Yunlong heard that his body was frozen and his eyes flashed with strong remorse. He should have thought that Yang Tian was a stone, but it is too late now.
Are you ready?
Yang Tian said with a smile that this remark made Yunlong feel desperate, but he was also arrogant and would rather die than beg for mercy.
Yunlong didn’t answer is slowly closed his eyes.
Liu Er, after all, Yunlong had a feud. At this time, seeing that he was going to die in an instant, he could not bear it, but he did not dissuade Yang Tian from turning his head.
Liu Er knows very well that Yang Tian’s hatred of Yunlong will never displease Yang Tian because of Yunlong.
When the fire-mad golden monkey watched Yang Tian, the palm of his hand was gently patted on Yunlong Tianling, which was once arrogant, and the East Wangfu Palace was less and less fallen.
The other two died in the Dark Lord’s Ring without a chance to meet.
This is a treasure house of energy for Yang Tian, and there are only three more golden bodies.
Brother, who is this person?
After Yang Tianqi Yunlong’s body, the fire crazy can’t help but wonder
He’s the Duke of East Wangfu, and I was hunted down by him in those days.
Yang Tian explained
Brother, this man is very important. I’m worried that the duke, Lei Ao, will get angry and send an army of Wanmo City to encircle us, so we’ll be in trouble.
Fire crazy some worry way
The army is not there, is it?
Yang day startled way
There has been a precedent before. In a rage, Leo sent an army of 100 thousand resin demons to sweep a heavy day back and forth, which once caused a heavy day to hunt once extinct.
Golden monkey interposed
Oh, my god, a hundred thousand corpse demons. I’m looking forward to it
Yang day unexpectedly surprised way
Well, brother, if there is a hundred thousand troops, we will be finished.
Fire crazy wry smile way
A hundred thousand troops won’t be able to come for a while. Let’s step up our strength first, that is, send us Jinghua.
Yang day confident way seems to have no put hundreds of resin magic army.
The fire-mad golden monkey had previously seen Yang Tian hunting under the red snake’s nose and was able to walk away from him, but Pepe saw that his confidence was restored at this time, but he had pinned his hopes on Yang Tianshen.
Yang Tian has got enough crystal ore to make the fire-mad golden monkey return to Liu Er to continue.
Previously, I killed five resin demons, Yang Tian, but all of them were targeted by Shui Yuan. At this time, it was enough for Jinghua to break through to rob the golden body.
Will alert to liu son fire crazy Yang day closed again.
Because the other six-yuan crystals have been sucked almost, this time it is necessary to suck enough water to make a breakthrough. Yang Tian expected that this breakthrough would not take long.
Chapter five hundred and sixty The siege
Wanmo city main hall
It is anger that 10 robberies Qiangleiao sits high on the majestic face of the Lord’s throne.
In front of him, the raven knelt down and shivered, telling the story of the encirclement and suppression in detail
Beside the raven, there is a big fellow who also glared at the raven with a look of hating iron and not turning into steel. Seeing that the raven is somewhat similar, you can know that it is the raven’s brother, that is, the black hawk, the owner of the Eagle Gate.
The Black Hawk became his sworn brother, the Red Snake, but he wasn’t there. It seems that the black crow is the only one who resisted this time.
The Eastern Emperor Sheng sits on the left side of Leo’s face, his expression and eyes are indifferent, and a cold and murderous look comes out of him.
After learning that the Ministry had passed, Lei Ao was furious and smashed the armrest of the throne with a palm of his hand, which made people tremble slightly.
Hum, this is going against the sky. How dare you touch me, Black Hawk? You lead people first, and I will lead a hundred thousand troops in the back. This time, we must wipe out a heavy sky.
Get up after Leiao cold hum a way
After the Black Hawk was ordered, he picked up the raven and went to the main hall of the city.

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