I don’t know whether Xie Yiming takes good care of me, whether Xie Yiming is always the same with girls in private relationships or whether I am a special case, but I know that I must resist seeing Xie Yiming as good to me.

Whether I am sentimental or Xie Yiming intends to do it, my mood yesterday and today are very different.
Last night, I had buried my little thoughts about Xie Yiming alive.
It was still early after breakfast. I asked Xie Yiming why the male ghost on the top floor didn’t react normally after seeing my face last night.
Xie Yiming didn’t put it off again this time, so I directly solved the problem.
Xie Yiming said that the ghost on the top floor should be with a handsome senior sister.
That night, when I frightened the ghost of the handsome senior sister out of her wits, Xie Yiming noticed that the ghost of the handsome senior sister had a wisp of ghost spirit and finally escaped from the array.
Handsome senior sister’s ghost is special. She can give her images around her at that time and contact her anytime and anywhere. She wants to inform the ghost and let the contacted ghost know what is happening to her.
Although that wisp of something congenial disappeared immediately with the ghost of the handsome senior sister, it was because the ghost of the handsome senior sister was special and short-lived, she still achieved the goal of delivering images.
From that night on, Xie Yiming was worried about whether the ghost of the handsome senior sister really gave him the ghost when she died.
If it’s true, the ghost contact of the handsome martial sister must be a ghost with her, and the ghost is likely to take revenge on the ghost of the handsome martial sister.
The reason why Xie Yiming wants to share a room with me is that he is worried that a ghost will come to me to avenge the handsome senior sister.
Xie Yiming moved to live in the community and found the different shape on the opposite top floor. He never thought that the ghost on the opposite top floor was the ghost of the handsome senior sister who contacted the ghost when the ghost was past.
When I went to the top floor opposite, Xie Yiming asked me to wear a mask just in case.
When my mask fell off from the top floor, I reacted. Xie Yiming was sure that the top floor ghost was a handsome ghost. Contact the ghost when the ghost of the senior sister was near the daylights out.
I quietly listened to Xie Yiming’s explanation and said thank you to Xie Yiming, so I left the room and went to Liufeng College for a class.
I seem to hear Xie Yiming sigh in an instant.
Walking to Liufeng College Road, I was bathed in the warm spring sun, but my mood was not charming.
The word ill-fated seems to be specially prepared for me.
It’s true that God knows my life is short and he has come to make my life colorful.
Look up at the sky and I’ll put a middle finger at the sky. Come here, Nima. I promise I won’t kill you.
When I arrived at Liufeng College, I went directly to the classroom. Tang Sike was used to it. Every morning, if I didn’t come back to have dinner with her, I would bring all my class things to the classroom and take a seat for me.
When I got to the classroom, Tomsk waved to me and I sat down next to Tomsk.
"Xiao Ran, see if I look much better. It seems that I will stay away from the disease and the horse will arrive soon." Tang Sike smiled.
"It’s really much better. Let’s go for an outing as soon as possible." I also recalled my lips when I looked at Townships ridiculous and bright.
"Yes, yes, just rush Xiao Ran. I want to get better." Tang Sike danced excitedly.
"You’re not so excited about going for an outing, are you? You want to be a lady?" I despise looking at Tang Si, but the curvature of my lip angle increases.
"Of course, it’s exciting. This is the first time that Xiao Ran has invited me out to play. It turns out that I’ve been pestering you for a long time before you agree to go out to play. I’m so excited." Tang Sike looked at me with red hearts.
"I have to tell you bad news while you are happy." The bracelet of Tang Sike is gone forever. I want to tell this fact to Tang Sike.
Tang Sike bracelet is the chief culprit of Tang Sike’s illness. Naturally, I can’t continue to wear it by Tang Sike. I have left it with Wang Dalang for him to dispose of.
It’s a dirty thing. I’m not going to tell Townsend, but the truth has to add to her psychological burden
"What’s the bad news, Xiao Ran? You look a little serious. I’m telling you, I’m not scared. Don’t be too shocked by the bad news." My pronunciation made Tomsk’s face freeze with laughter.
"I lost my bracelet." I didn’t intend to play with my speech. I gasped and told Tang Sike the answer directly.
"I’m going to scare me. What kind of bad news is this? If you lose it, you’ll lose it." Tang Sike patted his chest and threw me two white eyeballs, which was a surprise to the bracelet that never came back.
Tang Sike’s reaction is that I didn’t expect it to be a bracelet, that is, I broke a few antiques in her house, and Tang Sike would also hold the antique fragments and whine a few times to express his love for me, and then in turn comfort me for years to come.
At the end of the day, Thomas is very good.
I like Tang Sike’s temperament. Being with her is stressful.
"Xiao Ran, I was frightened and asked for comfort." Tang Sike gathered in front of me and blinked his long eyelashes.
"Cocoa eyes smoked?" I stared at Tang Sike’s eyes full of doubts
I can’t help laughing when I pronounce this.
Bai Linger visited our classroom again in the afternoon class to strike up a conversation with Xie Yiming.
This time, Xie Yiming is no longer talking to Bai Linger as before, but is cold and straightforward. Please stop harassing him after telling Bai Linger.
Xie Yiming’s pronunciation stunned everyone in our classroom.
Of course, it includes Bai Linger and me and Tang Sike.
Silence in the classroom, everyone’s eyes are focused on Xie Yiming and Bai Linger. Tang Sike worships. Look at Xie Yiming, and I raise my eyebrows.
Xie Yiming’s reaction is a little abnormal.
On weekdays, Xie Yiming and his classmates are neither too hot nor too cold, but they don’t talk hard and hurt people. Today, why do you talk again or have a crush on him?
Sincerely, I don’t know Xie Yiming’s passion. I shook my head. Xie Yiming’s mouth was cruel.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Act as a still set
Bai Linger’s face was blue and white before Xie Yiming’s face, and his lips were trembling. I guess Bai Linger didn’t expect Xie Yiming to be so embarrassed to her.
Yi-ming xie cold face bored eyes meet Bai Linger eyeful startled ashamed and resentful.
When the atmosphere in the classroom solidified, it was like freezing.
Xie Yiming and Bai Linger looked at each other, and Bai Linger took the lead in defeat. Wow, she cried and rushed out of our classroom, covering her mouth.
Bai Linger is far away from our classroom. No one in the classroom is booing, but what they should do is try to keep quiet.

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