Tang gaozu thinks that he can switch back to the king of Qi and several generals at a lower price than those soldiers. Tang gaozu intends not to change the truth for the time being. Tang gaozu thinks it is very clear that Yang You’s children will definitely not kill these soldiers since they flaunt themselves as Renjun, and he will have to pay a lot of food if he doesn’t kill the 30,000 Tang soldiers, which will greatly deplete the national strength of the Sui Dynasty.

Tang gaozu has his own ideas, so he kept silent about Yang You’s letter, but he didn’t know that a gossip in Chang ‘an was blowing like a northwest wind at this time.
This news was spread by the Royal Guards under the leadership of Fangde. The news was terrible, and the broadcast speed was very fast. It took two days to spread all over Chang ‘an, and it had a tendency to spread around.
"Have you heard? Datang lost to the Great Sui Dynasty, and tens of thousands of soldiers were captured by Sui Jun. "
"Hey, what kind of news is this?" Several men looked at him like idiots. The news was known more than two months ago. At that time, many people in Chang ‘an were worried about the life and death of their relatives as soldiers.
"Of course, you must know one thing and not two!" The man said very mysteriously
"What two?" Many people are interested.
"Hey, hey, I got the news that the Tang Emperor rescued the captured soldiers and sent his grandson to negotiate, but I never thought that the grandson had taken refuge in Da Sui, and he also wrote a letter to scold the Tang Emperor for his despicable shame and loyalty." The man was proud.
Everyone gasped at the smell of air conditioning. Did Grandson avoid taking refuge in Da Sui? You know, his sister is married to the king of Qin. This person can be regarded as royalty. How dare he choose Da Sui regardless of his sister? This has caused a huge impact in the hearts of all people.
However, it is obvious that the news is not shocking. Then the man said another thing. If the grandson’s jealousy is shocking to everyone, then it feels to everyone that Tang Huang is indeed a despicable person.
Yes, Datang was defeated, but was it because Datang soldiers didn’t work hard in Xiangyang World War I? The Emperor of the Tang Dynasty sent messengers to negotiate to redeem the hostages, but he wanted to redeem Li Yuanji, the king of Qi, and his soldiers, including some senior generals, chose to ignore them!
Aren’t the soldiers of the Tang Dynasty desperate? They shed their lives and blood. Li Jiafu can unify the sky, but how did Li Yuan treat other people? Since he can redeem the King of Qi, why doesn’t he want to move and redeem more than 30,000 soldiers?
"The emperor old son are you deaf? Your son is a human being. Is the old man and my son an animal? Can you do this to be worthy of Qian Qian’s 100-nation service? "
"The emperor’s old son get out quickly or we will kill into the imperial city and take your dog’s head for the Sui emperor to exchange for thousands of soldiers in Qian Qian!"
All kinds of stereos are going through the night, which is destined to be extraordinary.
Chapter 593 Datang shame
Li Shimin, the king of Qin, hurried into the imperial city from a side door. He was the guard of the Red Wind Camp. Only then did he successfully enter the imperial city. The people along the way swore at him. They shouted that Tang Yuan’s name was taboo and all kinds of insulting words became the subject.
Li Shimin looked worried all the way, and the people were afraid that the cavalry didn’t come directly to kill him, but Li Shimin believed that if things went on like this, it would become uncontrollable, and he had to see his father and explain to him.
The King of Qi wants to save, but so do the thousands of soldiers of Datang in Qian Qian. Otherwise, who will work for Datang? Due to the lack of money, Li Shimin felt that he could replace it with something or repay it in batches.
Li Shimin hurried through the corridor and heard Tang gaozu growl before he stepped into the imperial room. "What the hell is going on?"
House Li Jiancheng didn’t answer the fact that the wind blew too hard, as if it suddenly blew overnight, which made people unprepared. Li Jiancheng suffered a long face, and things developed beyond his imagination. These unruly people gathered to besiege the palace, which was unimaginable in the past three years since the founding of the Tang Dynasty.
Obviously, there should be someone behind this incident. If there is no mistake in guessing, it should be Yang You. Li Jiancheng thinks he thinks there is nothing wrong, but what about the evidence? These people, like weeds, swept through the brush with the spring breeze, and when the roots grew out, they didn’t respond to him
This incident was the easiest to control at first, so we should take appropriate measures, such as talking, comforting and assuring the people that we must try our best to save the Tang soldiers, so that this riot can be avoided to the greatest extent.
