who is eating noodles is chewing his mouth before he can swallow it.
Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly found a white shadow that was too white, and his consciousness turned to look at it.
In a second, his chewing face stopped completely.

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