Lu Daojia doesn’t care if others keep an eye on Xingjian.

Suddenly, a cold hum, thunder and explosion made people’s brains buzzing. Seeing that the sunny day was suddenly replaced by a sea of fire, and the clouds were burned out, the sea of fire rolled and circled in the middle, and a fire phoenix was about to fall to the ground.
I didn’t expect the violent vibration. When the flame fell to the ground, it quickly condensed and shrunk, and then turned into a handsome young man. Now, in front of everyone, long hair is flowing like an ancient ranger.
As soon as this young man appeared in the Super Power Organization, his face turned red and he shouted like he had seen a ghost and fled. Even the arrogant Ludoga turned around and ran away without taking revenge, but the young man was cold and ruthless. How can you say that the top ten masters quit without a fight?
As soon as the words sound fell, those fleeing powers were vain and a flame broke out. Everyone fled and begged for mercy. Brother Yang Yan, I know I was wrong. Please leave me alone, but he begged for mercy and didn’t have feet. The flame went up into the sky and surrounded every fleeing and instantly burned them to ashes. Chapter 19 Water body
Pillars of fire rose from the ruins for more than 30 times, and the high temperature of each emerging flame made the air transpiration. Lu Daojia’s super power was also very strong. He tried his best to resist the flame damage and tried to break it, but the flame temperature had reached the surface temperature of the sun, which was beyond his resistance range, so Lu Daojia was burned to ashes in the flame.
It’s so shocking that the people of the crusade power team froze, and their desperate fighting opponents actually disappeared in each other’s eyes
Sun Yan didn’t look at those things that were burned to ashes. These people betrayed the old man Baidu and betrayed the super organization department. They are all damn people. He will never pity Sun Yan. He looked at Xingjian and asked, Are you a friend of Chen Feng’s? Do you know that the old man Baidu is in custody?
Xingjian listened to Chen Feng’s sun earlier. This man knew that he was half a master of Chen Feng, so he respectfully replied that he didn’t know.
Kemi Rui is whispering beside you. You look so respectful. Just report that I don’t know. I was slapped to death by the police chief at the police station.
What about Li Yuanba? Yang Yan mused. The main purpose of his coming here is to save the old man from Baidu and take revenge on Li Yuanba.
In the volcano laboratory, but the laboratory is blocked by the gate. It takes ten keys to open it. Brother Chen Fengchang went to the ocean separately.
Sun Yan’s face sank and he was less cautious when his handsome face appeared. Li Yuanba thought this childish way to delay. It seems that Amadeus is about to evolve completely. Things are getting worse and worse. No, I must enter the laboratory as soon as possible to stop him. Let’s say that Sun Yan shows two wings of fire behind him and turns into a flame and goes straight to the volcano.
Wait, ten keys haven’t arrived yet. Kemi Rui shouted that he hoped that Yang Yan could help them with an arm key, but in the middle of the day, Yang Yan disdained to need a key.
Kemi Rising built a beautiful and domineering face. At this time, Kemi Rui was surprised to find that there was a silver key next to the ashes of Ludaojia. He hurriedly held it in the palm of his hand. Why didn’t he melt the key? Did he know that the key was in Ludaojia and then specially helped us?
Then he went to the volcano laboratory, which was very close to their location.
At the same time, the sun is now shocking the island
I don’t know whether this powerful superpower belongs to a friend or an enemy. I am anxious and the superpower organization power department is frightened. They are very aware of the strength of the sun and the timid people abandon the island and flee.
At this time, Dracula’s face changed and he looked at the sky. The guy was seriously injured by us every time. Could it be that he recovered so quickly? It is impossible that he must have come with injuries. We must kill him completely this time.
Where are you looking at? Suddenly, in front of his eyes, a long sword pointed at a finger and frost wyrm bared his teeth, while Dracula growled, rolled his five fingers and stretched out, and frost wyrm instantly burst and collapsed.
The figure of the ocean flashed three inches to the left to avoid Dracula’s volley, which made Dracula very angry. This little thing could see me chopping. How did he see it? Suddenly, he saw that the ocean was covered with Xuanyin Shield. They thought, they know that Xuanyin Shield is a defense against our volley. Why bother it? I cut it in vain. Breaking through Xuanyin Shield will produce ripples like water waves. That’s how the little one measures my azimuth.
As soon as I read this, Dracula beat it back to the ocean with a palm, followed by a stunned ghost fight with one hand and one finger. The ghost fight was watching from the side, and I already knew Dracula’s attack. Seeing his advice, I quickly arranged three Xuanyin shields in front of me, and at the same time launched a steel body power to make my body strong and steel.
However, Dracula’s heart of killing ghosts and fighting with sufficient strength this time smashed three Xuanyin shields and crashed into the body gas of ghosts and immediately found that the longitudinal steel body of the explosion ghosts and fighting was also punched and sprayed with blood and flew backwards for several meters to faint.
The ocean flashed quickly and embraced Ghost Fight. When he saw that he was in a coma and was not seriously injured, he was relieved, but the ghost fight coma made his body disappear.
Dracula sneered that there was no Xuanyin shield. I think you avoided me and chopped his finger bit by bit, but the ocean was like catkins and swayed from side to side to avoid the attack. Dracula exclaimed, it’s impossible. How can you see my attack without Xuanyin shield?
It’s very simple. There are little particles around the ocean body, which is formed by freezing the water vapor in the air. He said that I have seen through your ability to control the atmospheric elements, which is also a rare ability among the elemental abilities. You turn the atmosphere into a chop to launch an attack. The atmosphere is a tangible thing that people can’t prevent.
So what? Even if you know my abilities, you can’t beat me. Dracula shouted angrily. His hands were ready to make a big move at one stroke, but suddenly his chest became cold, and a sword passed through his chest, and another ocean appeared behind him.
Dracula couldn’t believe that she was staring at the ocean road behind her. What’s going on? What will happen to you?
One of them is very simple. I am pretending to be behind Dracula. The ocean said that he was holding a ghost in front and fighting the ocean. Immediately, the water disappeared into the air. Dracula trembled and said, this is your special power. I was too careless.
No, that’s my elemental ability. The water body is not a special ability. The ocean replied, I’ve been thinking about whether the sun can separate the body elements, so can I change the elements into a human body? I’ve been thinking about this problem and finally succeeded in condensing the water elements into a body.
Dracula didn’t know the reaction, saying that it is the most incredible thing in the power world to create element dissociation in the sun, so it is the most miraculous thing to transform element dissociation into human body in the ocean, which has made incalculable contributions to the future power road.
Well, I won’t be wronged. You are a genius. Dracula vomited blood. This sword has broken his life. He asked, but I don’t understand when you made the water body. My eyes have never left you.
Although it was just a few seconds, the ocean said, and then looked at the ghost fight, Dracula immediately turned his attention to it. It was only a few seconds when he dealt with the ghost fight that the ocean made a water body. The ocean said, in fact, I asked the ghost fight to impose a mysterious shield on my body, not to avoid your attack, but to lure your attention so that you could turn your attention to the ghost fight so that I could sneak up on you.
Dracula has always said in the other side’s plan that combining abilities and wisdom is the strongest way to fight. Then he closed his eyes and died.

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