But when I saw the two robbed, one in front was dressed in black and the other in the back was gorgeous, quite young and handsome.

Don’t you have eyes? It’s a flower of four families in the Empire. Parents spend flowers at flowering time. Master, get out of here. The man in front is screaming for fear that the five people across the street can’t hear you.
Haha, I don’t care whether you are a flower family or a grass family, you always leave me money, otherwise you won’t be able to walk over and see it. That short man with a gun should be the head of this gang of robbers.
Qiaowan Mountain is on the edge of the empire, the mountain is high and the emperor is far away. Of course, these robbers will not care about these big families.
Ma, the servant, has been so angry that he turned over and stepped forward, and his whole body turned red with anger, so he had to teach the robbers in front of him a lesson.
It’s not good for those five people to shout loudly in their hearts. It’s only a matter of time before he tries to kill us.
Our highest, that is, sixth-order true spirit, is very embarrassing this time.
The release of true qi is a symbol of Taiyuan.
Li Biao’s eyebrows are wrinkly when she retires from flowering, and she gently drinks, "Leave five hundred and twenty pieces of silver and let’s go."
Young master, I
We took a glance at the five people in front of us during the flowering period and took the lead in riding a big horse.
Master, why don’t you let me kill them for their five highest repairs, that is, the seventh-order qi? Li Biao asked after the flowering period.
We should prioritize our work. This time, we will report to our family as soon as we find a clue. Don’t forget that Fu Junzhan is also looking for clues in this area.
Is Li Biao suddenly realize two people rapidly away.
The five robbers are beating drums in their hearts, but he is too strong. It is easy to solve us, but things have turned sharply. Now these five people are relieved to look at this windfall. Alas, we walked around the ghost gate and finally came back.
When Fu Chen heard that his father was also looking for clues in Qiaowan Mountain during the flowering period, he was wondering what could disturb the four families.
He is no stranger to the four families, Fu Hua Xie Li Si Jia is in Zhongyuan City, which is a famous family.
And Fu Chen is the only heir to the Fu family’s three generations.
No matter what I am looking for in the flowering period, my father is also looking for it, so I must get it first.
I’ve made up my mind. If I’m looking for something, these robbers who often roll here must be the most familiar with the mountain environment of Qiaowan. Can I control the robbers here and worry about no clues?
Fu Chen secretly smiled at Xiao You. It’s very serious after the dead girl offended me. See how I calculate you this time.
Poor Xiao You, she doesn’t know that she has entered Fu Chen’s trap from this moment on.
She seems to feel that she turned her head and saw that he had gone.
Big brothers, wait
Xiao You almost fainted when he heard it, but you are the first big gentleman in Yuancheng, a million empires. It’s hard to believe that this woman is not much bigger than our boss.
Bringing you here is equivalent to a Taiyuan backer.
Xiao You’s frown is getting tighter and tighter. Why is he suddenly interested in robbers?
I want to join Fu Chen, boasting that I have always wanted to be a robber. This is a sacred and great career, and I feel very honored.
Xiao You was barely hurt by anger, and you were honored that the gentleman of the Imperial Empire could say that despicable robbers were a sacred profession. What is this and what is so shameless is beyond the scope of language?
Chapter 10 On the Great and Sacred Robbers
Chapter 10 On the Great and Sacred Robbers
I don’t know what this big brother and this girl are. Zhou Lei’s abacus is playing but ping-pong rings in his heart.
If I drag this Tai Yuan into our gang, what are I afraid of? The Raptors will help my brother die in their hands. Aren’t they Tai Yuan? If I can successfully drag them in, I will not only be promoted, but also hope to avenge my bad karma brother.
Well, she is my personal bodyguard, let alone a super myth that she wants to be the best in this continent.
And listen carefully nearby. Xiao You is even more furious. It wasn’t Fu Chen who struggled to pull her. She has now gone to Qiaowan Town to find the Raptors.
Fu Chen patted Zhou Lei on the shoulder and said seriously, let me see Gao Fei. I’ll find a way to make you return home.
Zhou Lei’s five people were very surprised when they heard this, but then they didn’t believe it. Because he was a second-order qi, the strength could not be lower. Even in our robber’s den, wannabe was also a third-order qi. Although he was too yuan-protected, this Raptors gang was throwing straws against the wind.
Xiao You looked at Fu Chen with strange eyes.
Is this still the former waste who knows how to indulge in debauchery? Since yesterday, his personality has changed dramatically. Did he deliberately cheat me in all his previous actions? How is that possible?

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