The sudden sound made Lin’s pupil suddenly shrink and suddenly turned to see a big tree crown not far away. A figure was sitting in a red robe while his hands patted his words with a hint of surprise.

Lin’s eyes were fixed on this mysterious red body, and his eyes were full of vigilance. The red man was so close now that he failed to notice it at all.
Lin stared at a moment ago and then had a deep voice.
Who is pavilion Chapter nine hundred and forty-three Mysterious red man
Who is Ge?
When Lin Dong said this sentence, he wanted to make some shocks in his heart. Others were always cautious with horror, and this time he also moved his hand. This has always been a big secret in his hand. One side, Mu Lingshan, was already convinced that she was ignorant. Second, even if she knew Lin Dong, she was not worried, but the sudden appearance of the red man from one side made Lin Dong lose her head.
When talking, Lin’s body was suddenly tense, and the force was surging in the meridians, which made him a cheetah and full of aggression.
Hehe, what a careful guy! The red man laughed. He seemed to feel the fierce reaction of Lin Dong.
This person is all wrapped in a red robe, and even his face is covered with shadows. In addition, there is no too strong force fluctuation in his whole body, but it makes Lin feel a little strange. His ability now is even impossible for him to be aware of this proximity and guard against him.
Lin heard the red man answer the question, and his eyes became more and more gloomy. Immediately, his eyes suddenly passed with a cold murder.
Just when the murder in Lin’s eyes just surged, a petite figure suddenly flashed behind the red man, and then she was holding the coffin of life and death in her hands and slamming it at the back of the head of the red man.
The coffin of life and death waved a circle of black light waves and suddenly swept through, and there was a dead breath in that kind of fluctuation
Hmm. How interesting
The red man is still sitting in a dish. He seems unaware of the sharp offensive behind him, but when the coffin of life and death is about to boom, the red man smiles.
Laughing suddenly, the red man’s whole body surged with red light, but it turned out to be a flame arc directly behind him.
Filled with the fluctuation of lifeless life and death, the coffin slammed on that flame, and the light arc suddenly resounded with a deep voice. However, in the face of a blow from Mulingshan, the flame light arc was not distorted at all, as if it was in the bearing range after the previous attack.
The flame arc suddenly shook with a more majestic force and burst like a flood after being attacked by Mulingshan.
In that force, Mu Lingshan’s little face also changed, and her petite body immediately inverted and then stumbled slightly on a giant tree in the distance.
Strong strength
Lin looked at this scene, and his eyes suddenly became dignified. Mu Lingshan was born with the complete strength of the Xuan realm. With the coffin of life and death in his hand, the Xuan realm was complete. In this level, fresh people can compete with it, but the eyes are in the hands of this mysterious red man.
Lin’s face was gloomy, his eyes flashed for a moment, and a wave of his hand violently swept away in his sleeve with a black light, and then he went straight for the red man.
When faced with this mysterious origin, he obviously didn’t reserve the idea of means too much. He didn’t want to expose the fact that he was holding the ancestral stone, regardless of whether the people in front of him knew it or not.
The red man looked at the corpse that was swept straight to devour the sky, only one shot and one fire mountain was flying through the sky, and it was like a flash, and it was exploding in the back body.
Seemingly subtle fire mountain hit the devouring corpse, but it burst into flames. The flame temperature was extremely high, as if even the surroundings were burned and twisted.
make a din
But just as those flames burned black light, they devoured the corpse, and then the flames disappeared at an alarming speed, as if they were devoured by the corpse.
This change seems to be a slight surprise to the red man. From his mouth, his eyes are slightly surprised and stare at the devouring corpse.
How can this force be like a devouring force?
Lin heard the red man mumbling, and the corner of his eye couldn’t help beating. The red man’s perception was too keen, and it turned out to be a glance at the doorway that devoured the corpse.
Damn it, what is this guy’s position? I’ve never heard of it before this strong power. Isn’t the thunder sea area blocking the super entry ability?
Lin’s eyes are flashing, and the strength of the red man is absolutely beyond Panghao Liuxiangxuan and others, but he has obviously never made it public, not this time. I’m afraid he won’t even know Lin’s presence among these people who entered the abode of fairies and immortals.
You this little baby is a lot of red people suddenly turned to Lin dynamic laughed.
Hearing this, Lin’s eyes suddenly flashed again with a look. This guy took a fancy to something in his hand.
Alas, I said that you are a little too wary. I didn’t just watch it next to it. I will be so murderous to see Lin move around again. The red man couldn’t help saying
Pavilion hiding like this, how can I not be wary? Why don’t you show your face and let me see if it’s Fang Gaoren Lin who sneers today.
Appearance is forget the red man laughed
Hey, what the hell do you want to do? It’s really good to bully Mulingshan, standing on the coffin of life and death and scolding him.
Life and death coffin deathless holy whale clan is not good humiliate red people slant head glanced at MuLingShan said with a smile
Mulingshan heard a strange color in her big eyes, but the person in front of her recognized her identity.
Stop it, you two. I have no idea about you. I just appeared earlier and was surprised by this smaller means
The red man stretched himself, and his eyes turned to Lin again. The red man’s eyes seemed to be less and less if it meant something. There were not many people who could erase the magic gas in this world, but those who could deal with the magic gas when they were born in the mysterious realm were even less and less.
You should know that the strange gas is moving. At this time, you are gradually calming down. Immediately, your eyes crossed with surprise. After all, few people have seen Qiang in these years.
Hey, I’ve seen it before, and I’ve fought with different demons. It’s really something very difficult. The red man smells it but laughs.
It took a long time for Lin to blink before fuels sink a way. Who is the elder?

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