Before Wang Zijia fell to the ground, it had already activated all the firepower weapons of the mecha. Whether it was locked or not, Ji Xinghe was bombing around his own mecha.

But the fire command has been sent out, but Wang Zijia failed to respond as if he were dead
Until now, it didn’t react. The intelligent core of Wang Zijia has been damaged by Ji Xinghe gas.
The pure manual operation mode also does not switch the body gas to fill the whole cockpit, and it only actively hits the cockpit door.
The fist that didn’t kill the king of Zhennan suddenly appeared
Ji Xinghe is not far from its mecha’ body’, and it seems to be preparing to evade it. The mecha may launch a fire attack or self-explosion, and it is quietly watching it after confirming that its mecha is’ dead’.
And before it came after, it seemed to have given up protection for fear of death, and it had already broken the federal mecha and fled. Fifteen federal mecha were coming through like a circle of high walls.
King Zhennan suddenly laughed. He even took off his tactical helmet and went out.
"How can you not support your independent group?"
Ji Xinghe didn’t respond and walked slowly towards it like he was exhausted.
"How much have you recovered? How much did you just consume? "
Town East King frowned and continued to ask, "Do you really want to fight me?"
Ji Xinghe still didn’t respond, like waiting for it to say those three words
Town East Wang had a momentary impulse, and it denied that 15 federal mecha had a chance to kill it.
Just like when Ji Xinghe’s speed broke out, Duke Jia and Pro Wang Jia’s firepower weapons couldn’t do harm to Ji Xinghe. It had this confidence.
Although the attack distance between them is completely different, they need to face different levels of mecha.
But …
"I surrender"
After all, the Town East King said what he thought Ji Xinghe wanted him to say.
But Ji Xinghe still came to the front of it and then suddenly exploded.
"I was wrong. I shouldn’t have …"
This is the last few words left by Wang Zhendong in this world. He didn’t finish the last sentence and didn’t get a word from Ji Xinghe.
It really ignores a problem.
I really want to say that Ji Xinghe was so slow when he heard that Town East King wanted to surrender.
But the problem is that the king of the town east has put him together and it is a very serious one.
If he hadn’t discussed with Xingyue and decided that Xingyue could make a move, the casualties of the independent regiment would be very heavy today.
By Jiang Yun and others to shoot the 39 marquis armour, if there is no moon and moon, it is impossible to stop it and let them break through Jiang Yun and others to stop and dash to Shen Mu and their side.
Independent regiment will first wreck more than half of the mecha confrontation situation may appear again, but the advantages and disadvantages of both sides will be reversed.
Even before the blockade of the moon and the moon, not counting her driving the moon and the moon, it was under the guise of the blockade that the federal mecha broke more than 300 imperial mechs, which won more time for the independent regiment.
Otherwise, they would have been chased.
Ji Xinghe’s roots don’t care what kind of information Wang Zhendong has mastered, and no matter how a captured Wang Zhendong can bring a blow to the empire, Ji Xinghe has already made a dead hand decision when he walks to the front of Wang Zhendong.
He killed the king of Zhenbei and the king of Zhennan. Do you need a king of Zhendong?
His anger has completely recovered, and he is stronger than when he faced the king of Zhennan. Just now, the consumption was really not small, but was it really stronger than Adakang when he fought with the king of Zhennan or the king of Zhendong?
Except that the gas level is higher.
Rao, the king of Town East, has thought highly of Ji Xinghe. Compared with his father, Emperor Wudi I, he still underestimated how terrible it was to have Ji Xinghe as a carrier after reaching the seventh stage.
When the Town East King died, he followed it before that moment. Six Duke Armors haven’t been able to rush outside the encirclement of 15 federal mecha.
When they saw that the mecha of Town East King couldn’t fall to the ground without wearing armor, Xinghe was quiet next to the corpse of Town East King, or they looked at them with expectation, they all had unprecedented remorse.
Before what to covet the military, kill more and share it with the king of the town east?
Then I blamed the East King of Yidong. Why didn’t you stop us just now? We are your relatives. How can you leave you by us? And why are you so weak that you were almost killed by Ji Xinghe when you met each other?
No matter how the mood of the six Duke A drivers changes, they turn around and run away, and they can move as quickly as they can.
Rao Shi Ji Xinghe has entered the cockpit of Prince A of the Town East, and it is also limited by the fact that it is not convenient to control the armor by air. Six Duke A can catch up with two if they escape separately.
He chose to smash it on the spot, leaving no one alive and not pursuing it too deeply. After all, there is a truth in chasing after a bitter enemy.
In the transition base position?
There are many independent groups in the second canyon, and there are nearly 200 marquis armour and those six magical armored vehicles, which also captured more than 300 imperial mecha.
There are too many of these who are willing to confess the exact coordinates of the transition base in the second canyon of the Empire, which is no different from what they have already got.
After hitting the tactical helmet of Prince Jia’s cockpit door, Ji Xinghe, the headquarters of the Second World War, got a good news.
The retreat of the independent regiment over there has been completely cut off. The imperial mecha saw the pictures of the death of the king in the south of the town and the king in the east of the town with their own eyes, especially when the king in the east of the town died, they did not accidentally choose to surrender.
When they were all disarmed in front of the independent regiment, the war in World War II actually ended with the victory of the independent regiment.
Although it was temporarily over, it still shocked everyone who got the news.
The fact is that there are still people exclaiming, how is this possible?
In the loss of more than half of the mercenaries? No one in the military will count these sacrifices as the head of the independent regiment and the head of World War II.
Looking at some incredible battle reports, such as the blockade battle report by Jin Daosheng, those ordinary mecha suddenly broke out and smashed their imperial mecha three times.
For example, in the battle report of the independent regiment, those who were super-class mecha were not up to the super-class level. The physical and mental strength of the mecha had been consumed to the limit, and even the most critical moment of the independent regiment suddenly broke out.
One, two, even ten, twenty are all right, but what about more than a hundred?
Some people’s minds are active, and troubles will be entangled in Ji Xinghe like vines because of these thoughts.
But what does it matter?
Ji Xinghe looked at the middle direction of the second canyon and laughed.

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