Yeah, that’s it. You can’t involve me. Hehe, I’m so touched. Zheyu, I really love you in southern Hunan.

Feng, let’s change the bet. This bet is not funny at all. The girl with long hair who has never had a mouth gently pulled Luo Feng’s arm and gave me a cold look. Then she smiled at Luo Feng and said that the expression seemed to be very afraid that Luo Feng would lose and kiss me.
I don’t deny that the long-haired girl doesn’t know anything when she is in the sky. I just don’t like her and I really want to fight her.
I’m not willing to be taken as a bet, but she suddenly said that she gently pulled Luo Feng’s arm, which made me want to take the bet. No one can know whether the game will win or lose. Maybe if Luo Feng loses, even if it’s not him, I’ll find another time to sneak away.
Hehe, Yu Xiangye, you are so clever that I can’t help but praise myself in my heart.
Dong Sizhen, shut up, long-haired girl. This beautiful Luo Feng will treat her differently, but she will still be treated the same. It’s really a Luo Feng.
Wait, he just called her Dong Sizhen. Then she’s not Xiaochun. Who is Xiaochun? Is Xiaochun from Luofeng, but who is Dong Sizhen? It’s really confusing my head. How many unknown secrets does this guy hide?
However, I am very happy to know that Dong Sizhen is not from Luofeng. At least I won’t be angry enough to be willing to bet, hehe.
Do you want me to help you escape? Min Yao may look at my intention and pull my clothes and ask me a question.
I didn’t drop my head at this point.
Let’s talk about it first, and then the movie will be even with you.
You are cruel enough
I’m still with you. Hey, hey
In this way, I promised this dead sensitive Yao that she would not care about watching movies with her, and she would help me escape this pity. I finally blackmailed her once, but she gave it back with interest one day.
If I had known this, I wouldn’t have come. I really regret it. I regret trying to kill and hit me with a piece of tofu. I knew it was a conspiracy. I knew it from his smile at first, but now I can’t do it. Now I have to get myself out of danger quickly
One step, two steps, three steps, covering Min Yao, I was about to slowly avoid their eyeballs and return to an safe distance before I was lucky. As soon as I was slipped on the ground by a banana peel that flew from nowhere, I saw my ass coming to the ground for a close hug. I was scared to close my eyes and suddenly a warm arm took me into his arms at the crucial moment, and I felt dizzy.
Is it Luo Feng? Could it be him? No way. He’s cold and chills. How can it be so warm? It took less than a second. My horse rejected his idea. It took me a long time to find that it was Li Zheyu who hugged me. It took me a while to regain my strength and leave his arms.
Ye, are you okay? Li Zheyu asked me earnestly.
I’m-I’m fine. Thank you. I looked at Min Yao and saw that she made a face that was close to collapse.
That’s right. I was almost so close. I was so close to this that I felt very depressed. But it happened at this important moment. Can Min Yao not be mad at me? Can he not collapse? I’m almost dizzy from my carelessness. If I could see the banana peel more carefully, I wouldn’t have happened. What should I do next? It’s getting harder and harder to escape.
Bad. Come here a little.
I-did you call me? I pointed to my nose and asked, I’m not sure what good things Luo Feng will do with this strange smile of Yin and Yang.
Do you think anyone here is bad except you now? I knew it was to humiliate me
Damn it, Luo Feng, I wouldn’t bother you if I didn’t look at your handsome face. Don’t push your luck, or I’ll treat my own people the same way. It’s good to be afraid to scold him on the surface and vent it in my heart, hehe
Are you okay? I dared to ask again, I have to make plans for my own personal safety, and I can’t just listen to him
Why do you ask so many questions? I called you here-didn’t you hear him? He shouted at me impatiently.
Oh, I took a small step
Come a little more.
I took another step.
Damn it, do you have to walk so slowly? Seeing me as slow as a snail, he cursed for a step or two and stepped in front of me.
Hehe, I pulled my lips to reveal a cute, naive and beautiful smile and looked at him.
Didn’t I tell you that your wrinkles are ugly when you smile? His words stink like shit, which makes people feel uncomfortable.
Are you okay? I’m not high. I smiled at Zheyu in southern Hunan and got their eyes to encourage me. I asked
Did you just try to escape? His words made my nerves tense like bombs. Did he just find out that I was trying to escape?

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