Everything depends on her own fate.

The temple is full of blue and white flowers, and the flowers are light and faint around the nose.
As far as the eye can see, the sea of flowers is endless, churning in the wind and making waves.
Exquisite and elegant courtyards scattered in the sea of flowers are connected by gravel paths, which seem to be messy but interesting.
Lan Keer, a small wooden building, sat by the window and looked at the blue flowers with his arms folded slightly.
The breeze is messy, and her hair is blue.
A woman waved her hand slightly to serve her handmaid at the same time, and bowed back and turned away two steps.
A small building left her girl two people.
Pick it up and cook the soup. Lady Wenkou, it’s time for you to take medicine.
Lan Keer nodded, stretched out his hand and took the medicine bowl and drank a mouthful of it. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled together, and the medicine was bitter.
The woman is slightly silent. Miss never cares about these hardships. Maybe it’s not medicine but miss’s heart.
Lan Keer was silent, and then he looked up and drank the remaining medicine juice in one gulp, showing a faint smile on his face. Even if he felt bitter, it was my choice, and I would try to adapt.
The middle-aged woman has a slight pain in her heart, and her face shows pity for Miss Se. You don’t grasp the opportunity given to you by King Xuanyuan. I know in my heart that you don’t want to enter the Huaxia Emperor Palace.
Aunt Hong, stop talking about Lan Keer slowly. I hope it’s Aunt Hong’s last time. I’m an empress of China and I can’t change it after I enter the old capital. I don’t want to bring trouble to Brother Meng.
Okay, Aunt Hong, I want to be alone for a while. You go first.
The middle-aged woman sighed, but she didn’t disobey the girl’s intention. She bowed slightly and turned to retreat.
Lan Keer looked at the blue flowers all over the sky. No sadness in his heart was light and calm.
Admittedly, she didn’t want to get married when she entered the Huaxia Emperor Palace, but she didn’t want to see Meng Fei because she was in danger.
Lan Keer feels that she has owed him a lot. She has been given by him unilaterally and he has never done anything.
She wants to enter the Huaxia Emperor Palace peacefully.
A person doesn’t have to be with him. It’s the most important thing to watch him be safe and happy.
Qing feng sheng wai
Several burly monks dressed in animal skins disguised themselves on one side, and their faces were engraved with strange patterns, which gave them an exotic and fierce atmosphere.
A maid in a long gray dress is surrounded by a beautiful woman with a strange white complexion. A grass at the center of her eyebrows emits a light green light like water waves.
Her nose is slightly high, her eyes are slightly sunken and her lips are slightly plump, which gives people a different aesthetic feeling.
Is this moment the female qiao face slightly tight eyes flashing light cold meaning.
Three holy palace monks followed carefully on one side, and their posture was quite humble.
Because in front of these monks are pretty animal emperor courtiers.
The beast dynasty was located in a remote and wild country, and its territory was vast, not in China.
Because most of the territory is poor in resources and the environment is sinister, it has not become another great empire in the thousands of stars.
However, even this brute beast’s imperial power is far from being comparable to that of the affiliated dynasty.
Because of its vast territory, it is not a vassal state of China, but also a vassal state of several other great emperors
The savage beast dynasty’s territory was barren, but it suffered heavy casualties, but it didn’t get the benefits it deserved. In addition, its country’s atmosphere was fierce, and its population was small, but most of them were fierce and willing to kill themselves. The national strength was not weak. The ten empires were all friendly to the savage beast dynasty, unwilling to conflict or completely fall to one side to increase the enemy’s potential.
This time, the Chinese celestial kingdom paid tribute to the barbarians, and the imperial dynasty also sent monks to bring their Chinese saints closer to each other.
The Chinese emperor also attached great importance to the cautious reception of the holy palace and must not be surprised.
Yeluchen’s phoenix body is the Xiongnu royal family brute beast, and the status of the imperial saint is more and more respected.
Marrying the Chinese celestial position is not only to counter the increasing pressure of the mechanical clan and the fire clan on the savage beast dynasty, but also because she has a special constitution. If she can marry the Chinese emperor, it will be of great benefit to her.
Today, if we can win the love of the Chinese emperor, we will be able to bring great benefits to the barbarian dynasty if we respect him as the mother instrument emperor.
Her identity and appearance, combined with fit and love, are beneficial to the Chinese emperor. Yelu Chenfeng has absolute faith in herself.
She will surely win the heart of the Chinese emperor and make him infatuated with himself and realize her dream.
In fact, she imagined that the arrival of the brute beast imperial court group was absolutely valued by China, and Yelu Chenfeng was quite satisfied, waiting for the Chinese emperor to call her into the palace.
But at the moment, I heard the news of the blue family empress.
The Chinese emperor seems to attach great importance to this woman.
Barbarian beast imperial women dare to love, hate, earn and take away without much scruples.
How can a girl of the Lan family be so high above the savage beast, compared with the virgin of the dynasty?
Yelv Chenfeng wants to let her know that she can become the only favorite woman of the Chinese Emperor in the future.

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