Korea curled her eyes wittily, so she smiled easily and glanced at the inn in front of her eyes, which was also choppy.

Haha, it seems that Kirin is really worried that I will be beheaded, but I can’t help it, Cass. I don’t want to lose my son and I can’t. I have to give it to Mo Xie one generation after another. I can’t hide from you. Brother Jiu treats his prey, but he is stubborn and crooked. Kirin is teasing and getting closer to the inn step by step. The wind is very urgent, and the leaves are blown all over the floor, and the inn card is blown away.
Brother Jiu is sincere.
I don’t want to lie to him and hurt him again, and I don’t want him to be free forever
The king doesn’t want to see you, the snake king, and he’s away from nine Wang Di Qilin fists. Suddenly, an evil wind swept across Korea, and she vaguely glanced at his deep eyes, like a knife in a machine, killing people. Even though he has deep feelings in Mo Xie, she didn’t see him so abnormal on weekdays, less stable and steady, less elegant and unrestrained, and more indecisive.
Kirin, what’s wrong with you?
Don’t want anything.
I didn’t see you, but Kirin gave a cold laugh. He is not qualified to say evil than anyone else. He raised his sneer and brought up a thick anger. Suddenly, Kirin’s long arm found out that Korea was caught off guard and took it into his arms. For the first time, Everbright hugged her mumbling. Give up before it caused evil. He won’t leave the snake king. You can betray the nine kings. You know that you will be raised temporarily by Jill. If you turn your back on that young life, the ashes will disappear.
Give up, Wang doesn’t want you to die, see her optimism and spirit, see her trust in him, Kirin suddenly hugs her sinfully and tells her to give up, telling her to give up again and again.
Korea made money suspiciously, but didn’t earn it. She covered her lips and smiled for two minutes. Then she raised her eyebrows a little calmly, and fell down in Kirin’s arms wittily and said, thank you for worrying about me, but one has to choose to pay the price to leave my son. I will never be happy in Cass, because it is trampling on my son’s life and holding my son without love. I will no longer be a soulless woman. I have paid too many tears, and I can’t leave him alone. Mo Xie is sincere and can’t hurt him again. He should have finished this knot when he designed my Cass.
Hehe, you remember my name. Kirin is really good. Your advice means everything. I choose to pay the price, which is worth not being afraid of.
Aren’t you afraid of death? Kirin put her head slightly on Korea’s shoulder and struggled in a trance. The dark moment was illuminated by her aura.
He’ll be jealous when he sees her, cass
He will meet her, Mo Xie.
It’s a chip, but it’s hard to resist that his heart is getting more and more deaf, and he is struggling with her smile, a trust and a thank you.
Kirin Kirin asks your heart
Did it really move?
He patted his chest again and again and asked his heart what a slight pain it was. To his surprise, he found that his heart had fallen into it before I knew it.
I’m afraid that the first time the Phoenix took my life, the second time my body protector lost my life again. Hehe, I’m really a ghost, but I’m afraid that my son is at Suu Kyi’s. I have to protect him. I may be crazy without him.
Feier is that important, more important than your life.
Korea curled her lips slightly, whispering a word, smiling and tucking a lock of hair into her ears for Kirin. Cass is my left atrium and my right atrium, which are both essential parts of every mother’s life. But I don’t want Mo Xie. Alas, he has been lonely for thousands of years and always found one, but I can’t give him love. A gentle breeze blows and her lips are full of fragrance. That elegant and beautiful woman’s kind heart is like a faint fragrance of Gu Youlan. A giggle and a silver bell come to her ear. In fact, I can’t guess most. Our mystery is deeper than Mo Xie’s. When I was a dress, you confessed to me, but it was so specious. At this time, when you advised me, you thought you were true. Hehe, it’s a hard guess. Your heartbeat told me that you were contradictory. Since it is contradictory, please follow your heart. I’ll call me Mo Xie to let me go. Korea dropped a pair of watery eyes and glanced at Kirin. It was clear as a deep pool, and there was no dirt. At the age of ten, it was the same for Yan Yi and Kirin at the age of twenty.
I’m sorry that I choked up in my throat. Just when I was about to say it, a cold wind stung my bones and my eyebrows. I picked up the feeling that the sword behind me pierced the flesh Kirin. Is this your betrayal to me? Mo Xie Nathan’s cold words turned around and the sword pierced the skin. After the blood was deep, I was stunned and covered my lips.
I, you, the snake king, betrayed me, but I didn’t expect you and my seven brothers to dye Mo Xie’s eyes. The bloody danger of killing the boss was accompanied by the naked pain and loneliness. The wind became more and more urgent, and the young leaves fell on the ground, and the new branches were folded and creaked. Stepping on his boots, a leaf fell on his shoulder. Korea stretched out his hand and lightly picked up his palm. Let him go before Mo Xie’s eyes. Don’t attach your enmity to Kirin. You know this is not true
Little girl
I won’t let you hurt Kirin in vain. Her smile is like that in her second good years. She gently pushed Kirin’s body and caught a glimpse of the bottom of Kirin’s eyes. She was surprised when she came to Mo Xie, but her white hand suddenly grabbed the cold sword.
Clap, clap, clap.
White and attractive fingers ticking bright red blood Han curled her hands tighter and tighter, smiling at Mo Xie’s delicate face. I heard Kirin say that you gave Feier to Suu Kyi to raise. If I had known that Feier was not your son, I would have to thank you for being so painful, little guy.
Dear, I shouldn’t say that you’d better not say the purple light in Mo Xie Sen’s cold eyes. Ran Ran’s slender fingers accompanied Korea’s crooked sword and tried to pull it, but it was rejected. Korea’s crooked sword stabbed her hand and frowned at Mo Xie. Don’t deceive others.
Little girl
Kirin was so clever that he knew that you and I were tricky. You don’t have to hide it from him. It’s not your son. You know better than anyone because nothing happened to us that day, right?
It happened. The king told it to happen. Mo Xie laughed. The ghost touched the bloody hand to Korea, and the bloody lips seeped into the nasal cavity, which made Korea sneeze violently. Atiao covered her mouth. She smiled childishly and white. Beitooth bit Mo Xie’s finger slightly, didn’t she? But I got the exact answer from your eyes.
Honey, that’s an illusion. You and I have long been close to each other, and it’s also my son. I feel the most painful. Come back to me, baby, and I will love you forever.
I really doubt whether you are brilliant or absolutely stupid, but I cheated. It’s time to end the dispute. Let’s call it a complete end today.
Hahaha, it’s over

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