What’s Hou Jun’s trick in thinking about his position?

The face of Yuan Gai Su Wen is bitter. He knows that he can’t escape this time, but he can’t refuse. He fuels and says, "I am willing to listen to your orders."
Yang You looked ahead and pointed to Guocheng Road. "The Pure Land of Yuan not only framed you, but also resisted Wang Shi’s ignorance of the past. But I think you are brothers. Give him a way out. If you can persuade him, I will spare the Yuan family and let you take charge of Koguryo’s old land!"
Yuan Gai Su-wen bowed his head and scolded Yang You briefly. He knew that Yang You had made a false statement. If Yuan’s family were allowed to continue to run Da Sui, how different would it be from now? But this can’t be said that Yuan Gai Su Wen was silent and said, "I’m not afraid of death, but I’m worried that I can’t talk about the pure land!"
"This might as well be a big uncle, I will take good care of you!" Hou Jun suddenly laughed and reached out and patted Yuan Gai Su Wen’s shoulder. Yuan Gai Su Wen grinned but didn’t dare to say much.
Yang You smiled faintly. "Did you see that pile of bodies?"
A mountain of bodies can prove that Yuan Gai Su-wen is blind if he can’t see them. He quickly nodded and said, "I saw them."
"You tell Yuan Pure Land that if he doesn’t return the captured Sui people to me, he will kill 500 people every day. If there are not enough men, I will kill women and children until he returns my big Sui soldiers!" Yang You’s tone is very light but full of murderous look, so Yuan Gai Su Wen can’t help feeling cold.
"And you told him that if he killed a Sui man, he would move a hair, and I would pay him back twice!" Yang You said that when he turned to look at Yuan Gai Su Wen, he suddenly smiled faintly. He raised two fingers and waved it in front of Yuan Gai Su Wen’s eyes. "Never doubt that I am determined that if he dares to provoke me, it will not be as simple as killing 500 people or breaking the national city."
Yuan Gai Su-wen’s Adam’s apple peristalsis could not help but swallow saliva. He felt thirsty and wanted to say something, but he felt capable. His life was in Yang You’s hands. Why can he stop the atrocities in Yang You?
At this moment, Yuan Gai Su Wen suddenly had an impulse to strangle Yang You. He wanted to kill the butcher and save thousands of Koguryo people in Qian Qian. Just as he was thinking so much, Yang You suddenly looked at him and his eyes were full of drama.
"Did you listen to me?" Yang You took his time to ask him if his eyes were as sharp as Haidongqing in the Northeast Prairie.
Yuan Gai Su Wen quickly knelt down and said, "I have been listening to the crimes."
"That’s good. Yuan Qing’s family has high hopes for you. You can’t let me down!" Yang You said earnestly.
Yuan Gai Su Wen nodded and said, "The guilty minister will never forget his teachings!"
"Go and tell Yuan Pure Land that I will do what I said. I said I would attack Goguryeo, so I came to attack Goguryeo. I kept my word!" Yang You said staring at Yuan Gai Su Wen.
Yuan Gai Su-wen was a little careless, but he still said with a fist, "I must remember that!"
"In that case, you go!" Yang You gave a hand.
"Yes!" Yuan Gai Su-wen said that the arch walked forward hand in hand.
"Uncle, wait for me, wait for me!" Hou Jun said step after go to.
Yuan Gai Su-wen heard goose bumps and hurried a few steps. At this moment, the last twenty prisoners were pressed to the ground by Sui Bing, and their heads fell off with a horizontal knife. Blood and fog splashed on Yuan Gai Su-wen’s body, and Yuan Gai Su-wen was secretly cursing, hoping that this disgusting mouth would get back sooner or later.
Yuan Gai Su Wen looked at Chengtou with bright eyes outside the city, and he hesitated. As he hesitated, ChengTouYuan pure land saw clearly the face of YuanGaiSu Wen. He never figured out how Brother Guo just returned to the city suddenly left the city and went to the Sui army array.
See eldest brother seems to be like Gao Jianwu surrender deep pure land immediately swearing "Yuan Gai Su Wen are you still human? You’re a Koguryo and you’re relying on Sui people to humiliate your brother. I wish I could kill you with a knife! "
Yuan Gai Su Wen also knows that he is at a disadvantage in doing so, but he can listen to Yang You if he doesn’t want to die. He steadied himself and shouted, "Yuan Jingtu, let me tell you a few things, so you should listen to it and go astray!"
Chapter 672, Mr.
In Koguryo’s hostile eyes, Yuan Gai Su Wen repeated Yang You’s words. The face of Yuan Pure Land became very livid. He looked at his eldest brother coldly and wished to shoot him with an arrow, but he gave up the idea at the sight that Yuan Gai Su Wen was very closely protected by Sui people.
