When I first arrived, I saw a clear light fall into my hands.

"This is the tiger’s rescue charm. What happened to the hanging mountain?"
Wu Ming immediately set off along the precious charm to hang the mountain.
Hanging Mountain is a buried underground mountain. The whole sacred mountain is upside down, shattering Fiona Fang thousands of miles into a deep ravine. The sacred mountain is just like being suspended, but it is just at the top and bottom of the mountain.
"It really is a very shady place!" Wu Ming’s eyes show that the disorder of yin and yang in this world is not regulated by the underworld, and it is bound to form such extremely dark places, which are suitable for building ghosts for ghosts and gods to live without being impacted by the sun be the spirit.
The mountain doesn’t seem to be naturally formed, but it seems to have been thrown here by someone. Wu Ming wouldn’t be too surprised. He could have done it himself.
Then he went into the mountains to look for tiger power, but the talisman lost its effect here
Wu Ming suddenly realized that he was not upside down here. The mountain came upside down, but when he came in, he was caught. Even the Jin Xian could be affected.
That’s not what he can do. He has to be a fairy at least.
Looking around, the whole mountain was shrouded in darkness, as if there were several eyes staring at him.
Wu Ming couldn’t help sneering and shouting, "The nine mysterious spirits are guilty, and the real Wang Er and other ghosts will not leave soon!"
There seems to be a lot of screams in the mountains. This ghost god is not a decoration. It is self-evident that a sound of God can shock the dead.
But this seems to have angered those powerful creatures, and the mountains shook when they roared.
"God! Get out of our territory-"
Chapter 476 Shenshan see shura Wu name conditions
Out of several tall figures in the mountains, Wu Ming’s drilling will produce evil at first sight.
Fangs, rows, sharp blades, temples, red flames, whiskers, tendons, knots, felt, four arms, evil king kong, three eyes, photo taken by Lei Guang
"God, get out of our territory immediately or you will be dead here!" The first four-armed devil is three feet long and commanding and said to Wu Ming
"You are what person dare to this mountain king? But take our department? " Wu Ming asked
"Hugh wordy! Stay if you don’t want to go. "
A statue of the four-armed devil could not help roaring, but he raised his four arms and smashed Wu Ming, only to see that he had four hands behind him and tackled the devil backhand and could not move.
"Boldly let go of the Three Halls!"
The highest four-armed devil shouted that the rest of the people were also furious. See if this fellow still has some identity?
"Answer my question" Wu Ming coldly said that he is very satisfied with this hanging mountain. If there is an accident, he will build a ghost here to lead the reincarnation to see if these demons are hindering it.
"Damn God Asura won’t compromise!"
Asura? The Buddha’s dragon protector?
Among the six ways of Wu Ming’s one leng, there is the Xiuluo Road, but what is this? The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is a Buddhist who makes things. Heaven doesn’t have this thing to keep him in this lake. I didn’t expect to see a living Asura today.
"We are from Asura, and this mountain is our territory. Let go of the three kings, or even if you are well connected, you will not be able to walk out of this hanging mountain." Asura threatened.
Wu Ming-mei’s mind and eyes suddenly let out a quantity of divine light and swept to the depths of the hanging mountain, and suddenly a burst of roars came to several horrible figures, looming in the dark and roaring again and again.
"People peep at my Asura family!"
The four-armed Asura in front of Wu Ming completely panicked and immediately bent down to bow down.
In an instant, thousands of eyes are pointing straight at the hanging mountain here.
Three demon SAN wu back your eyes is also slightly surprised.
"God, my family, three asura king, please welcome." Four-armed Asura got up and said.
"Lead the way," said Wu Minglian.
With a throw, the three kings followed several Asura all the way to the depths of the hanging mountain.
And Wu Ming also saw the situation of the Asura ethnic group, four arms, six arms, and five arms. The Asura ethnic group also peeped in the dark and said that the Asura ethnic group was ugly and the women were gorgeous and stunning, but Wu Ming’s eyes were not so much, but it was more slander.
