She grinned "Tang Yi? My sister? Forget it. She’s the one who came for revenge! If it weren’t for me, she would have killed my mother all these years! She doesn’t understand her sexuality. She makes my mother so angry that I want her to die! "

I a sneer at "you you say? Your sister almost died this time, not because of you, but because of the mountain ghost. If you really hurt your sister, why did you help her against the old lady in black? Are you so distressed that your sister will say so? "
"I …" Her eyes panicked. "I … I wanted to …"
"You died when you were born. It’s an act of God to come here and let you get married! If you had left at that time, you would have reincarnated into a good family soon, and now you should be nineteen years old. Because of this resentment, you not only delayed your sister but also yourself. Don’t you wake up? " I gently breathed a sigh of relief. "Tang Qi, your sister’s life is hanging by a thread. If you want her to live, you must leave her. If you want to go this way, I can break you up with this token. I know you are pitiful and can’t bear to do this. Let’s meet each other halfway. Can you leave her and I help you cross over?"
She silently bowed her head. "I … I’m unwilling …"
I put away my token and walked beside her to help her up. "Tang Qi, you must know the origin of your sister. If you didn’t hold her hand, she wouldn’t be able to come to people. Maybe it’s destiny takes a hand to send her to you in the afterlife. You two have been together for twenty years. Can you say that you have no feelings for her? Your sister is disobedient, playful and active. If you hadn’t stopped her several times, she wouldn’t be a virgin now. Am I right? In fact, your sister has always loved her. You have been protecting her for 20 years in the name of revenge. Isn’t this a gratitude to your mother? "
She shed tears. "Why do you remind me of this …"
"Because I want to save Tang Yi," I said, "What did the mountain ghost do to Tang Yi? You should know that she was hurt. If you don’t leave, you will become her, and Tang Yi will lose her knowledge. Do you want this?"
"Where can I go if you let me go?" She smiled bitterly. "I’m not an ordinary ghost company. It’s nothing for me to cross over without my name. If I leave her, I can be a lonely ghost."
"Don’t you have your name?" I was stunned. "So you are not a ghost!"
"I don’t know." Her eyes softened a lot. "But you said so much, and my heart was untied. I hate Tangjiaren, but if Tang Yi really disappears, it’s meaningless for me to stay in this world, but I can’t leave her body if I want to."
"If you are willing to leave, I will help you," I said. "And I promise I will never let you be a lonely ghost. I want you to be a free soul that can guard Tang Yi all the time."
She paused for a moment and smiled. "Really? Can I trust you? "
"You seem to have no other choice." I smiled faintly. "Can you trust me?"
Her eyes lit up and hesitated for a moment. Just as she was about to speak, her eyes suddenly turned cold and pointed behind me. "You have to make me believe that you should drive it away first!"
2 trance spell
I turned my back tightly and looked at the door. There was a tall black image of a man in a robe staring at us and sneering.
I quickly protected Tang Yi’s body, took out my token and pointed to the black shadow. "It seems that I warned you not to come!"
It stopped laughing and reached out and pointed a finger behind me. Tang Yi said Sanskrit.
"Don’t listen to me completely." I stared at him. "Your Lama has sent you to deal with me and then tricked this girl into being his princess, right? Don’t come with me to tell you that there is always a protector. If you take one step forward, my protector will kill you immediately! "
The shadow grimaced and seemed to warn me, but it drifted over slowly.
"Old four, get rid of that Lama!" As I spoke, the Phoenix Golden Order pointed out that it read a curse in its mouth, and felt that it was hot, and the hand holding the token couldn’t help shaking. When the black shadow almost fell on its back and got up again, it didn’t smile. It seemed very frightened.
"How powerful it is to pay you back? It’s just an empty show of resentment for a long time!" I disdained to laugh. "How can I still fight?"
Just then there was a sudden scream next door, and the shadow turned and disappeared. Almost at the same time, Old Four came back. "Master, I stunned the Lama. Hey hey …"
I looked at him. "You didn’t suffer, did you?"
"no!" He said, "The big black guy is better than me, but he’s afraid of your token … Hey, master, you … Please put away your token first, and don’t point to the small four and be afraid …"
Let me see the token in my hand. This is a real treasure. How did my future father-in-law cast it? And how did the master Ye Huan cultivate it? Fortunately, my future girlfriend is kind to me and gave me this baby, otherwise it would be really troublesome today.
I put away my token. "Is the Lama okay?"
"Nothing can’t die." Old four suddenly stopped laughing and pointed to Tang Yi. "Master, how can this be another one!"
