The big robbery came true after all. As soon as the woman closed her eyes, two lines of clear tears rolled down and her face fell like a broken jade bead.

Destroy the surging billow is the most ugly female tears, even if the woman still wants him to start work, but at the moment it is a teenager’s mind that comforts her slightly. Girl, why are you suddenly?
I can see that Cang Lan looks like this. That woman squints slightly and wipes her tears in her eyes and laughs. Are you evil or juvenile?
Seeing that she has a finger and five blades, come back and show me a jade hand like ice and snow. You can directly pierce me. It is also a strange person in the door barrier, but you can’t go to the Sansheng Cleanliness World. There are incarnate elves everywhere. I don’t want you to be found out, but I will be implicated in a crime of harboring.
But if the girl doesn’t let me go, she’s hiding me here. She also narrows her eyes, and her right face hurts, but she has to take a step back. Can the girl do me a favor first?
Didn’t I just help a woman with a strange softness in her cold hum? What is your right face?
After being injured by the underworld, the residual gas strength of corrosive gas was destroyed. Cang Lan swept away by the moonlight and saw a piece of fragrant boudoir with quaint appearance, so he sighed and said, Girl, what medicine can I cure my right face?
Well, the woman turned sideways to look at the wall behind her and said, if this handsome face is destroyed in half, it will be unbearable for you to retreat to the wall and don’t let the elves outside find you.
Destroyed Cang Lan looked at the shadow behind him and nodded and retreated into it, while the woman went to the front of the wall and raised her hand and gently stroked to see a shadow collapse in and gradually revealed a circular hole.
I will help his daughter lift her moist eyes and explore the hole to find out what tone is like waiting for her lover’s only daughter’s desolation and sadness.
I don’t know if the girl put out the surging billows and suppressed the bass, but the cold magnetic color still crashed into that girl’s heart as deeply as the morning bell.
The woman stopped and destroyed Cang Lan at a distance of more than ten steps, but it was like a gap between the ends of the earth and the ends of the earth. It took a long time to slowly say, I am the three saints in the clean world, and I am the ice lady, proud of frost and snow, and the moon shines on two people.
Saint this two word in the destruction of surging billow lips suddenly across and swept a shiver-like vibration made him inexplicably stiff to stand back like a girl with a special identity.
You don’t have to talk too much. The glass, the butterfly, the white dress, the ethereal light, the split brocade, the black hair and the wisps of green hair fall smoothly on her delicate fingers. Now that I have decided to help you, you must listen to me. You can do it.
I broke into the girl’s boundary, but there was still room to run wild. With a wry smile, I slipped along the wall and sat on the ground motionless, and I turned up the true qi all over, infiltrating the thick cold and hot gasification into the flesh and blood.
He crossed the water at the side of the breathing exercises, and turned his finger into the black hole, pointing to a round Dan pill, mumbling that the body is ice spirit and fire, and the body can withstand double extreme cold, heat and anger. It is not an ordinary master yet. If one day he succeeds in uniting.
She turned around and looked at Cang Lan from a distance through a pale moonlight. The young man bent one knee and one leg was flat, and his posture seemed to be relaxed. His breathing gradually became even, but the color was naturally chilly or faintly dangerous, which meant that he could blow a whirlwind at any time and collide in his chest like cold.
Net coloured glaze Xuan butterfly for a long time staring at the destruction of surging billows like water, waves of mysterious dark light rolled in her eyes, and the snow roared quietly at the bottom of her pupil. Suddenly, she sighed and carefully held the Dan pill in her palm to destroy surging billows step by step.
This is the secret hidden god Dan in my room. Today, let you smash the glazed Xuan butterfly. Zhang Yushou took the palm of her hand to destroy Cang Lan, put it back and push it directly in the exercise.
Destroy Cang Lan in the shadow and open your eyes. At this time, the distance between them is only half an arm, one black and one white. Both figures are blurred in the lonely night. Destroy Cang Lan in the dark. You can hear the net glass, the mysterious butterfly, breathing with ethereal fragrance, and it is soaked with rain and fog, containing dew orchids.
And destroy the surging billow body with a little blood evil also constantly across the net coloured glaze xuan butterfly senses, she took one look at the surging billow stopped in the palm of your hand never moved eyes cold way, you didn’t even eat Dan pill strength?
It’s not that the surging billows gently lifted the moonlight to reflect his left side, which is in good condition and beautiful. The general lines of the carved gods make the net glass and the butterfly slightly absent. The three saints’ clean world has always been a sacred place in the celestial world, and few outsiders bother her, but she has never seen such a beautiful face.
However, it seems that something deeper is slowly pouring in and plucking the strings, and the fingers are constantly passing through the heart of the net glazed butterfly.