After all, it’s impossible to see where many gods are with a beast’s head.
Wu Ming was not afraid to come all the way to the top of the hanging mountain.
The top of the mountain is covered with snow, but the top of the head is a lava sea of fire. The mountain is hanging upside down, and there are two extremes: the alpine snow scene and the core fire pulp.
And the Asura people live here.
At a glance, Wu Ming saw the priests tied to three cauldrons, Tiger Force and Luli Shan Gui.
Three asura king sit high on the left side of the throne, and the one on all sides is like vermilion; A thousand-handed, green-faced fangs; On the right, a man with three heads and six arms is anticlimactic.
"I’m the Great Heaven Buddha, and I’m the King of Nine Youzhen. I don’t know the names of the three kings of Asura?" Wu Ming asked
"I am Domoyan, it is a floating statue, and it is called Sakya." asura king, a thousand-handed man, pointed to the left and right and said.
"God, what did you do when you broke into my Asura family?" The man on the right has a beautiful human face, asura king Sakya asked.
Wu Ming immediately pointed to Hu Li’s three words, but his department came here to find out the mountain and hoped that the three asura king would give them a face and let them go
"Hum! These three people are unclean and have remnants. They should be cooked and eaten. How can you let them go with your words? " Four-armed floating statue of the king of Asura all round rotation nu way
It is said that Asura is possessed by magic, Buddha-like and brave, and Wu Ming has finally seen something. No wonder the Buddha wants to be the protector.
Wu Ming immediately spoke to stabilize the Asura family. "This is my fault. If the three asura king forgive them, I am willing to compensate you."
Sakya then said, "The temple is welcome. We live in seclusion and don’t want the gods to make enemies."
"You mean let them go?" Floating statue looked at Issachar displeasure way
Three asura king seemed to have a disagreement. Soon, Zhong Duo Mo Yan said.
"True King, don’t blame your department for breaking into our family. If you let it go so easily, you won’t let the family complain."
Wu Ming saw this and even asked, "What do you mean by asura king?"
"My ancestor Asura once left a picture of Sumeru, in which there is a scared tree. You need to go in and pick a scared tree fruit for our family. Then we will let you go."
Asura’s sacred tree? Su Zhiheng Luo Bo Luo?
If you eat the fruit of this sacred tree, you can jump out of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and get rid of life and death. If you think about it, it should make people achieve the golden fairy fruit. The Asura family can add another asura king
If it’s really this tree, it should be Xumi Mountain, right? It’s a Buddhist mountain. Let me steal the fruit from the surface.
Wu Ming frowned and thought for a moment before saying, "I can pick a fruit from Asura, but I have one condition."
Domoyan, Fuzun and Sakya all looked at each other with a happy look. Since the change of the era, the Asura people were expelled from Buddhism, and more importantly, they lost their mother tree, Asura Method, and broke through into asura king. The three of them also relied on the last three fruits to make this magic.
If we continue this era, I’m afraid the Asura clan will disappear completely. Ah, heaven and earth are Buddhist, and Asura has long been expelled from their clan.
It’s the fruit of the mother tree. All Buddhists set seals, and the roots of Asura people are close.
In the demon world, the Asura clan killed many demon clans in order to protect this clan. If it weren’t for three asura king, they would have been exterminated. It is even more impossible for the demon saints to help them win the fruit. Wu Ming appeared, but the three kings moved their hearts to have this meeting.
Fu Zun immediately asked what the conditions were. One asura king played the good COP, the other played the bad COP, and the other pretended to compromise. This trick is unforgettable
"I want to hang half the mountain." Wu Ming said that it is definitely not possible for the three Asura kings to add tens of thousands of Asura. The casualties are too great. Although it is dangerous to establish the ghost here, it is also beneficial. It is definitely not that simple for the Asura people to guard this hanging mountain.

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