No matter what it is, whether it is dead or alive, whether it is an individual or a group, whether it is matter or energy, whether it is an idea or a reality, it is necessary for the other party to touch the field he has mastered.

That is, it has encountered meaning [malice] [malignant influence]
Whether it comes from others, fate or the world …
No matter whether the form of expression is mental shock, physical torture or some kind of invisible malignant influence …
No matter the degree, no matter when or where it happens, no matter who is affected …
Including, but not limited to, the more you think about things, the more you slap yourself in the face. When you walk, you are hit by a car and the gas at home suddenly explodes. When you practice, you are attacked by a strong enemy and your confidence is hit by some phenomenon …
Doing [eternal evil] (uncertain but inevitably malicious) Ortega will directly add to each other’s strength to make itself stronger.
Even if the [multiverse] as a whole has a little insignificant disaster and some important malignant effects … it can also be directly superimposed on the whole [multiverse] and all the forces will melt its own nutrition.
At that time, he was bigger than the whole multiverse.
And this is the absoluteness that Olga and them have!
Who cares what you are?
Who cares where you come from?
Who cares what strength you are?
To touch their respective key points, they can directly benefit!
of course
be that as it may
Even if Olga folded the whole multiverse, he still couldn’t cover the whole multiverse in seconds.
[Characteristics of Freshman]
"Big" means "multiverse"
[Eternal evil] (indefinite but inevitably malicious) When the multiverse is stacked, the multiverse is also stacked [eternal evil] (indefinite but inevitably malicious) is everything else.
Minimalist description is
This moment
B stacks A stacks B, D … AAB stacks aaa, A stacks AAB … E stacks D … A stacks them, but some guys in the multiverse stack them … and the cycle never stops …
Surface is a simplified description.
In the initial stage, I don’t know what I folded …
The starting overlap is also normal.
an instant
I don’t know what it will look like …
[beyond the time]
You can stretch the time scale at will.
Who knows what those "great" moments were like?
What’s more, the multiverse and the time axis have a limited number of past, present and future at the same time, and the time planes are constantly overlapping and splitting.
That’s beyond imagination
All the "complete concepts" and "multiverses" are intertwined and intertwined forever, which affects each other wonderfully.
A complete and practical description is made by root language.
A lot is a simple description of a little situation!
Chapter 169 【 Critical true limit state 】
Based on the fact that the multiverse is too complicated, the actual size of the multiverse is called the critical true limit state in most cases!
Limited to close to the "true limit" but always have a "true limit" gap.
Keep getting closer to each other
But it keeps being pulled away!
in like manner; in a similar way
A constant part of
With the changes of the times
With a storm like a blustery storm
Are bound to be at the top
They can also be regarded as "true limit critical state"
Even if you may have to add a [1] to the suffix, it will still damage the gold content.
Constant top!

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