But it is necessary.

The "salary-seeking group" established the basis of marksmanship training of Gun King Tong, but this Gun King Tong was an unprecedented system in Zhang Yiping. Although he got a high opinion from this system, he accurately judged how this set of Gun King Tong could bring changes to people.
However, it is certain that this unit was trained by Gun King Tong, and it is definitely an unprecedented unit.
The soldiers of this unit have been trained by Gun King Series, and their marksmanship has reached a certain level, but Zhang Yiping believes that this unit still lacks a soul.
From today, the soul of this army will be established.
The cadets in the officer training class have just entered the "gunner" level, which is a long way from Zhang Yiping. Zhang Yiping can run, jump and hit a moving target at the same time, but the average cadet has to stop and aim to hit the target, and if a target moves, it will also happen to miss the target.
Zhang Yiping rushed ahead. In addition to his marksmanship, he was also very skilled in tactics. After all, he was a soldier for four years.
More than 100 people formed an evacuation fan and rushed to the British position.
Just now, some people shot at the outside from the ditch, but these people were killed by people without exception. It was terrible that they hit the eyebrows directly when they touched the Zhang Yiping bullet.
Zhang Yiping and his precision marksmanship actually put the British in the ditch and raised their heads.
When I rushed near the ditch, I suddenly reached out from the ditch with a hand Grenade in my hand. When I saw this hand, I was about to throw it out. Zhang Yiping’ s eye shot just hit the man’ s arm and the Grenade fell into the ditch and there was a huge explosion.
Zhang Liuhe and Fan Dawei have been closely following Zhang Yiping’s side. At this time, Zhang Liuhe suddenly drank and suddenly accelerated across the front of Zhang Yiping with Fan Dawei, leading several fast guard soldiers to take the lead in rushing into the British trench.
For the guard company, they are to protect Zhang Yiping and the regiment headquarters, but now Zhang Yiping has to personally array the Liuhe River. Since it can’t be stopped, it is good to remove the danger first, and if you don’t use jargon, you can protect your life.
In the battle trench, bayonets and bayonets were fiercely displayed, and there was a sound of "nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing".
Zhang Liuhe was thin, and it was a loss to fight with the British bayonet. He threw away his rifle, took out an English Webbley revolver and shot a tall Englishman in the chest. The Englishman fell on his back.
Just as Zhang Liuhe pointed his gun at another Englishman, a bayonet came from his side.
Zhang Liuhe flashed shrewdly, but his right arm was stabbed by the enemy bayonet and his pistol fell to the ground.
Then he threw himself on the ground, but he was not shot or stabbed by a bayonet again, but he took the opportunity to pick it up with his left hand and fired the remaining three bullets at the enemy who stabbed him in the arm.
Fan Dawei saw that the company commander was injured, and his anger burned violently. This time, he was carrying a light machine gun. He smashed an enemy with the butt of his gun, and then leveled the muzzle and swept the enemy on his left and right sides. The slamming bomb swept the enemy like a dragon.
Zhang Liuhe took out a Grenade in his left hand and threw shrapnel at the enemy’s bushes, regardless of his arm injury. The enemy should fall down and cry and shout.
Soldiers from the guard company came to Zhangliuhe in succession, calling on the tide to rush to both sides of the trench.
Zhang Yiping shot twice in a row and killed two British soldiers who fled behind. "Zhang Liuhe, how dare you cut me off!"
Zhang Liuhe’s right hand was dripping with blood, and the bright red blood on his sleeve dripped like eaves water. Zhang Liuhe’s surface didn’t change color. He jumped from the ditch and said, "Colonel, you are all covered with the thirteen orphans, and you must let our brothers eat a chicken paste!"
Zhang Yiping way "well, even if you paste the medic today? Why don’t you bandage Zhang Lianchang? "
There is no need for Zhang Yiping to rush ahead at this place. The British people have completely collapsed when this line of defense has broken through this line of defense.
Moreover, the follow-up forces have crossed Zhang Yiping and expanded to the top of the mountain and on both sides of the trench. At this time, Zhang Yiping can’t chase the front line if he wants to rush.
Fan Dawei rushed to the left along the trench, and the light machine gun kept spraying bullets, which shocked the trench. The British knocked down the ground in batches.
Just as Fan Dawei was yelling, a heavy machine gun ran away, and the two British soldiers in front also knocked down Fan Dawei and rolled on the spot to escape the disaster.
This machine gun is behind a slope, but Fan Dawei looks like a dead corner here. Just when Fan Dawei and the rest of the soldiers are at their wit’s end, a team appears on the right side of the machine gun. It is the second battalion, the second company, the second platoon, the second class, and the second person in the world.
Second, Kaga’s figure is light and changing rapidly. The enemy can’t catch him by the bullet root, but he is shot and killed by the enemy who will shoot him when he moves.
"There are two small ones!" I finally have a little admiration for Er Ga Fan Dawei.
In front of the heavy machine gun, the muzzle turned and fired at Er Ga. Fan Dawei jumped up, and the light machine gun fired wildly at the heavy machine gunner. However, at this moment, the Er Ga gun also rang, and the gunner fell down with bullet holes all over his body. This is obviously Fan Dawei’s machine gun, but in addition, there is a bullet hole in the gunner’s forehead. From the position of this gunner, we know that this is Er Ga’s beating.
