The lawyer was killed by this sudden attack and almost peed his pants. His face was frightened and stiff. "What … what?"

Liu Yu’s face hung with a smile. "These people, you should find a masseur quickly. If you don’t activate the body meridians for two hours, gee … that would be a waste."
"ah? Lying trough … "
Those brothers who are lying in pain and groaning are scared to death by these words. That’s no joke.
"Actually, this is the hospital. You are very lucky."
Liu Yu smiled faintly. Lawyer, it seems that that kind of smile is simply a nightmare and cruel. This little guy is so cruel that he regrets it a little. Why bother to pretend that he has nothing to do with his brain pumping?
They will soon arrive at the intensive care unit by taking the stairs.
In a white-walled ward on all sides, a 26-year-old man was lying unconscious in a hospital bed, and his body was full of tubes, next to which were two farmers dressed up as old people.
The two faces are sad and sad, and they lament from time to time
"That’s a good boy. I really shouldn’t work in that place."
How can the old woman tell her dead parents that her eyes are red?
The old man looks more resolute, and if Qiu is quite similar, "This is life."
It’s a good boy to say that bereavement at an early age has always been brought up by their top leaders. When they were admitted to college, he dropped out of school and went out to work every month to share expenses with them … But now that God is blind, how can he be tortured by such treatment? But his eyes can’t live.
"Dad, Mom!"
If autumn door came in at this moment.
The young male doctor who hasn’t spoken beside him immediately lit up his eyes and looked at the female figure back and forth with a greedy color.
So he immediately said, "The two families need horses for this operation, or they will not be saved again later. I can help you with this huge operation first …"
Chapter 14 Then you try (Chapter 10! Ask for a subscription! Ask for flowers and rewards! )
Father knows that people in the city are all routine, but in the face of this huge amount, they still can’t help but move.
"Dr. Shen, you go ahead."
Field can be a little imposing manner is the father.
"Ha ha, I won’t beat around the bush. Look at your son … he’s been sick for so many waves. His life will be in danger in one minute. I’m willing to give him all the medicine and then I’ll arrange the best operation for him in the hospital face to face." Dr. Shen said, and his eyes fell to Ruoqiu again. "Well, I’m single at present, and I have a good impression as soon as I see this young lady. Why don’t you let her get married with me?"
He used to look a little bit like that, but he was turned down for a good chance on a blind date. Now he’s ready for a threesome, and he can’t get a daughter-in-law. It’s really hard to suppress him. There is such a good opportunity in front of him that he must seize it … If he’s happy enough, he’ll dump it. When he has it, he’ll become handsome and find another one.
"ah? This … Dr. Shen, isn’t this unbearable? " Mother’s face changed greatly, but she was afraid to send it. On the one hand, she was a baby daughter, on the other hand, she was dying. For the first time, she felt that life was so miserable.
"Dr. Shen, we appreciate your kindness, but the child is happy. Our parents will intervene in the operation … and we will save money." The father’s heart has long criticized the past than angry that he is so grumpy, but he held back at the thought of saying it!
"I don’t agree!"
If Qiu just came in and heard such shocking news, he was shaking with anger and his eyes were staring at this devil wears prada doctor and hated to grind his teeth.
"Don’t agree? That’s funny. Do you have any other choice? I am condescending, understand? " Dr. Shen sneered that although he looks a little bit like that, he can talk about identity, identity and money. Money is not bad. It’s their honor that he married a rural girl today.
"Dr. Shen, I respect that you are a doctor. Please don’t go too far." Father was angry.
"Ha, ha, ha, society is so competitive that you’d better think about it quickly, otherwise it will be fatal if it drags on for too long. I’ll give you a minute to think about the jargon and I’ll arrange the operation immediately!" Dr. Shen’s eyes in the positive color channel are more intense.
"Xiao Yu!" If Qiu Xin is angry and wronged, she will show her relief to Liu Yu.
"If you can help me through this difficult time … I will definitely thank you."
Just now, he was just conation in his heart. Now she is really on the right track. Now she can save her family from hot water, and there will be Liu Yu.
If … If this thing is over, even if Liu Yu asks her to go to the room to get rid of the medicated bath and do something else … it’s not necessary.
Although Liu Yu is a student, he has a bad reputation before, but now he gives people the feeling that he has been thoroughly remoulded, far better than this devil wears prada doctor! I would rather ask her to pay her … She is willing to give the first time to Liu Yu!
"ah? It’s not that serious. Don’t worry, just leave it to me … That’s nothing for you to do. I’ll help you. "
Liu Yu is not stupid. He naturally knows that Ruoqiu’s remarks have made him in high spirits, but because there are two old people at the scene, he has to pose as a gentleman.
"Who are you? Can you just go in here? Get out of here! " Dr. Shen stared at Suciu with a gloomy face, just like staring at prey. This is a warning!
Dismantle him at this time? It’s still him. It’s tender!
"Ah, just you? Also deserve to let me go? Even you, the expert, dare not be so arrogant to me. "Liu Yu’s eyes are particularly contemptuous."
"Mad, you’re making trouble, aren’t you? Don’t go out now. Wait a minute. My horse will have you thrown out of the hospital to make trouble. This is a big mistake!" Dr. Shen scolded, "Without a doctor’s image, you are always fishing. Why do you get stuck?"?
"Are you? Then you can try! "
Liu Yu looked at him calmly, arrogant in front of him? He has seen more arrogance.
"I make you regret it!" After that, he pulled out his crazy Plath and dialed a message, which meant to inform security.
But no, he can talk
The second Liu Yu Qianqiu Library seems to have received Fang Zhiyuan’s old man’s business card. The expert officer in the field of orthopedics is much bigger than this fellow, right?
He took it out and dialed out.
"What about experts? I have some trouble in your hospital. Can you come and play?"
After Liu Yu connected, he reported the matter directly, and he came straight to the point.
On the other hand, experts are telling the dean about last night. Liu Yu’s magical power cured people’s liver cancer with a few needles and a pot of water. This is amazing!
Dean also listened with a grain of salt.
But if it weren’t for Fang Lao, the narrator, and someone else, he would have slapped him long ago. How can you say that nonsense about liver cancer is so amazing?
But even so, he still finds it hard to believe.
Liver cancer. Is it a common cold?
The point is that Master Liu is not an expert on pale hair but a student. This is even more ridiculous.
If even a student is so awesome, what does he do in this hospital? Why invite so many experts? After studying medicine for so many years, have you learned about dogs?
"Er … Dean, I’m in trouble."
Fang Zhiyuan took a message, and his face was first surprised and then shocked and turned pale.
Dean Mu Yun also stunned, "What happened?"
Fang Zhiyuan hurriedly said, "Hurry up. I just went to our hospital with your master Liu."
He said in his heart that he secretly scolded the dog for not being so long-eyed, and I have to dismember Master Liu later!
Although Mu Yun listened with a grain of salt, the statue of the man of God was neglected by one of his own people if it was true. That’s a big deal. It can cure liver cancer. The cliff can’t be offended!
"Let’s go for a walk, let’s go at once." The dean hurried out without wearing a coat.
On the other side, Liu Yu also put on her mobile phone and looked at Dr. Shen with a Gherardini face. I’ll let you know how red the flowers are later.
"Who did you just call?" Dr. Shen is a little unsure and has an ugly face.
He told Liu Yu to get out just now. What if he knows the leader? Big head, big head!

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