"To prevent the general trend from hiding," Li Yu nodded slightly and then leaned out and made a passage to bring Meng Ji with him.

Needless to say, when he saw this dead skeleton, he reacted and showed excitement, and the reincarnation was completed.
A white and dark flowing bone emerged in his hand, which is the key to control the body and bones. The hand bone seems to be able to run through the universe with a sense of depravity and detachment, and it does not directly point to the subject of death.
Hand bones return to the source of recovery. The yellow light of blood in the whole body of the dead bones flows like real elements and blood. It exudes a sense of being not high, and the virtual cracks near it can be seen quietly rushing. There are several ghosts in the Yellow River, and their eyes are ups and downs, and they can never be super-born.
Li Yu’s eyes lit up, and ten thousand golden lights lit up all over his body, and he directly penetrated into it, leaving a mark. In the future, he can use this mark to find the origin of life and death where the grave entered.
Aside Meng Ji also heard the completion sound. Somehow, the grand six-tone sounds seem a little small and have some scruples at this time
"I’ll be sent to the West Desert for a while, and my good brother can take it for himself if he is empty in the future."
Li Yu raised his hand and took a photo to turn the two people into a brand, which broke into the bones of the dead and formed a manipulation force.
For a moment, the bones of the dead are protruding all over the body, and a large number of bone spurs are gathered. She is eager to spread her wings and take off in the direction of the western regions, and she wants to enter the deep sea and explore in Jiuyou.
His attachment to consciousness says that the combination of flesh and true spirit can give full play to his great fighting power, and that there will be a great addition to the evil spirits in the nine secluded places.
Normal Terran creatures in that area will be suppressed when they enter the realm, while the nine mysterious creatures will be promoted. If the Nine Xuangong changes wonderfully, it will be a great loss.
At the same time, the news that the fish sea changed, the Shura Temple collapsed, life and death were often destroyed also completely bombarded the real world.
Once an evil spirit, nine top forces, Ershura Temple, life and death were often destroyed, and the shock was huge, which set off a wave of evil spirits disappearing. Even Bomi was violently shocked.
It is necessary to know that the dharma body is often transformed and the top forces are not often destroyed, especially the top forces that have been inherited for tens of thousands of years. Life and death are often the ancestors of sects, who are very powerful and extraordinary, but they are also heading for decline.
"Today, Ren Huang is unstoppable, and it is necessary for the holy man to personally get rid of the height of the law, and people will take the order to wipe out the evil spirits and thunder-like deterrence."
"After this battle, Zhou Junma, the inevitable minister of the western regions, has already rushed to the stationed road, and all the major families and sects have also contributed, which depends on their development interests."
The day is hotly debated, and even ordinary people can see that the irresistible general trend and the unification of the world are bound to give birth to an immortal imperial court.
Destroy the Tianmen patriarch’s mansion, and the dark fog suddenly breaks down like a low tide, which makes the gate clearly exposed.
Han Guang walked out of the door with a wooden hairpin, a wide robe and big sleeves. His eyes were deep as if he were thinking about the mysteries of heaven, earth and the universe, and he was indifferent to the outside world.
Disillusioned monty Zheng immediately saluted but heard his own patriarch’s voice, "I need to go out for a walk, and I will leave the door to you for management these days, so I need to hide my strength."
Don’t wait for his response Han Guang figure has disappeared.
Changle Palace Li Yu slowly opened his eyes and heard the golden light. Meng Qi slowly got up and looked at the north. "I have got a piece of mirror spirit of heaven for science. I need to go to the far north to take the core piece of heaven for science. The ice and snow fairy palace also has a magic monarch."
But the eyes are also afraid that the second brother and the third brother will take you to take an accident. "
He smiled and stayed in the imperial dynasty, and his figure was miraculous. He entered the deepest part of the grassland and went straight to the far north.
At first glance, the ice and snow deposits in the far north core are white without variegated cold and almost dead, but the white freezing fog can greatly weaken telepathy, making it full of unknowns, too many unexplored places and hidden dangers.
"It’s rare that this secret land is isolated from the rest of the world, but it’s not obvious that there are masters who travel in the south."
Meng Qi flickered all the way to a place wrapped in hazy fog according to the guidance of the golden lamp, and everything he saw was distorted and illusory.
In the fog core, a strange palace is floating, which is made of all kinds of ice and snow. There are many grotesque places in it, which are called "Ice and Snow Fairy Palace" by the far north sects.
There are two figures standing in front of the door, a wide robe, a big sleeve and a hairpin. It is said that Han Guang, the demon master, is carefree and unrestrained.
The other man’s head was wearing a flat crown, his ankle was covered with scales and boots, and his waist was hung with a sword. His handsome face was full of majesty, looming in the crown.
"Big Brother and Second Brother" Mr. Meng’s heart jumped, but he still crustily skin of head. I didn’t expect the three brothers to meet for the first time.