Then you still don’t clean the coloured glaze Xuan butterfly. It’s inexplicable that there is a trace of hot cough in your heart. A cold cough pushes out Cang Lan’s hand and destroys Cang Lan. Then you can hold that Dan pill in your hand and send it to your eyes. Turn it back and forth and look at it carefully.
Kirin pulp has been destroyed for a long time. Cang Lan’s blood stains and cracked lips are floating in three words. The slightly hoarse cold magnetic color suddenly got into the net glass Xuan butterfly’s ear. This snow-white Leng Yan girl turned a blind eye to the pupil and could not help but stare at the shocking red pupil coldly.
Do you know that this is Kirin pith, pure glass, mysterious butterfly color, as low as sentencing the judge, and the layers of cold wind outside the door are rolled.
I can feel that this is the breath of Kirin pith. Cang Lan sucks the nose and lip corner to evoke a free smile. It is the same as burning sandalwood, and the last smoke comes. Generally speaking, this Kirin pith is a rare thing in the second day. How come I have seen so much?
You net coloured glaze xuan butterfly bite my thin lip metamorphoses, reached out and grabbed out surging billow palm pull back to me.
Well, it’s faster than her to destroy Cang Lan, and it’s already tight with five fingers, holding that Dan pill in the palm of your hand, and seeing two pale slender hands tightly clenched together, wrestling with each other and stopping at two people.
You’re a dangerous person, but you’re a net-colored glazed butterfly, and you’re barefoot, and you’ve suddenly pulled your arm out of Cang Lan, and you’ve said that Kirin pulp is seen so much, and you’ve already enjoyed it.
Yeah, the surging billows slightly lengthen the sound. He saw a trace of coldness and arrogance in the eyes of the pure and clean woman. That kind of recklessness was almost the same wanton coquetry little girl. Did the general girl get angry because of this? This is not the mind of the celestial saint, is it?
Hum net coloured glaze Xuan butterfly arch eyebrows waved his head coldly in the direction of the door. I’ll call those elves back now. It’s up to you.
Well, I destroyed Cang Lan, but I saw that the net coloured glaze Xuan butterfly suddenly got up and walked barefoot to the door, but I didn’t look back for half a step and immediately flicker and took hold of her snow-white jade arm.
Net coloured glaze xuan butterfly irate look burst into flames, turned around and twisted his arm to destroy Cang Lan, and each pair of them ate at the local silver fangs, biting low and drinking "Let go".
I really don’t know if the girl is angry and destroys Cang Lan’s brow. Although the tone is dull, it has already made the net glass Xuan butterfly illusion hear the ice gradually freeze up. If I say something about Kirin pulp, I will apologize and then
The ending sound of Cang Lan suddenly became clear, and the night in front of her eyes flashed quickly and almost turned into a fuzzy bubble, and she was immediately pressed against the cold wall. I heard the young magnetic sound in her ear, girl. You have to tell me that Kirin pulp will arouse your anger.
You net coloured glaze xuan butterfly this just to react heart dark surprised how can this young man hurt deeply posture also this swift, she a buckle jade wrist in out surging billows five accused a muscle several slender veins stood out in out surging billows palm slightly raised.
This is the destruction of surging billows, and I feel a needle-like chill blowing away in my palm, but along the net coloured glaze, the Xuan butterfly’s arm whimpers and turns into several needles, and the pain comes so fast that it directly hits the bones and muscles of surging billows, and he feels that he can’t help letting go slightly when he makes a mistake.
Don’t let go of net coloured glaze Xuan butterfly see out surging billows, but it’s some surprise to suddenly look at him. You don’t let go and want me to poke your palm.
Girl, if you don’t eat hard or soft, I’d better be hard and destroy Cang Lan’s cold smile. The evil cold smile turned out to be a net look. The butterfly heart was shocked and immediately pressed its eyebrows and clenched its fist.
You are really an interesting person. The voice of the butterfly was suddenly cut off, and the eyes turned to stare at the door. Suddenly, the shadow shook violently. Listen to the hula, the wind suddenly became thinner, and the same number of babies were crying at the tip.
Destroy the surging billows but also noticed that with a jerk, the butterfly crouched with a net coloured glaze Xuan to avoid the direct moonlight and come to the azimuth. Is it those elves who point to the lip?
Hum net coloured glaze Xuan butterfly tilting face to extinguish surging billow very close to breathe the wrong way. Are you afraid?
If it is found, there is no way to be afraid that the girl will also get into trouble. Instead, it will force the net coloured glaze Xuan butterfly to lean back against the wall. After all, just before those elves came to ask the girl, they said that nothing happened here.
Well, the eyes of the net glazed butterfly are tight, and suddenly the eyes are loose and the lips are smiling. You are clever.

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