Tang Yi would have been too scared to speak. Looking at Old Four in horror, she was probably surprised when she was dressed in black before.
"This is Miss Tang Qi," I said. "By the way, what happened to the ghost in Shanling?"
Old four immediately stopped looking at Tang Qi when he saw my attitude. "Master rest assured that Ye Girl is good, and the ghost of Shanling was destroyed by her. The last one of the five ran away, but the master didn’t have to worry about Xiao Si knowing where it would go. I’ll destroy it immediately after you and Ye Girl take this Tang girl back!"
I thought about it, "OK, that’s it. You can wait outside first."
"It’s the master!" He glanced at Tang Qi and turned and disappeared.
Let me check my watch. It’s almost time.
"Tang Qi, do you believe me now?" I watched her die.
She nodded. "You have a great magic weapon. You are also a good man. I believe you. What do you want me to do?"
I asked her to sit down. "You close your eyes, I will beat you out of Tang Yi’s body. Don’t worry, my skill is not very strong. It’s good if I can beat you successfully. I’ll teach you a spell later if I don’t beat you seriously. You should abandon your distractions and recite the spell. If you can let your sister go, you can leave her."
She was silent for a long time and nodded. "Well, then teach me."
I put my ear to her and silently recited a spell I just learned a few days ago. "Remember?"
"Remember," she said, "I’m no stranger to this spell. It’s the magic spell from Dragon and Tiger Mountain."
"You know all this?" I am zheng.
She looked at me. "In the past, the yogi Dan was able to use this spell when he was in trance. This is a convenient method. It is really suitable for me. Now I am relieved that Lin Zhuo is too true."
"Uh …" I’m a little embarrassed. "My dad taught me all this. I just learned it soon …"
"You are spiritual," she closed her eyes. "I know you need to touch my body if you want to practice Taoism. I have protected my sister’s body for 20 years, but I can’t protect it today. Do it."
I smiled faintly. "Don’t worry, I have someone I like in my heart. I’m doing this to save lives. I won’t have any other thoughts for your sister."
"Don’t say anything when you can do it." She took a deep breath. "Thank you for reminding me so much. I have nothing to complain about now. Hurry up and cast the spell."
I meditated, pinched my hand, gently touched her eyebrows, and then slipped all the way from the eyebrows through the mountain roots, and my throat fell into the abdomen, and then I changed my hand, and held down her abdomen to silently recite the spell …
This technique is just learned for the first time today, and the principle is the same as that of a person leaving the Yin God, but with a little assistance.
I concentrated on my luck. After her abdomen was warm, my left hand changed my finger to refer to the tactic qi, and a ray of yang emerged from her abdomen gas sea. This yang went through the perineum first along the Sunday path, and then my qi led me to ascend along the Du Meridian, through Changqiang, Mingmen, Lingtai and Fengfu.
When it was time to press the key, her spell stopped. As soon as I was stupefied, I quickly fixed that yang at her Baihui point.
"Don’t be so sexually protective after Tang Yi’s sister left …" She muttered two lines of tears flowing quietly down her cheeks.
A moment later, a faint smile appeared on her face and she recited the spell again.
As soon as my hand changed, my left hand pressed the right pulse door and tried to pick it. Then she slapped her forehead hard, and her head stopped instantly, and her whole body collapsed on the sofa.
When I put away my hand and opened my eyes again, I saw a girl just like her stroking Tang Yi’s face.
This is Tang Qi’s divine knowledge.
I looked at my watch with a sigh of relief. "Just in time, Tangqi. You are a good sister!"
She glanced at me and slowly got up. "Lin Zhuo, should I go?"
"Where are you going?" I smiled
"After all, I practiced in my previous life, and a lot of memories have been restored after I left my physical body," she said. "In my case, it is at best a ghost god who can come out late for a long time, and sooner or later it will become a ghost spirit. You said you would help me, but now my sister needs you more. I’ll go first and help me after you finish Tang’s affairs."
"It’s not so troublesome." I smiled and leaned over to take off Tang Yi’s coat. She was wearing a sling inside, and her sexy shoulders and collarbone were exposed, showing a different kind of youthful temptation.
I took a look. "Your sister has a really good figure-hey, you won’t hit me, will you?"
Tang Qi looked at Tang Yi. "She should have a man when she grows up. What will hit you?"
"That’s good," I smiled. "If I guess correctly, I may be the first man to take off her clothes?"
She gave me a look. "Lin Zhuo, this is a profound statement. Do you want to talk nonsense?"

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