Han Guang, the "third brother", looks like he has a third brother on location besides a crazy eldest brother. The world is really mysterious.
However, the third brother seems to have a big secret body. Just after a meeting, he felt the trace of the Tathagata’s palm and even the meaning of cutting off the sky and seven swords. It is obvious that the ancient great men have the ability to gather the two.
"Two good brothers should be called big brother."
Li Yu’s hands are negative and kind, so that Han Guang’s natural and unrestrained manner disappears, and Meng Ji’s eyebrows are exposed in succession.
"Eldest brother" two people shouted at each other like a heart.
We are both unhappy — to the sky’s end.
"Although this place is a shrine of ice and snow, it is actually another secret place. It is a lucky place that is connected with Yaochi, which is just right for us three brothers."
Li Yu was satisfied with the moment, raised his hand with a sword, and led two people into the palace before clearing the passage.
The two people in Yaochi naturally know that the connecting road is the law of heaven and earth, and the source is the ancestor of the soldiers. Not only is the body water sharp and sharp, but it is not peerless, and it is good at warming up and repairing the artifacts. I don’t know how many magic weapons and magic weapon fragments have sunk in the pool. It is said that before Qing Di disappeared, he warmed up the core fragments of Science Mirror in the middle of Yaochi.
The lowest there are fairy magic soldiers who are eligible to enter the pool!
"Yaochi … As far as I know, it’s not just the core fragment of the mirror of heaven, but even the East Emperor Zhong is there."
Han Guang’s eyes are flushed with different colors, and there is a faint surge of waves. It is natural to practice the jade book of the Emperor of Heaven, and it is especially eager for the treasure of time. What’s worse, this thing can help people feel mysterious before practicing.
Mr. Meng did have any distractions, thinking of charging more for an immortal soldier, which is a big accident for now.
The three of them also had obstacles all the way, so they just entered the main road. When the line came to an end, an ancient bronze coffin appeared, mottled with verdigris, and time seemed to be substantial but difficult to ponder.
Winter! Winter! Winter!
In an instant, there is an inexplicable heartbeat echo, which freezes the surrounding airflow, or it seems that everything can be solidified except them.
The coffin slowly shows that a black heart is expanding and contracting slowly and forcefully, and it is as strange and evil as a fetus.
"Seven Freezing The Machine?" Han Guang’s eyes narrowed slightly and he recognized that the deity of ice and snow was evolved.
"I don’t know you, Devil?"
Li Yu’s cold hand pressed the lid on the pure land of the palm of his hand, which was triggered. King Kong shone all over the place, and it was huge, ancient, majestic, lofty and sacred. A wave of red Buddha’s light surged out, shaking the ground and brightening the sky.
The shining heaven and earth were suddenly changed, distorted and redefined, and the so-called heartbeat was directly washed away, which failed to turn into the enemy; The Buddha’s palm slammed and smashed the bronze coffin. In the violent roar, the water ripples on The Machine disappeared like illusory.
"Not the fairy, but the fairy is the peak of the fairy!" The scene of a shock in Han Guang’s heart reminded him that there was a fairy tale, which transformed the world into a cave or a world source reflected the outside world.
What if there is a contradiction between heaven and earth itself? It is the rule to let heaven and earth change their ways of speaking and raise their hands and cast their feet. Ren Huang stepped into the fairy!
No wonder he dared to plot evil spirits’ nine desires to bulldoze the contemporary fairy and hold Ren Huang sword. How can anyone stop him?
The magician’s mind was full of ups and downs, but he still followed. After that, they quickly walked out of the ancient road and arrived at a steeple. On the top floor, they saw an ice pool, which was the entrance to Yaochi.
"Beyond this place, Yaochi Tianhe welcomes thousands of immortals to the DPRK."
Li Yu’s eyes are gradually deep, and Ren Huang’s sword seems to be faintly lit up for a moment, so he directly stepped into the middle.
When three people enter the pool, they seem to be swept away by a whirlpool, and their bodies and minds seem to be restricted from soaring to the sky.
When I opened my eyes again, I was already in a sparkling long river, where the water gurgled from the farthest distance and flowed to the place that could never reach the end.
The celestial nine heavens and the Tianhe River
Chapter six hundred and sixteen The return of the prince is not normal
Sparkling and misty clouds are vast, which is a symbol of the nine heavens of Tianhe, which runs through all worlds. It also has a handle to breed.
Li Yu pointed out that a thousand lights and gold lamps lit up the bridge ahead, and the three of them came to a small lake through the meeting place where the cowherd and the weaver girl met in the past.
The lake rippled like golden scales, as if it were condensed by a firm but gentle measure or a knife. Just seeing it, there was a dazzling illusion of Wan Jian wearing a heart and a hundred million mans.
This is the reason why Yaochi, the only one in the world, is not as good as peerless magic, but it has not been melted into a device, which seems to be unknown.

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