The underworld is also dim during the day, and the threesome is over. When I wake up, it is the sunrise of the dark day.

Leitian found that when he practiced for three people, it was only a few hours, but it was stronger than coming for a hundred days. It seems that these three people are the best choice.
There is nothing to gain after worrying about the true fairy realm. So it seems that the true solution of Ziwei Fumo should be cultivated as soon as possible to return it for nine days. In Xuan Nv’s secret method, it is the fusion of yin and yang
It is also a way to gain enlightenment by corroborating each other’s evidence.
Leitian side to lead the army to fight, but was stopped by Bai Jian back to let him Luo Xiuxiao rain to practice fighting things for him.
Leitian knew that this was his father’s feeling of self-advancement, so he simply let him continue to practice. He also simply put Yuan Shen Fa Zhu to let Luo Xiu reverse as far as possible, and the three men practiced Chinese magic.
The true fairy level can practice magic, which is limited to some double-cultivation breathing methods.
Luo Xiuzhu although some hard work, but three people suddenly entered the country to speed up a hundred times, unlike to stagnate, she also gritted her teeth and endured.
In the blink of an eye, it’s a hundred years. Suddenly, the outside of the bead vibrates, and talents such as Leitian start to release the bead.
Outside Fazhu, there is already a sea of dead mountains and blood.
Bai Jian led the army and was attacked by two armies. The battle in front of Bai Jian was almost overwhelming, but the army in Bai Jian was losing ground in the back.
Leitian took one look and found something strange. The four pick Jin Xian in front were entangled in the army behind Bai Jian Yulinling, and no one commanded it.
White House soldiers leitian don’t want to wreck. In this retreat, the fighting is all in the demon spirit gourd, and the troops behind it are also common ghosts in the underworld. The biggest ghost pawn is the ghost’s fighting power.
Although these soldiers can fight, but the people’s army can’t cooperate with each other in that kind of war, and they can’t have any strong thinking ability. The leaders behind them are also two pick Jin Xian.
Leitian has a headache. It’s impossible to deal with one pick and two immortals.
The troops in the back are losing ground, and the two pick Jin Xian are just watching, but even watching them has caused great pressure on those ghosts.
Who else can watch and play the fighting capacity of the Ministry in pick Jinxian?
These two pick Jin Xian and other Jin Xian will start work now. Jin Xian in the army behind has been transferred to the front, and he will lose ground without strength.
This matter can’t be ignored. Just now, the vibration of the Yuan God’s dharma beads is the father calling himself.
Father can deal with the front pick Jin Xian, why not kill him at one stroke?
It’s smart to be white, but suddenly I saw two pick Jin Xian approaching behind me, and I was a little flustered. This panic is not fear, but I have been sheltered by my parents recently, and I am not used to facing adversity.
Leitian, it’s only white that those then honed their mood or not experienced it personally. White father is honed his own leitian, so he has no scruples. He laughs and comes with me to kill people.
Ghosts and gods are defiant, and King Smart was summoned. Two people wore the armor of falling heaven, and there were enough immortals in it, which would never be killed by one blow.
As Leitian laughed, Lei Guang flashed outside the Yuan God Fazhu, and Leitian had already entered the army behind it.
The millstone of heaven and earth suddenly offered sacrifices to hundreds of thousands of ghost soldiers. The millstone was madly inhaled by the ghost phoenix, and the immortal dripped to the ghost phoenix. The ability of Jin Xian to control the millstone of heaven and earth was enhanced tenfold.
Leitian didn’t touch the two pick Jin Xian hard. He simply plundered the enemy army with his own speed. It may not make much sense for others to do so, but Leitian knew that it was much worse for him to rob ghosts like this than to kill them directly.
Ghost soldiers are all resurrectable soldiers. When Leitian devoured the first batch of ghost soldiers, the two pick Jin Xian didn’t care, but they were very curious about this evasion. But when Leitian devoured millions of people in a row, the two pick Jin Xian discovered that those disappeared ghost soldiers could no longer be sensed in this underworld.
This is a very terrible thing. The enemy can completely kill the ghost pawn and disappear. The ghost can become a ghost pawn when he dies. It is not an ordinary wandering soul. His breath is stronger than that of mortals, and he can transform the ghost from the ghost after he dies. His vitality is extremely strong.
Millions of ministries disappeared and disappeared. Although the two legions of this rear army can’t stand this consumption, there is no fighting method in the underworld, and this ghost soldier has strong vitality. However, if the number of people is directly killed and resurrected, they will eventually be defeated.
A pick Jin Xian immediately to react a sword light flew to leitian.
Lei Guang, the god of Leitian Yuan, flashed and jumped in another direction. This time, he swallowed up tens of thousands of ghosts, and the pick Jin Xian suddenly joined together to form a sword king.
Leitian feels that Fa Zhu, the God of Yuan, has been branded as a god, and this sword can be avoided.
He’s a real skill. The steel fork quietly met the flying sword. Even Leitian didn’t expect the flying sword to break as soon as it was cut.
Luo Xiu has put himself in this time and swallowed the pick Jin Xian’s brand of god knowledge. The thunder kept rolling in the body and the pick Jin Xian’s brand of god knowledge was suddenly ground out of sight.
This pick Jin Xian was furious and lost a big seal when he raised his hand with pride. He didn’t fly the sword until he hit it, but he didn’t refine it in his mind, but there were two huge orders. His sword would definitely slay Leitian, but he didn’t expect to be smashed by a true fairy.
This made him endure being seen by another pick Jin Xian, which was simply humiliating.
For the sake of white, he has aroused the anger of the pick Jin Xian and sighed slightly. This foundation of the underworld is fragile. If a pick Jin Xian wants nothing, he will be angry. Why should he cultivate immortality?
What’s more, it’s sad that the eternal evil king is already the power of Luo Jinxian, and every step is calculated by his mother.

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