It’s strange to let the deep pure land be reported from Yuan Gai Su Wen, which made him feel a little lost. He was silent for half a ring and never thought about what it was until Sui Jun retreated. He didn’t think about it.
Sui Jun withdrew until Sui Jun disappeared, and the deep pure land still dared not pursue the deep pure land. I thought for half a ring and looked at hundreds of bodies with their heads cut off outside the city and waved a hand to show B to take people out of the city and bury them.
Soon after Yang You returned to the camp, Guang Shen, Mai Mengcai, Qian Jie and others came back from sweeping the generals everywhere, laughing and entering the tent to salute "positions!"
"How did you love Qing?" Yang You motioned for everyone to sit down.
Qian Jie’s father, Qian Shixiong, died as a duck and green water country. He hated hearing the first question from Koguryo people. "I led my troops to sweep five villages and caught more than 700 men, and about 3,000 women, children and the elderly!"
Not to be outdone, Mai Mengcai immediately told me that "I also swept through five villages and caught more than 153 men and 420 men."
Guang Shen smiled and looked at the two men bickering and didn’t talk. Qian Jie snorted and felt very depressed. He didn’t have any different opinions about Mai Mengcai, but he felt that the men in the same five villages had sent more than 100 people, almost the number of people in a village.
Yang You clapped and laughed. "You love Qing well, and you still follow the plan. You can catch as many Koguryo people as you can, especially the men."
Du Ruhui aside way "the old man can let some".
Yang You couldn’t help nodding when he heard this. "Yes, there will be more gains!"
The generals stood in unison with their fists and replied, "Here!"
That night, Sui Jun camp slaughtered sheep and cattle, and rewarded the soldiers with joy. The pure land of Guochengyuan was worried that his future father could not be stimulated any more. He did not tell his father about it and worried that something had happened to him, which would affect the morale of the city.
However, in the face of Yang You’s threat, he couldn’t find a solution until the next day, the Sui army spread out the killing fields outside the city. This time, more Koguryo men were slaughtered. There were more than 1,000 people in the pure land, and the generals of Guocheng looked at the face outside the city like a purgatory shura.
At this time, the situation outside the city was not deep, and the pure land did not dare to attack rashly, fearing that it was ambushed by Sui Jun. Until more than two hours later, 1,000 people were killed, and the bodies of Koguryo soldiers were very angry. Many people wanted to go out of the city for World War I, but they were stopped by the deep pure land.
On the third day, early in the morning, Sui Jun spread out the killing field again. This time, the number of Koguryo males surged, with 1,500 people. It took the Sui army one afternoon to slay all 1,500 people.
The increasing number of victims makes Koguryo people angry. Even Yuanji Liuli can’t stand killing at this speed. I’m afraid it will be deserted until the Sui military city of Fiona Fang Baili is repelled. If it is such a deserted Koguryo, what’s there?
Even though I knew that the generals of the Sui people were plotting, I was very angry, but at this time, the great deep pure land did not dare to make a decision. His father used an excuse to temporarily fool the matter in the past, but he did not dare to go to Yuan Taitai for fear that his father could not stand the stimulation and left him.
Yang You, a Sui Jun camp, looked at the bright star and slowly paced in the camp. "Du Aiqing, do you think the deep pure land will last?"
"Pursue the deep pure land is, after all, a person’s heart has its limits. I think things will last for a day or two," Du Ruhui said.
"Two thousand people a day are still too much for me!" It’s not a problem for Yang You to sigh and kill people, but there must be so many men to kill them. In recent days, the villages around the national city have been looted, and a few men have been taken away. I also heard the news that they have fled. It’s getting harder and harder to catch these two days.
"Men are not worthy of women and children," Du Ruhui said briefly.
Yang You couldn’t help but look slightly askance. Du Ruhui is a reader. Unexpectedly, he said such a thing, which proves that he has no affection for Goguryeo. Yang You coughed, "Since Du Aiqing feels so good, let me take the blame!"
The two men talked, and the generals came back one after another and brought many Koguryo people. This group of people obviously saw the bodies outside the country and had not set foot in Suiying, and they fell to the ground and cried.
Suibing shouted them into the camp and imprisoned them together.
When Sui Jun was arresting Koguryo people everywhere, a branch show in Guocheng sneaked into Molizhi government. He wanted to find Molizhi and tell him about these days. He hoped Molizhi could come up with an idea.
B-branch Xiu sneaks up on Yuan Taizuo’s residence and sneaks in when the servant goes out. The room is lit by candlelight, and it seems that B-branch Xiu sneaks up on him.

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