"Ji Xinghe, you mustn’t die. If you die, we will all lose."

Chapter 49 Seeking benevolence and benevolence
"Commander, what haven’t we supported General Ji?"
Tu Yuan was surrounded by a staff officer who asked in amazement that their war zone was far away from the Shenshishan war zone, and they made great efforts to support the war zone in World War II. At this time, there was almost no war in the Shenshishan war zone with them.
However, they can see a lot of information about the war situation in the Shenshen Mountain Theater. They know that the Shenshen Mountain Theater has already entered the war and gone to the battlefield at this time. None of the troops actually went to support Ji Xinghe.
In particular, the Xinghe squad Li Han and other man-machine armor returned to each independent regiment battle sequence after brief repairs.
This makes them very puzzled, amazed, angry and afraid …
From the perspective of conspiracy theory-some people hope that Ji Xinghe can live, then some people hope that Ji Xinghe will die quickly.
Destroying the last transition base of the imperial alien planet means that the Federation has won a great victory in prehistoric times?
Not everyone needs such a victory, because they don’t need bullets on the front line. The imperial federal and imperial wars will not only affect their lives, but also bring them benefits unimaginable to ordinary people.
But it’s really hard for people who need to win and are fighting for their lives on the front line.
Judging from Ji Xinghe’s physical condition and attitude-how long will Ji Xinghe think he can’t last? Then others have reason to think that Ji Xinghe is no longer worth supporting.
It seems that the commanders and staff officers in the battlefield of Shenshen Mountain have a double method, or one person has the ability to realize it-Ji Xinghe!
It is necessary for Ji Xinghe to attack the command center of the transition base alone like the battle in the former Second Canyon. Tactical nuclear grenades destroy the enemy command system and then destroy the transition area of the transition base, that is, those devices that can connect the transition gates of the Imperial Star.
For the Federation, this war is equivalent to winning. Even after the empire, it still has the ability to launch a large-scale nuclear strike by alien stars, which brings great casualties to the Federation. Compared with destroying this transition base, the victory will be accepted and cheered by all the Federation except the relatives and friends behind those casualties.
However, there is a great difference between the transition base of Shenshen Mountain and the transition base of the Second Canyon. One was built for more than 20 years, and the other was built for about three years. Only from the time point of view, the huge difference between the two can be seen.
And the qualitative difference between these two transition bases, which belong to the imperial occupied area and the federal occupied area, can make everyone sure that they want to complete the infiltration and storm with different difficulties.
In this way, what the former Ji Xinghe said and said made people think that he was dying. Instead of giving up support for Ji Xinghe, the Federation used Ji Xinghe as a bait to contain the enemy’s main force, and other units advanced on the surface to create opportunities.
However, many people can’t accept this kind of extenuating circumstances, although they also don’t believe that Ji Xinghe can create a miracle that people can’t believe today as before.
Because he is Ji Xinghe.
"A man has a mecha and his weapon has two short knives."
Tu Yuan-yin is a bit erratic, like a cloud floating in the wind. He said softly, "If he can break into the transition base with the strongest defensive force of the Empire in this way, why do we need millions of brave soldiers?" Still need trillions of military equipment? "
Two questions froze the staff around him.
It is true that in the face of Ji Xinghe, the soldiers and generals who always violate the military orders and override the staff team, like the super-class and ace mecha, are all selected from the billion people and have been trained and tested in actual combat. Staff officers and commanders often hate their teeth.
Let’s not talk about it before. Today, this battle suddenly launched an attack on the Imperial Transition Base No.3 from the Second World War Zone, and the focus of the war shifted from the Second World War Zone to the Shenshishan Theater. Finally, the Federation had to launch a general attack.
No one can know what kind of situation Ji Xinghe is in now. Perhaps the best outcome is that Ji Xinghe was completely confined by imperial cement and metal, and became the highest general in the federal and imperial wars.
Li Zhengfan can’t compare with Ji Xinghe in this respect, because when Li Zhengfan got the blue medal equivalent to the Star River Medal, it was already after he was captured, and his rank was also posthumously recognized by the federal government after he was captured.
The worst outcome is as Tu Yuan said, and as people feared, Ji Xinghe is dead.
Judging from the picture before the federal reconnaissance unit was shot down, Ji Xinghe rushed into the entrance and exit of the transition base. At this time, it was already closed, and a large number of defensive forces were left on the surface.
"Then carry out a nuclear strike," a staff member said firmly. "Commander, we can clean the surface of the Z-3 entrance and exit by nuclear strike and then send troops to advance the investigation."
This is indeed a way.
The entrance and exit of Z-3 transition base, which was marked by the Federation, was not able to resist the nuclear strike, so the Federation was willing to launch a nuclear strike as before.
When a nuclear weapon explodes, whether it is the defensive forces, the communication jamming devices or the anti-weapons system, etc., it is bound to disappear in smoke, regardless of whether a nuclear strike can destroy the Z-3 entrance or exit, which can lay the foundation for the subsequent federal attack.
Tu Yuan asked again, "What if Ji Xinghe is trapped at the entrance and exit before he dies, and our nuclear strike kills him by mistake or cuts off his retreat?"
Staff officers have 1000 reasons to refute Tu Yuan’s hypothesis, but they have already seen that Tu Yuan doesn’t want to intervene in directing the war in the theater of the Gods Mountain, or he doesn’t want to intervene in the war involving Ji Xinghe.
All the staff directly asked, "Commander, what exactly do you mean? What exactly do they mean? "
Tu Yuan looked at all kinds of information displayed on the big screen, and no one knew where he really noted that he could hear his drifting voice again.
"Ji Xinghe can rely on himself for all the support he has. If you put it in place, it will have a better effect. You won’t have forgotten how to fight, will you?"
There are many people in Blue Star who say that I can do it when discussing alien wars. Just take care of Ji Xinghe after the war.
Of course, this is not a war command, but a resignation.
"We need Ji Xinghe, but we can’t need Ji Xinghe now." Tu Yuan expressed Yang Antai’s command thinking. He said to everyone around us, "We can pin our hopes on Ji Xinghe, but we can’t have this hope."
The staff officers all understood Tu Yuan’s meaning.
It is better to say that Ji Xinghe is the only one who can achieve dual legal person in the mountain of gods, than that he is a stone that throws stones at the way.
Now that the road has been asked, whether the thrown stone is still valuable depends on the stone body.
What the Federation needs to do now is not to discuss whether there is gold nugget or jadeite original stone hidden in the value of stones, but to cross the river slowly and surely according to the road asked by Ji Xinghe.

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