I didn’t expect to encounter such an interesting thing soon after I entered the old capital. Imperial life is much more interesting than the imperial dynasty. The young man smiled gently and then calmly reached for the car curtain and looked at the magnificent Chinese Imperial Palace. Now, the smile on his face is not even better.

Light thoughts, light memories and light melancholy are all put into a smile.
Huaxia China, he finally came back.
Lan Keer was sent directly to the Forbidden City in Luanjia.
The savage beast has disappeared, and perhaps it is another arrangement.
She sat quietly in her heart, although she was ready, but at the moment she was still a little awed, a little confused and a little overwhelmed
This is, after all, one of the few places in the Palace of the Chinese Emperor, and she is going to face that man, one of the most powerful men in the world.
But she has entered the palace. I think Meng Dage’s life has been completed.
Sample to even if she is now what accident will not bring trouble to him in the future, Lan Keer slightly at the thought of this.
What comes from strength is often a struggle for calculation, and the harem is a place where women show their viciousness. Lan Keer has never been naive enough to go to a quiet place to live.
But if she is low-key enough to live quietly in this palace, it should not attract too much resentment and suspicion.
Maybe she can live a quieter life.
Lan Keer’s idea was broken on the first day he entered the Forbidden City in China.
The Emperor of China ordered the assistant general manager to come to meet the gracious decree, and the imperial concubine named Lan Guifei to live alone in the Palace of Kunning.
The main steward of the near-service has been promoted to live alone in a palace before he is favored. All kinds of actions are mixed with the kindness and attention to attract the attention of the sixth house. Even the noble Empress Empress Di is uneasy at the moment.
She is not afraid of the wild imperial virgin, but she is quite afraid of this Languifei family.
Lan Keer’s heart was slightly bitter. She entered the Forbidden City and wanted to get a quiet place to live, so she was satisfied.
But things often go against our wishes.
Gong Lan Guifei He Lan Guifei’s slave will immediately report to the pursuit after the announcement, so he won’t be here for a long time. The manager is grinning all over his face. Although he doesn’t know too many secrets, he knows how much he values this blue Guifei.
In this big harem, it’s not important for women to score points, but it’s important to be lucky.
Getting attention is the most important thing.
Being a slave will eventually win the favor of the Lord, and it will last long if you want to do it.
The manager knows this, or he wouldn’t be here today.
Lan Keer has gone to the red hijab and entered the emperor’s palace, and all the ceremonies will be completed.
To worship heaven and earth is the only qualification of the empress dowager, and concubines are not allowed to enjoy it.
Father-in-law Lao ordered that this was the second time that Father-in-law Lan Keer bowed his head slightly. Although he was not close, he was never domineering.
After Red Aunt was ready to enter the Imperial Palace, she was also a little stiff. At this moment, she heard a smell speech and quickly took a pebble-sized North Ghost Pearl with a faint fluorescence.
This thing is a treasure. This one is given by the Chinese Emperor. It contains pure energy and is valuable.
The manager slightly shirked seeing that the LanGuiFei really wanted to enjoy it, but he stretched out his hand and smiled face to face, which became more and more intense. In a few minutes, he even thanked the GuiFei for enjoying it with a bunch of people and so on.
Aunt Hong stretched out her hand to hold the girl Lan Keer and clenched her hand. Aunt Hong, let’s go. In the future, you and I will depend on each other in the Forbidden City in China.
Empress, I will always be with you.
Yeah, we had a deal.
Lan Keer stayed in Corning Palace and settled everything, and sent a group of maids and maids back for the time being

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