But now the people have gathered outside the palace like a mob. No, they are a mob! This mob is eyeing the imperial city like a tiger gathering in the mountains, ready to swallow its prey at any time.
Datang has come to this? Are these unruly people really going to attack the imperial city with so many people? If that’s the case, it’s a disgrace to the Tang Empire! Comparable to the riots of Chinese people in the pre-Qin period!
Li Jiancheng heart so think but dare not answer tang gaozu continue to roar a few words voice roar dumb whole person also panting up Li Shimin hesitated a little, finally close to the imperial house.
Just as Tang gaozu was panting outside Li Shimin, he said, "My son, Li Shimin, asks for the father."
Tang gaozu took a deep breath and said, "It’s Shimin. Come in!"
Li Shimin came in in a hurry and was about to give a gift when Li Yuan stopped him. "Shimin, how did you come in like this?"
Qin Wangfu is outside the imperial city than the Eastern Palace. In other words, even if the imperial city is surrounded by people and lives in the Eastern Palace, Li Jiancheng can still arrive at Tang gaozu’s residence smoothly, while Li Shimin needs to start from the mansion and enter the imperial city.
Hearing the father’s inquiry, Li Shimin explained a little, and Tang gaozu turned white after listening to half. He waved his hand to Li Shimin to stop talking and turned to look at the two sons.
"What should I do now to build Shimin?" Tang gaozu’s anger has almost been vented, so calm down at this time. After all, getting angry blindly cannot solve the problem.
Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin look at each other and see each other’s worries. Both of them are white at this time, even though they are not as close as they were at the beginning, but at this time, it is a crisis in Datang, so that the crisis can be eliminated or Datang will make a joke.
"Father, these people must find a way to persuade them to go back, otherwise it will be indecent." Li Shimin said.
Li Yuan sighed lightly, "Shimin, do you have any good opinions?"
"My father was captured with the King of Qi, and there were 30,000 soldiers. These soldiers are all elites of the Tang Dynasty, and they are the foundation of the Tang Dynasty. I have to think of ways to redeem them. Only by redeeming them can I put out the anger in the hearts of the people. In other words, I can lift the current crisis." Li Shimin has thought very clearly along the way that these people can be appeased and cannot be forced.
The reason is very simple, because these people are Datang people at this time, not the anti-Sui people in Chengcheng County, and this is the capital of Datang, Chang’ an, and it is absolutely not allowed to slaughter people, otherwise the prestige of Datang will be wiped out
"Redeem? How to redeem? " Li Jiancheng sighed that Li Shimin, the king of Qin, was fighting and had little contact with politics, and these things were precisely what Li Jiancheng handled. He didn’t know the situation of Chai Mi Gui Datang. Li Shimin may not know it, but Li Jiancheng knew it very well.
How can we redeem the hostages when the financial resources of Datang are exhausted and the food is seriously insufficient? The word redemption seems simple and easy to say, but every word is worth thousands of dollars.
Tang gaozu also gave a wry smile: "Shimin, you may not know that since last year, Datang’s finances have been unable to make ends meet, and over the past few years, the gathering family has paid a huge price, but they have not received the corresponding courtesy, and they are also very dissatisfied."
"Today, the good news of the Tang Dynasty is that it has occupied half of the country, but there are also many places where it is insufficient. It is decided that Yang Jun’s invasion of Bingzhou in the south has caused huge losses and the farmland is barren. I have to adjust food relief to meet the needs of the people and reduce certain taxes."
"And Qu Tutong, west Gansu, raided the banks of the Weihe River and burned a lot of fertile land. The grain harvest was reduced by nearly 10%, and there were only more than 400 mangokus. Then the king of Qi and you consumed 150 mangokus of grain before and after the invasion, which means that there are about 250,000 grains in Datang."
"Even if you tighten your belt, you can save up to 300 thousand stones from all aspects. You have to know that once the war is fought, the food consumption is huge, 300 thousand stones look like a lot, but it won’t last long, and these foods are strategic unless you have to. I don’t want to touch it."
