Lin’s mind flashed this idea, and his god S suddenly changed, because he was shocked to find that there was another devouring force in this darkness, which was not abundant energy in his scramble for it.

How is that possible?
This discovery is directly to let Lin move the mind is severely quiver-this world besides him actually has a devouring force. Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy Two devouring forces.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy
How could this be
In the dark, the uncertain swallowing power of the forest dynamic surface syn Qing is to devour Zufu alone, and now it devours Zufu honestly squatting in other bodies. What does this sudden swallowing power mean?
Moreover, he can feel that this devouring force is also full of spirituality. Obviously, this devouring force is not a dead thing, but a person is in control.
Today, the three of us here, Jiu Feng, didn’t fluctuate at all. This devouring power doesn’t belong to him.
Lin’s eyes are changing rapidly. After a moment, his eyes slowly turn to another place in the darkness, where Kun spirit is in the direction. Since this devouring power is not Jiu Feng, it is the last answer.
That devouring force will kill the spirit.
Lin’s mind turned sharply for a long time before he gradually suppressed his heart and shook his eyes. At this time, there is not much energy here. If you want to preserve your strength, you have to rob these energies quickly.
Thought of here, Lin also quickly gathered his mind to devour his body, and at this time, his body was turned into a black hole, and the overbearing power spread to the road, and the energy of heaven and earth was severely sucked and pulled over.
And when Lin was tearing at the energy of heaven and earth, there was a slight exclamation in the darkness not far away, and the jiao was full of shock. Obviously, she also seemed to find the devouring force that she was vying for energy.
After exclaiming, there was a long silence, and I didn’t know what Kun Ling was thinking, but soon in the silence, she also quickly increased her swallowing power, and she wanted to compete for the energy of heaven and earth here.
Aware of her move, Lin moved slightly. Although the two men had joined forces briefly, they had become competitors again at this time. Because of the special environment here, Jiu Feng was still the most dangerous, but it became a matter of urgency. In contrast, they were the most competitive ng.
Although I don’t know how you hold the devouring power, you still dare to play with me in front of my devouring Zufu.
Lin heart andao soon his mind moved to see a circle of black holes emerge directly behind him. The energy suddenly swarmed in that day, and even the Kun spirit was involved.
The energy of heaven and earth is coming in quickly, and then all of them rush into the forest moving body, running with the devouring force. These energies are also the chemical force dripping in the forest moving body.
In the dark, the Kun spirit tried to stop Lin from plundering, but although her blocking had a little effect, most of the energy was still rushing in that direction, which made her bite of silver teeth and couldn’t help but bite it.
Interest rates in the dark, but the two men struggled desperately for it.
It is also funny to say that if these energies are hard to be tempted in ordinary times, they are generally lacking with water in the desert now, so these two people are blushing for this energy.
After all, the energy of heaven and earth in this darkness is limited, so the energy is also disappearing rapidly with two people competing for it, and most of them are robbed by Lin to supplement the disappearing power of other bodies.
Energy is getting less and less. In the dark, a pair of sparkling phoenix eyes stare at her with some resentment and anger, staring at the forest moving in the direction. The mind is moving in the direction. The silver sjng divine power is condensed and turned into several silver S petals, which are overwhelming to the forest moving violently.
Look at this, she turned out to be angry from embarrassment because she couldn’t beat Lin.
Lin looked at his eyes flashing that he didn’t move at all. Lei Guang flashed before him, and jng divine power turned into a thunder screen. Those silvery white S petals were annihilated when they hit.
You this a random attack even have to just very not easy to take away energy to consume, Lin move a smile finally said
What will you do?
Kun Ling stared at Lin in the direction and couldn’t help but ask, but soon her voice was a bite of her lips, presumably remembering that there was a Jiu Feng asking something, which was easy to reveal her secret.
All the energy here has been robbed. If you are afraid, you can see who can last longer. Lin smiles to say
Kun Ling snorted. Did you rob it all? I don’t think so.
Well, Lin Zheng just asked Y, but he felt a devouring force roaring and turned out to be swept away by Jiu Feng not far away. This Kun spirit turned out to be the idea to hit Jiu Feng.
Hey, good clever girl
Lin Dong dark music This Kun spirit is quick-minded. Since the energy in the eyes and the world has been robbed, then go directly to rob the Jiu Feng body energy. At this time, because of the lack of devouring power, it is already a law to urge the body power again. Speaking of it, he is already a human being.
The devouring power of Kunling spirit quickly wound around Jiu Feng, and then the S behind it changed dramatically, presumably to perceive the rapid loss of physical strength.
What bad luck, old dog
Lin Dong grinned. Since this is the case, I’ll join in.
With a wave of his hand, the sound fell, and he saw that the swallowing force surged suddenly, but it was actually a circle of black holes on the top of Jiu Feng’s head. It was visible to the naked eye that the majestic force was coming from Jiu Feng and finally disappeared into the black holes.
This scene is also seen by Kun Ling, and a flash of light shines in her phoenix eyes. She realizes that when her devouring power meets that of Lin Dong, she has a feeling that she can’t help but cling to the past.
You two young players want to die
But when Kun Ling’s beautiful eyes flashed, Jiu Feng was furious. His face was livid. Even Kun Yuan Zhuli, the elder, and others dared not disrespect him, but these two young players dared to directly rob him of his physical strength in this almost humiliating way.
Hum Kun spirit gently hum a is not afraid of Jiu Feng.
Lin smell speech is also a strange smile. No, there is no mercy, but the swallowing speed is getting faster and faster.
Jiu Feng went on the rampage, but in this strange environment, he was able to resist again and watch his physical strength die quickly, and his face came in pale.

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