He turned to look at the monitoring surface and showed people on the platform. They were trying to impact the train, but it was not because they could shake the defense of the Snow Country train.

"Everyone outside will die, and only we will live forever with the engine!"
Chapter 37 wilford Speech
"Only the engine … wilford lives forever!"
Cried Claude.
Wilford gave her a surprised look and reached out to touch her blonde hair again. "You adapt to this environment quickly, Claude."
"I’m not mistaken about your potential."
Claude hurriedly bowed their heads and thanked him with trepidation.
Wilford smiled and stared at the outside and suddenly said, "I want to speak to all the carriages."
Claudma took out his microphone.
At the same time, considering that not all passengers can understand English, she also provided an interpreter for each carriage and had the translator in the car sent out.
The speech will begin soon.
Wilford auditioned and everything was fine.
"Welcome everyone to board our Snow Country train"
"We are traveling along the luxury train roaming route, which is currently in the eastern part of North America, that is, Independence Day, and we will arrive in Florida with a pleasant climate, and then we will go all the way south into South America."
"If it is before, you will see beaches, coconut trees and marginal seas in Florida."
But as I said, CW-7 will freeze the world, and now there is cold chaos there. When we leave South America, you will find that the world has been frozen. We are the last human beings in the world.
"You are the luckiest people in the old times because you are about to witness the collapse of the old times and the birth of a new era."
"Now the train will start again and take a look at the last scenery outside the window. Whether it is people or things, it will be your last look at it. They will die in despair outside the train and you will rely on the eternal engine to get a better life …"
Wilford’s speech echoed in all the carriages.
The business class passengers were so excited that they shouted the name of wilford.
Everyone is grateful to him.
Wilford first class saw this scene with a ha ha smile.
These business class passengers are all his employees or small and medium-sized partners. Not only do they not know the truth of the ball cooling plan, but under normal circumstances, they will never board this train.
These people can take the bus simply because he gave notice-
Before his ball cooling plan was about to be implemented, he told these people about the freezing end of the ball and told them that he built a luxury train roaming line to deal with this situation
After the CW-7 was discharged, the ball quickly cooled down, and he easily won everyone’s trust.
Everyone agrees that he saved his life.
These people are all his supporters.
Business class is the opposite.
The last carriage is also called economy class.
The atmosphere here is extremely depressed.
Most people don’t recognize where they are now.
If it’s really a good place, do you need guns to bring people here?
Everyone knows about the thief boat.
Emotional people are in no mood to listen to wilford’s speech. A group of people are studying how to destroy the car door.
A 17-year-old Curtis tried to finish wilford dialect.
Then he was confused.
Not because of him.
Just because …
At the end of wilford’s speech, let them look at people and things outside the window …
But you have to have a window!
He doesn’t have a window in this car now!
Both sides are thick steel plates, and there are no cutting marks …

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