Fan Dawei admits that Er Ga’s marksmanship is a little better than himself, but not too much, just a little.
Chapter 61 A knife in the back
Except for a small part of the 265th Division of the British Army who escaped and surrendered and was captured, Yuji has been killed. There are dead bodies of the British army everywhere in the residences, streets, factories, peripheral fields and wilderness of Cauteret Town.
At noon, after the China people’s department left, they were forced to leave their homes temporarily. When French residents returned to Cauteret town, they saw dead bodies everywhere. The whole town of Cauteret had become a ruin, and most of the factories and houses were bombed and burned into a thick smoke.
The salary team quickly and roughly cleaned a battlefield, collected valuable materials, and then left with the wounded, prisoners and captured materials.
Because the British two infantry divisions learned that the 265 th Division had changed its original intention after it fell in the middle, they quickly came to Cauteret Town and estimated that they would arrive in Dakotray Town in the evening.
At present, the situation of the salary group is not optimistic. There are British and French troops all around them. There are British people behind them. Two infantry divisions cut off their retreat. Twenty kilometers ahead of them is Soisson.
Soisson is one of the oldest towns in France, located on the banks of the Aina River.
On both sides of the Aina River, there are British and French Coalition forces and German * * teams. The two military regiments confront each other across the river and pour out several shells at each other’s positions every day.
Soisson is the key defensive town of the British-French Coalition forces, and it is the main position treated by the British-French Coalition forces and the German team. There are a large number of troops stationed there, and a large number of artillery pieces are crisscrossed to construct a large number of fortresses.
A little sensible people know that Soisson is like a hornet’s nest and can’t be touched.
However, it is unreasonable for Zhang Yiping and the salary group to infer that people are now advancing in Soisson.
This is really beyond the expectation of the British, and the salary team’s stab in the back has hit them right in the heart.
Soisson’s defense line seems indestructible, but this is what the Germans said about the frontal attack. Now the situation is very different when the salary group attacks from behind the British and French troops.
Moreover, it has been proved that the salary group has certain combat effectiveness, and it can wipe out a 20,000-strong British main infantry division with more than 6,000 troops, which should be paid enough attention to.
Although Soisson has a lot of troops, it is very reluctant to deploy the 265th Division before. If it is deployed now, it will take at least two divisions to stop this group of crazy China laborers because one division is not sure.
However, if two more divisions are deployed from the front, it will be very dangerous. If the Germans take the opportunity to attack at this time and lose three divisions, the defensive line is likely to be broken, and the consequences will be even more unimaginable.
And when you want to deploy troops from other places, you can’t catch up with the salary group because it is particularly fast.
I walked ten kilometers from Cauteret town to a small town called Shaodan.
This so-called small town has built two rows of houses along the road, and there are several grocery stores. A road that is not spacious passes through the town.
It is 10 kilometers away from Soisson. The important salary-seeking group occupied the town group headquarters and the field hospital is located here.
More than a dozen cauldrons were set up at the bottom of the awnings on both sides of the road, and the aroma of broth was burning in the pot, and it was wafted in the wind and smelled far away.
The team of wage earners came over, and the soldiers took out their kettles and filled them with a kettle of broth. Then they took two pancakes at the next table and continued their journey while eating.
Zhang Yiping took the guards into the newly built headquarters. This is an ordinary French street shop, but it has lost its job because of the war.
Zhang Yiping just sat and smelled the fragrance outside when his stomach growled. Because he was in a hurry, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon and he had not eaten lunch yet.
Zhang Liuhe personally brought a few guards to Zhang Yiping and others to call several bowls of broth and put it in the middle table of the headquarters and said to Zhang Yiping, "I asked my brothers to make some pancakes with meat for the group seat and the staff. Just a moment, please drink the broth first!"
"This broth is really fragrant and drools when you smell it far away!" Zhang Yiping ha ha laughs
Besides the smell of meat, the most comfortable thing is broth, which makes people feel very comfortable and satisfied when they drink it.
In a short time, the guard came from a big pot with a pot of pancakes and smelled a particularly strong barbecue smell. Zhang Yiping couldn’t wait to pick up a pancake and reveal the fresh and juicy mutton stuffing inside.
"I always think that China pancakes are much more delicious than French bread, especially after this kind of pancakes with meat stuffing. When we make pancakes, we should put some meat stuffing so that all our brothers can eat pancakes with meat stuffing," Zhang Yiping said while eating.
Zhang Liuhe laughed. "Now all the brothers eat meat stuffing, but many of them are bacon and fresh meat stuffing for the wounded!" "
Qu Weisheng, a side war staff member, also said, "Even we feel that the wounded are working harder after running around for days and days."
Zhang Yiping said, "Let’s wait until we finish this battle and scare the British so that he won’t dare to provoke us easily, and then we will have a rest for ten days."
At this time, a large number of British prisoners came from the highway, about 2,000 people. These four people moved forward slowly in a row, and they were escorted by the soldiers of the salary group, shouting in an attempt to make them move faster, but they couldn’t afford it at all.

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