Come on, let’s go back, too.

See have been removed from the forest is also turned to Lin Chen day and others smiled behind him.
Looking at Lin Dong, Lin Zhentian couldn’t help but give a wry smile. This situation is that the Lins have to surrender, but the former is to reverse it. Instead, it makes the blood wolf help get beaten back and dare not be dissatisfied.
My Lin family is blessed.
Lin Zhentian sighed deeply, and his wrinkled face could not conceal his great joy.
A meeting will be extremely fierce, that is, this anticlimactic end, and the fierce blood wolf gang failed to achieve any imaginary success, but it was humiliating and embarrassing.
And it is obviously unexpected that it triggered a shock in the city of inflammation, so that now others just know that this seemingly new comer to the Lins is holding such a terrible energy. Of course, although they also know that this energy brings a teenager who is not yet twenty.
But anyway, after experiencing this incident, the city will not stop looking for the Lins’ troubles. After all, even the blood wolves are failed, and how dare the rest of us be reckless again?
The Blood Wolf’s help to move the pedal of the Ghost Knife Door is also a thorough demonstration of his means, and the Lins will also be in a very stable position in the burning city from now on, and people dare to provoke again.
Qian is being pulled farther and farther. The monthly ticket is full of grief and anger to vent.
We’ll see when the yards are over.
I got 68 votes, but double that makes 134 votes.
Brothers and sisters sincerely ask you for 134 votes.
Tears will not give me a monthly ticket, and my face will become a tender cow.
For commutation ticket and unfinished Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Evil spirit magic body.
The figure of the middle road in the quiet courtyard of the Lins’ backyard sits motionless like a stone carving, and waves around it, and finally it radiates along its whole body and the suction will be sucked into the body
In the shadow, a black-and-white phase bead is also slowly rotating, and abnormal pure liquid stagnation energy surges from it and finally flows into its body.
This quiet practice lasted for about two hours, and the figure was closed and the eyes were slowly opened.
Yuan Li’s cultivation is indeed more difficult than spirit’s cultivation.
Wipe mumbling today, his spirit has reached the level of three-seal operator, but calcium dobesilate capsules’s force still stays in Xiaoyuan Dan’s territory. Although this is due to the accident of the operator tower, its progress is slightly slower than that of Yuanli.
At this rate, I’m afraid it will take several months to achieve the perfection of Yuandan.
Wipe your brow slightly wrinkled, and you are quite dissatisfied with this speed. However, if you let Wipe the sky hear this, I’m afraid you’ll need an old blood spray. It’s very common for ordinary people to want to achieve a small perfection in Xiaoyuan Dan for several years, but it’s only after staying on this floor for a few months. If it’s still slow, let others live.
Brother mudong
In order to speed up the cultivation of some forces, the blue girl suddenly rushed into the yard and lost some delicate faces.
Still can’t absorb Yang Gang gas to see green swept like this wipe eyebrows frowned again way
Qingzhui nodded his head. After she entered Tianyuan, the rapid strength growth was stopped, and the most embarrassing thing for her group was that no matter whether she sucked Yang Gang Qi, it was a method to get any effect. Those Yang Gang Qi would be swallowed up by her horrible Yin Shaqi after entering the body.
In this case, even wiping is also a simple strategy. Some special Yin and Shaqi in the constitution of Pteroceltis tatarinowii are too heavy. Generally speaking, Yuan Dan can be condensed only when it reaches the stage of Yin and Yang Tai. In this case, I am afraid that all generations will form Yuan Dan by law.
I’ll think of some way not to try so hard to spoil the model’s little head of sandalwood.
Important friends can’t type the old domain name, but they can access it by visiting the alternate domain name.
Well, by the way, dad also broke through the territory of Xiaoyuan Dan the other day. Grandpa, they are so happy that wiping words seems to be a final decision for Qingtan. When Xiao Ni’s cheeks are mourning, they will dissipate and go away. She seems to be wiping things, so there is no other way to solve things.
Oh, dad finally stepped into Xiao Yuan Dan’s territory. It’s not surprising that a bead of Yin and Yang is enough to achieve this effect.

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