Chapter 1499 [World Integration] (End)

Looking at that thick force, mandatory adjustment, rapid integration and stability, many [parallel universes]
Initial evolution
I am very happy to have it.
Others feel angry.
"Damn guy!
"I want to see more blood and more tragedies!
! "
"What to stop!
! "
"What …"
After the integration of the two worlds is completed
The deepest part of the "new hell" is the fusion of two "hell".
That independence is special.
[Everything-OBA] still enjoys the treatment of his own little black room.
in passing
From time to time, he also uttered a few words like a mourning dog.
It makes people want to cry.
[New Hell] [King of Hell] [Lucifer] A number of new foes were hanged and will be collected.
From time to time
You can hear each other’s wailing.
It wasn’t long after the two "hell" merged with each other.
[Lucifer] As for the [complete DC world] there, the [King of Hell] reduced the [complete Marvel Comics world] here, and the [Defense of the Ancients], that is, the [mephistopheles] group of guys whose strength ratio was less than enough, became the [King of Hell] in one.
Therefore, the force has been increased.
There are no actual eggs …
Even if there are no eggs
The image of [the devil] sits on his own [Satan’s Throne] and listens to the wailing from [Everything-OBA] [Lucifer] and feels that his life is too beautiful.
no way out
Happiness, a metaphysical thing, always needs to be compared to be obvious.
With contrast.
People can judge more clearly how happy they really are.
[Lucifer] A wanton fool [King of Hell] watched [OBA], a guy who was as good as himself and got along so badly.
I just want to laugh.
In addition to gloating.
However, I have more ideas
Even the intention of being bewitched by Olga and wanting to do great things was diluted by the other side’s miserable sample.
no way out
He really doesn’t want to spend time in the dark room with each other.
[Hell King] Although it doesn’t make any sense to be true, it’s better than suffering …
Years passed quickly.
After a period of chaos
The residents of the two [worlds] have finally gradually adapted to the new environment, neighbors and all kinds of disasters that immediately appear, so they can go even further.
Thanks to the two worlds, Marvel Comics Company and DC Comics Company, even ordinary people have a good understanding of all the extraordinary things.
Such as Superman and Clark Kent, the identity of ordinary people is directly exposed.
The same is true for Batman and Bruce Wayne. On the surface, the status of playboy is very inherited, but all kinds of women are flocking in unprecedented intensity.
Every day, a large number of fans block his door cheering and screaming to have children with him.
All kinds of situations make many masked geeks sigh, and it’s hard to hold back …
Of course, even worse are those guys who are incapable and like to play behind-the-scenes tricks and want Xiu Xiu’s own IQ.
After being exposed by various cartoons, the real identity plan
Minute effort
Those guys became funny characters.
The overall situation is complicated.
Not many people can grasp it.
But after all, there are some successful people in this troubled times.
Gained great benefits
Like that one [Thanos]
Now he is holding the treasure in his hand, and his face is full of intense excitement.
"[Reality Controller] … finally let me get …"
In a trance, he felt that he had seen his zenith.
Beside him
Is two dead beyond protoss 】 【 like being leftovers are lying quietly.
And at the same time,
A [Darkseid] also seems to have successfully integrated [Soul Fire] as if it were a corresponding one.
Covered in layers of orange flames.
The momentum of law and metaphor
His center is spreading wildly!
Makes the nearby [Karl Jaspers] extremely fearful.
in this regard
[Darkseid] face is revealed with a grimace of a grin.
an instant
Manipulate the power of all things
Karl Jaspers will be completely covered.

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