Cher’s raven eyes are glistening with tears, and the dragon and whale king’s eyes are wet with poison, and they are so excited that they kneel on the ground. They look up to the Great God and look forward to Li Yueling.

Perhaps Li Yueling’s remarks didn’t greatly shock Jin Nuanyu and them, but for Cher and them, the touch in their hearts was added.
For a long time, Cher’s eyes shone firmly, saying, Brother, if you decide something, my sister will help you finish it even if it is shattered.
We’re four brothers and five brothers. Good for you. These words are the words of the demon five brothers all my life. This sentence is that his mother really cares about his fate. I haven’t realized it for ten thousand years. These years have all lived to the dog’s body, and the dragon whale king has a rough voice.
After thinking for a long time in my heart, Li Yueling felt a sense of relaxation. At the same time, when facing Cher and others’ sincere blood eyes, Li Yueling was even more passionate and full of pride. He had never been passionate for a long time.
I must not let them down. The demon monk deserves his position. Sister Xueer, the poem elder sister, from this moment on, I want to do everything perfectly, and all this will be taken as an opportunity by the crushing defeat of Buddhism and Taoism in the human world.
Back to the excited thoughts, Li Yueling looked affectionately at Jin Nuanyu Judo Yuer.
Before Li Yueling finished talking about Jin Nuanyu, she smiled gently. Nuanyu is your wife. You want to talk about whether Nuanyu is always on your side.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-six Seize the land
Wudang Mountain is covered with thick clouds and fog, and there are more than a hundred famous Buddhists who stand upright and upright.
The fighters and the silver bottle are also in it. After seeing the evil sword fighting in Emei Mountain three times, they will no longer be in Ceng Hao. It is also difficult for them to be proud.
In fact, after all, I was able to gather here this time to discuss Buddhism, Taoism and Buddhism. Yuan Zong said that it was for the fighters and silver bottles, which also accounted for a small part. Most of them came to help because they heard the news of the immortal and immortal in the Shushan Sword School, and left a good impression in front of the first person in this school.
Similarly, after the death of Li Yueling in the hands of the immortal sword Sect, the immortal sword Sect’s reputation was not diminished at all, but it was promoted by the stone age.
This is the first door momentum of the Hidden Sect, which is also the benefit brought by the immortal Shishengshi.
I sent my younger brothers to find out in advance that Li Yueling, the genie devil of the Kim family, has gathered in a scenic area. It is this group of genie camp fighters who are extremely high in seniority, but he can also be regarded as a junior in front of Shisheng.
Shi Sheng nodded slightly, saying that it’s right to remove evil and defend Taoism, but Shi Sheng still hopes that your Buddhist and Taoist allies will go to Nianyu Mountain today and don’t kill the first culprit by mistake. The first culprit is to mix with those very capable disciples in Yuan Zong. If they commit great evil, let them go.
Shi Sheng became a kind-hearted man long before he became a fairy. This time, if he hadn’t died because of his spirit, he wouldn’t care about this matter. At this moment, he can see that many people’s eyes are excited and can’t help sighing. Even if he practices Buddhism, it is difficult to kill and wake up.
Seeing all the people crashing to promise, but are they the same in their hearts? Even the rock is unknown.
Shisheng stepped on the purple sword and walked first with the royal sword. A feat of exorcism was gathered by Buddhist and Taoist people. Their purpose was of course to miss the mountains in the scenic area.
At the same time, the cold and evil spirits of Baiman Mountain have just got the information that they sent their cousins back to the land, saying that more than 100 people from Buddhism and Taoism have been sent, and this is the opportunity.
Cold evil has just finished fooling around with Da Na’s ecstasy. The Hunger invited Monty bodhi old zu to tell them this situation again.
Demon Sect also launched a cloud of evil spirits in the three devil resolutions.
Turbid gas turns over all kinds of evil mans magic evil spirit rises, and it is that The Hunger leads the way, with a strange color in the blood, and goes to the scenic area to yearn for the mountain, which is actually not a hundred people.
This time, the Demon Sect has made great efforts to form this powerful strength because of The Hunger, a great devil with exquisite world and cold evil. Similarly, they all hope to take this opportunity to wipe out the Buddhism and Taoism Sect in one fell swoop.
Even Yuan Zong, who is getting mixed up day by day, should be killed together. On the whole, this trip is the best time for them to wait for Buddhism and Taoism to mix with Yuan Zong.
It’s hard to think that cold evil is such a devil who is used to intrigue.
All evil spirits are aiming at the scenic area and longing for the mountain, but they don’t want to be the Buddhist monks in Wudang Mountain for half an hour.
In the southern sky, a pale golden mass appears as fast as light. If you look closely, you can see that this is a light-hiding image, and it is by no means a light-hiding one.
Being able to drive hundreds of people to escape the light by themselves is the only thing that can be done in the world, such as Yu Yueling.
Wudang Mountain Taiji Xuanjing was created by Zhang Sanfeng, the founder of wu-tang clan, with a hundred years’ hard work. It is a blessed land, and it is even more precious than Kunlun Mountain Xuanyuan Sect.
Today, in Tai Chi Xuan’s territory, there are only ten people with minimal repair strength. When the younger brother guarding the mountain gate saw a pale golden light coming from the sky, he was also very puzzled. Is it because the elders came back and Cocoa just left?

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