It might be too bad if Nekros doesn’t react quickly enough. He took out the devil’s soul in his pocket and whispered a spell.

Listening to a roar of pain resounding through the cave, the stone on the ceiling cracked and the crimson dragon pulled back its head in pain, and the great power of the artifact was put on her neck. The iron hoop was so hot that Nekros couldn’t help blinking.
Just at the moment, the demon soul summoned the fire monster, who was ready to wait for orders at his side, but Nekros could not reach it, and the artifact body had settled the situation just now.
Go, the fire monster is obedient and disappears in the air like an explosion. The old orc limped close to the red dragon and thought that his career might fail. The red dragon just tried to attack him. Nekros was so angry that he almost exploded.
Ah, reptile, you still have two hands. He looked at the iron hoop on the wall. Because of the long struggle of the red dragon, Nai Cruz realized that although the chains were possessed, the stone wall was not fixed. This mistake almost killed him.
But the failure to kill the orc was enough to make the dragon pay the price. Nekros stared at the badly injured red dragon with dark brown eyes.
A bold trick, he sneered, bold enough but stupid enough, and then waved the golden disc in front of the red dragon. The chief asked me to keep you alive as much as possible, but he also allowed me to give you some color when necessary to see Nekros hold the disc tightly and flash now.
I’m sorry to bother you, your honor. A harsh sound came from the depths of the cave, but you must listen to important news.
This shock almost made the demon lose his mind. Necruz tried his best to hold his leg up. When he saw a small man with bat’s pointed ears and teeth, he didn’t know whether it was a goblin or whether it was not stopped by the fire monster outside the hole. Necruz was very angry.
How dare you come here? You are so angry that you punish the Red Dragon for being delayed again. The old orc grabbed the goblin by the throat and picked up the little guy.
Although Nekros was in the fire, the goblins tried to smile at me, so I came in to respect the big people.
Nekros thought about it. The goblin must have come in just now when the fire monster was here. The goblin is too cunning. It is often hidden in some places, but even this sly little guy can’t go any further.
He threw the goblin and asked what are you doing here? What’s the important news?
The little guy cleared his throat. I promise it must be the most important news. I laughed my teeth out. I’ve never let you down, have I, your honor?
Although Nekros thinks that goblins lack honor compared with reptiles, it is undeniable that this guy has done nothing wrong. The goblins are not reliable allies, but they always play tricks, but they can always complete the hammer of destruction. His former great black-handed chief arranged to say hurry up.
The little demonic creature nodded repeatedly. It was Nekros, but I came to tell you that there was a terrible plan brewing. More than one was that the goblin hesitated and turned his head in Alex’s direction. Yes.
Terrible activities that will destroy the great dream of the Dragon Throat clan.
What do you mean by a sense of foreboding and a chill in Necruz’s spine?
The goblin looked in the direction of the red dragon again. Maybe we can talk somewhere else.
The little fellow Donne Cruz glanced at his prisoner, Red Dragon, who was unconscious because of pain and fatigue, but be careful. The spy did bring him news, so it’s better not to let Red Dragon hear it.
Good, he muttered. Necruz hobbled to his mouth, and he followed the news with confidence. He laughed so hard that Necruz really wanted to pull this annoying smile, but at present, this little guy still hopes that it is a good thing, Claire.
Krill tried to keep pace with the old orc, shaking his head like a doll with a broken neck. Trust me, Lord Nekros, trust me. Chapter 5
He didn’t do that because of the explosion.
He’s a mage. Duncan answered directly, as if that would explain everything. Guys like them don’t care about the safety of others.
Wenresa knows the prejudice of the Holy Light doctrine against magic very well, so she doesn’t want to get entangled in this problem. Elves grow up in a magical environment. Wenresa can also perform a few small spells, but she doesn’t regard Ronin as the embodiment of evil like a paladin. Although Ronin treats her recklessly, Wenresa doesn’t think that the mage is an evil person who cares about others’ lives. Didn’t he help her when he was still escaping from the dragon’s pursuit? Why did he risk his life to help her? If he had already arrived in Haskell?
He didn’t do it, Lord Santos. Go on, then what did he do? Why didn’t he leave any trace in the ruins? He was a koo. His body should be lying next to our two brothers who died under his magic, and then he gently touched it. No, that evil activity was definitely his doing. Believe me.
So you’re going to hunt him down like a prey. You can’t help but think so. Besides, what did Duncan order one of the strongest players? They came together to search for the missing mage. This rescue operation of Wenleisa revealed the real purpose. When the rest of her heard the explosion and rushed to the ruins, the elf ranger was very sad, but he didn’t save Ronin’s life, and the other two of him died in vain. However, Duncan didn’t recognize it, especially when the search found no trace of the mage.
Wen Leisa first thought of goblin engineers because they were good at climbing fortresses and planting deadly explosives unnoticed, but the senior paladin insisted that his territory had long been cleared of tribal clues, especially goblins, but when those evil little guys drove through this sky in incredible airships, there was no report to check, and the speed of the aircraft was so fast that it was easy to escape detection
Ronin inevitably became the number one murder suspect.
Of course, Wenresa doesn’t believe that he did it, especially the look on his face that he won’t stop until he finishes. She hopes that when a group of people find young wizards, she can try to stall them while everyone is looking for the truth, which is not good for the wizards.
They have searched all over the neighborhood and are heading for Haskell. Although more than one young knight, Ronin, is bound to go to his destination by magic, Duncan Santres has not thought about how powerful the wizard is. He firmly believes that they will catch the villain wizard and cut him by righteous means.
It was getting dark that day, and even Wenresa couldn’t help wondering if Ronin really did it and then fled the crime scene in a hurry.
We should set up camp as soon as possible. After a while, Lord Santaras announced that he had examined the trees that were getting denser and denser. Of course, I don’t expect any trouble now, but marching in the dark is not good, and you may get lost accidentally.
Elves have much better eyesight than others. Wenresa wondered if she should continue searching for a while, but then she thought that if the knights found Ronin when she was not there, waiting for the mage would be a dead end.

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