"In addition to the fact that the food finance has dried up and the Turkic withdrawing troops no longer support Liu Wuzhou, it has made the wealth of all kinds of treasures, including silks and juans accumulated over the years. To tell you the truth, I still have a headache this time!"
Tang gaozu told the story of Datang. Li Shimin listened and felt a chill in his heart. He always led troops to fight and had little contact with the government. He used to nourish Datang with a hundred miles of qinchuan, but where he wanted Datang, it was so bleak.
Food can’t be moved, otherwise what will the soldiers eat and drink once the enemy attacks? How can soldiers fight without eating and drinking? You can buy it without food and money, but it happened that it was time for the Tang Dynasty treasury to run out of friends.
Li Shimin shook his head gently and he also felt very difficult.
Li Jiancheng was silent for half a ring and suddenly said, "Father, emperor, son and minister think that I’m afraid I can fight horses now."
"War horse?" Tang gaozu one leng immediately gave a hand against Sui as the enemy. Although Qu Tutong occupied the south of Longxi and Tuguhun, there was no shortage of war horses, but Tang gaozu was absolutely not allowed to transport the war horses to Inverse Sui. Otherwise, what would Datang take to compete with Inverse Sui? Especially in the Sui Dynasty, there is a Xuanjia elite rider whose fighting capacity is very strong. How can you compete with cavalry without horses?
It’s not right! Tang gaozu will heart concerns said to come out.
Li Jiancheng wry smile "father, son and minister don’t think it’s necessary to sell it to Sui Dynasty, but we can sell it to Shi Biao and Wang Shichong".
Tang gaozu is one leng, Shi Biao is an ally and can sell him some, but how can Wang Shichong sell it to him when he has completely turned against himself? Luoyang is located in the Central Plains, where there are not many excellent horse-producing areas. Wang Shichong is inferior to the lack of horses. Wouldn’t it be even better to sell it to him?
Datang will definitely send troops from Tong to unify the sky in the future. At that time, Luoyang was Tang Jun’s obstacle. If Wang Shichong had a large number of war horses, wouldn’t it be an enemy? And this time, the king of Qin tore up the Covenant and killed Wang Shichong’s great nephew Wang Honglie. I think Wang Shichong must have swallowed their anger and never thought about revenge.
Think further. Wang Shichong removed the Emperor and restored Wang Shichong, the famous king of Zheng, at the cost of Sui Jun’s help, forcing the king of Qin to retreat. From this point of view, Wang Shichong, a repeated villain, has chosen to rejoin the Sui Dynasty.
Even though Wang Shichong is dissatisfied with the anti-Sui Dynasty, at least on the surface, he belongs to the anti-Sui Dynasty, and funding Wang Shichong is equivalent to helping the anti-Sui Dynasty.
Alas, this situation is really difficult. Tang gaozu deeply feels this way.
As Tang gaozu meditated, Li Shimin suddenly said, "Father Liangzhou has been a business artery since ancient times, so it’s not as good as the child secretly leading the troops to sneak up on businessmen and rob wealth." !”
Li Jiancheng frowned. "No way. If so, who will dare to do business in Datang? If you don’t come to Datang to pay taxes, it will inevitably greatly reduce the state treasury! "
What else did Li Shimin want to say? Tang gaozu raised his hand and motioned for the two to be quiet. He paced in his room for a quarter of an hour and had not made a decision. At this moment, the eunuch Wang Xinjun hurried in and said, "General Duan requested."
General Wang Xinjun’s mouth is in charge of the imperial general Duan Wencao in the imperial city. Li Yuan suddenly asked for an audience with Duan Wencao in his heart. There must be something wrong with this matter. I don’t think much about it. It must be that this group of unruly people have gathered people outside the city. What strange things have they done?
At the thought of this, Tang gaozu quickly waved and said, "Please welcome Duan Wencao quickly."
"hey!" Eunuch Wang Xinjun said and hurried back.
Tang gaozu looked at the two sons and saw that they were frowning. Tang gaozu couldn’t help sighing. This time, he suffered a big loss, but this loss can’t be recovered for free. Yang You children will remember it for me sooner or later.
Just when Tang gaozu was thinking about it, Duan Wencao hurried in and said, "I’ve seen Duan Wencao."
"Duan Aiqing doesn’t have to pay more attention to you and tell me what’s urgent?" Tang gaozu said that his brow could not conceal his deep sorrow.

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