So the Tiger and Leopard Army, a division and a regiment, added nearly 4,000 soldiers directly under the division, only less than 100 casualties were successfully intercepted by the Dalai Lama. Except for less than 1,000 people who died directly, his Tatars became defeated and fled into the mountains. Life and death are not …

Before deciding to camp, Aobai, the commander-in-chief of the Tatars, had been driving for several hours in a row.
In this case, just after half an hour’s rest, I started to run for my life again regardless of everything.
In addition, it is very difficult for Tatars to grow up in small mountains when it is dark and the night is over and they March in a hurry.
Although the soldiers of Ao Bai and Ao Bai have only been gone for less than an hour, this hour has definitely brought them more pain than walking for two hours during the day or three hours.
There are less than 10,000 people in front of us, including all the people in Aobai, showing a strong tired expression on their faces.
Keep moving forward, and your legs are getting heavier and heavier as time goes by.
At this time, a lieutenant around Aobai couldn’t help but say, "The general warriors can’t walk any further … and it’s so dark that it’s easy to have an accident when they March in the mountains … In less than an hour, more than 50 warriors have been injured and lost their fighting capacity!"
"Do you want to let the warriors rest and walk again and again …"
The lieutenant’s voice just fell and he looked at Aobai and waited for Aobai’s decision.
Obviously, these men also hope that Aobai can order the troops to stop and have a rest.
In the face of everyone looking at their eager eyes at the same time, the face also showed a tired expression, and Aobai Ma fell into hesitation
The commander-in-chief of the army knows very well that not only these generals but also nearly ten thousand soldiers have the same idea.
If you don’t order the soldiers to listen to rest, those who are on the verge of collapse are likely to directly escape from the army at night and escape into the mountains to continue to be chased by the tiger and leopard army
However, he ordered a hurried step from behind to Aobai’s ear before he could say it.
Before the scout figure appeared, the scouts went to Aobai’s ear full of panic sounds.
"General butch army … butch army is coming again …"
Leaving two thousand defenders not only failed to stop this butch army, but also failed to persist for half an hour, which proved that this butch army had strong fighting capacity.
As soon as the sound of the scouts fell, they swallowed back what they had just prepared to say.
Then very decisively ordered, "Why are you still staring blankly? The butch army is coming. Don’t you all want to be the dead body of the butch army … Everyone can’t stop and move on and retreat to the barracks to speed up …"
The pursuit force of the Tiger and Leopard Army actually chased it again, and this result was also very shocking for several ministries.
However, shock is shocking, and these people are still the first to react.
Because it is obviously more important for them to save their lives than fatigue.
As soon as the Aobai order arrived, they rushed back to their own troops and organized troops to retreat.
Maybe it’s convenient to retreat, or maybe they’re really scared by the pursuers of the tiger and leopard army behind them
In the process of retreat, there is little trench, and at this moment, it is directly lost.
What’s more, some musketeers actually lost their musketeers in the jungle and retreated with their bare hands …
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Later hope
For the sake of secrecy, they were running for their lives like crazy, and they didn’t even light a torch. In a dark forest, they ran for their lives no matter how fast they were.
However, the pursuit troops of the Tiger and Leopard Army have opened a ready-made road in the dense forest because of the torches and the main forces of the Tatars in front. The Tiger and Leopard Army should pursue along this road.
Even if you keep your physical strength to pursue, the pursuit speed of the Tiger and Leopard Army is still higher than that of the Tatars.
Although the front Dalai has lost all the equipment that may affect his pursuit, he is desperate to pursue.
However, the distance between the two forces is still shortening bit by bit with the passage of time.
Soon the figure of the Tatar guard troops appeared in front of the Tiger and Leopard forward troops.
There is no hesitation about these once evil butch army pursuit troops … Directly raise the musket and quickly pull the trigger after a short aiming.
A crisp musket shooting command sounded in the night and was running for life with a full face of panic.
He narrowly escaped the lead bullet and fired with a Tartar musket, which sounded like a death warrant to them.
So they ran away from the lead shot that might come from behind at any time, and the Tatar guards had to constantly speed up their escape.
But they can’t fly as fast as lead bullets.
In addition, they have been on the road for a long day, and everyone is covered with fatigue. Even if they want to speed up their escape, their tired bodies can’t meet their requirements and goals.
So there is such a scene on the battlefield. The tiger and leopard army chasing troops are firing guns round after round, and they are running for their lives crazily. There are always a few very lucky people who are hit by lead bullets and run for their lives.
And at this moment with ao worship around a few generals becomes more anxious.
Especially when the gun from behind hits their ears, the horse’s anxious face is covered with fear.
As if frightened by something, the officers chased Aobai and asked, "General, the pursuit troops of butch and leopard army have chased us. What should we do when we get here?"
"It’s so dark and the warriors are so tired that there is no way to fight the butch army … please make a decision …"
A word just finished another department followed by said …
"Yes, general, so continue to run to the warriors’ remaining physical strength to escape the pursuit of the butch army … if there is no other way, it is better to stop directly and fight a larger foe with the butch army while the warriors still have a little physical strength …"
"Otherwise, the warriors will lose their physical strength and face the attack of the butch army, and there is no chance to resist …"
"The warriors are the most elite soldiers in the late Jin Dynasty. They would rather die in the battlefield with the butch army than be slaughtered by the butch army without room to strike back … please carefully consider the general …"
This speech has obviously aroused the most primitive fighting spirit and blood in many Tatars’ hearts …
As soon as the words were finished, they began to shout, "We are all the bravest warriors in the late Jin Dynasty. We would rather die in the battlefield than be slaughtered by the butch army … and fight with the butch army …"
"The general deal die now we stop and butch army desperately …"
I’ll be very happy if I hear these eager demands before playing.
But when I heard these words, Aobai’s face not only didn’t show the slightest smile, but frowned.
Because at this moment, he has lost the pursuit of the tiger and leopard army, and he can’t afford it.
So in the face of clamouring for desperately, Ao Bai refused very decisively without thinking …
"No … if you want to fight hard during the day, you will have to fight a decisive battle with the butch army … you have to work hard to escape … you know that you are the last hope of Xu Jin Guo, and if you are all killed, then Xu Jin Guo will be completely finished."
"As the saying goes, I will take you back to the Great Khan …"
Ao Bai’s words just finished with a face of humbled department and said, "But the general … butch army pursuit troops have chased us and are shooting our guard troops with muskets …"
"Plus the warriors are running out of physical strength, so how can we return to the barracks …"
A pair of desperate eyes stared at Aobai, knowing that they must give them a very satisfactory answer now, otherwise these departments will be completely desperate and disappointed in themselves, and then they will lose their lives and the last hope of Jin Guo regardless of their opposition to pursuing the troops of Tiger and Leopard Army.
So after only a short meditation, I am very sure to answer "There is a way … there will be a way …"
"We can continue to divide our troops, and the butch army will have to give up some troops because even if their fighting capacity is strong in the mountains, they dare not let their troops be too scattered …"
"But we are different. Even if a hundred men are more than ten men, the warriors can break through the jungle and find their way back to the camp …"
Of course, at this moment, Aobai talked about the benefits of an adventurous escape, but he didn’t say it in his heart because of the possible disadvantages of an adventurous life.

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