Yong’s eyes flashed red awn, saying that the figure of reckless things disappeared to the ground. Saddam jumped on his face, which was too fast. Suddenly Saddam felt a chill coming from his neck, and he knew what had happened.

Saddam didn’t dare to move, said the colonel. Does this count as a sneak attack? Braving up the sword, the body is beautiful, rotating 100 degrees, full of red energy, and his right foot falls on Saddam’s back.
Sadam’s body is like a rocket flying rapidly to the ground, sliding with a deep ditch for more than ten meters, bravely teleporting to Sadam’s side, picking him up like a chicken, and saying that when the garbage place is left, it will be thrown to Cui He, the manager.
Killer guild people saw that Yong didn’t even meet each other, so they took care of Sadam. Their hands and feet trembled when they didn’t listen to the call, and Yong coldly swept them and said that Colonel Liang asked you to exercise your muscles.
Liang Zhen also nodded coldly and looked at them. After a while, they went straight down and Liang Zhen shook his head and said, alas, their spirit is too bad. I haven’t even reached the three-component yet.
Yong smiled and said, "You were not in front of me when you were young. I can’t stand your seven components. It’s already quite severe that they can receive your three components."
Liang Zhen pretended to be very painful and said, alas, high magical power is also a disaster
Yong Dao: Oh, what disaster? Tell me about it.
Liang Zhendao’s lack of opponent’s moves will increase my damage to Daran.
From now on, night maple is watching coldly, fighting in the field, and the seventh class girl is not injured. It is watching coldly at the bloody scene in the field, and the knife falls and people fall. Life disappears like a fireworks in an instant. Night maple feels that the fire is about to burn in her heart, and she bites her teeth and says to herself, I can’t.
Night maple adds some kind of spiritual energy to its roar, and when people hear it, they will be eager to fight, and they will be more and more eager.
His mother, captain Mei Si was bullied by others and the president didn’t help us. What kind of bird is this? The president won’t beat us. Mei Si, a red-faced man, said that he was eager to fight. When he heard this, he immediately attached himself. The president won’t beat us and beat the tiger mercenary group.
Colonel, we can’t just be yelled at. We have to fight back and defeat the killer guild. People in the tiger mercenary group shouted
The people who can’t disperse all over the city for a long time are the casters. The casters waved their troops to stop and flew into two gangs. They looked at them coldly and said, Are you ignoring me, Tiemar? Don’t be the president of the Wild Goose River Imperial Killers Association. I’m afraid you’ll make me angry. I’ll be the first to take your knife. The casters said to Dr. Li, and you should be more restrained. The casters know what to say to Tiemar and what to say to Dr. Li, and it will be very sad the day after that.
On anyone who is taught a lesson in front of his own hands, Tiemar is one of them. Tiemar said to the Lord, you have been wearing your black hat for too long, haven’t you? I’ll help you pick it
Li, the deputy of the duke, said that he dared to be arrogant and arrogant. Tiemar dared to talk to the team and immediately prepared for the battle. Twenty-five thousand people rustled and his steps seemed to be very well trained.
Lee doesn’t have to be the duke said.
Li said to the Lord
Lunt interjected, "Go to war, duke. You have more than 20,000 people and I have more than 50,000 people. More than 10,000 people are sure to win."
The duke was slightly dumbfounded and said that Li Tuanchang really wanted to fight, so the city was completely destroyed.
Lunt’s eyes shot two cold lights, which matched Tiemar’s good. Now the problem can be solved by fighting. Yong Liang Zhen was quite shocked. He has been with Lunt for more than ten years and knew that his character could not use force to solve things, especially in large-scale battles.
Yong said that the colonel’s matter is serious. Do you want to think it over before making a decision?
Dr. Li haha heard the strange look on his face when he spoke in the secret voice method of Dr. Li. Soon, although he avoided everyone’s eyes, he could not avoid the night maple’s eyes. He wondered what Dr. Li was going to do, but it should not be harmful to himself. His eyes were black daffodils
Leveling Tiger Mercenary Corps Leveling Tiger Mercenary Corps shouted again.
Down with the killer guild down with the killer guild.
Ah, I don’t know who shouted one or two people on both sides. By the way, everyone was stunned by the huge crowd. Night Feng came to Dr. Li’s ear and said, Colonel Li, you don’t want this city to be destroyed, then let the carry-over world protect Fiona Fang for 15 kilometers
Lunt said, why didn’t I think of this way? Thank you for waking up at night, Lunt said and flying, and hit one reddish enchantment after another in the middle. It took more than a dozen hits to rush back to the enchantment. Lunt said to the duke, this time we can kill as much as we can. From today on, the killer guild will be controlled by you and me.
The purpose of Li Sheng’s fight is that everyone who heard this sentence was blindsided, especially Li Sheng, the deputy of the Lord. When he knew this, he didn’t explain it clearly, and it was very likely that everyone misunderstood him. Li Sheng said that at present, the Wild Goose River Imperial Killer Guild is in chaos, and everyone can learn from this battle. I saved the night brother on the road a few days ago but didn’t kill her. Two days later, her team leader took revenge with others, but they were all beaten back. This matter is very small and common in any guild. Now Tiemar does not hesitate to call the national killer to provoke life.
The benefit is the benefit. Dr. Li said that everything is the benefit. The duke smiled and said, Colonel Li is good. You will be better together in the future. The duke is not stupid. Dr. Li wants to annex the killer guild. He wants to stop it and can’t stop it. The only thing he can do is to play well. But it can be said that Dr. Li wants to take it and can accomplish it in the blink of an eye.
In the battle, fireballs, hail, heavy snow, firm but gentle swords and shadows are everywhere. It’s really embarrassing to see tens of thousands of people fighting against each other. These people are all very high in magical martial arts, not just like officers and men holding stabbing knives and stabbing or chopping them.
Eleven women are not demure, and then Yaqi is the same. They have all joined in the battle. Thirteen people are studying and cooperating with each other. Thirteen people have surrounded ten of Tiemar’s many masters. First, one person sent a firm but gentle shock wave to the center along the ground. Meisi, such as Tiemar and others, is a small captain, so she is so strong in martial arts, not to mention the seven firm but gentle waves on the ground. Before they cut into the center, everyone was broken by Sadam.
Sadam haha laughed. What do you think of this ability? Sadam’s right hand waved a layer of blue energy gas to sweep through Sadam’s energy, and then several women quickly flashed energy and then quickly returned to the back position to continue shooting firm but gentle. In view of the fact that the second firm but gentle was broken halfway, this time they all refined the firm but gentle, and then made it worse again. I didn’t expect that this time, these Xiao Ni hit the iron horse and others broke the firm but gentle for the first time. I didn’t expect that they also sent the firm but gentle for the second time. Iron horse Sadam thought that their hands were already gone quickly.
When I saw it, I knew in the second round that they were going to act. Later, Yaqi and the five women nodded at one another and made magic together. Magic came and went from all directions, and more than a dozen people in the circle shouted Niang.
The magical forces of the Tiger Mercenary Corps played an extremely important role. Magicians were pulled in rows in order. First, the first row issued a unified fireball. The fireball attack was not over yet, and the second exhaust blade was still like this. The third row and the fourth row were attacking, leaving the other side with no chance.
The killer’s strength has reached the realm of care, but few wizards have taken a fancy to it by themselves. They took the opportunity to secretly get together and discuss it, then turned around and left. After a while, they all gathered in a large number of magicians, dressed in tiger mercenary groups, and then fired fireballs from the first row.
It’s great to see each other laughing like this, but we’ve changed the way of fighting, samurai strike

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