Clement smiled at the woman opposite. "I’m free?"

The woman nodded, veiled with a gentle smile and nodded, "Of course you are welcome to our temple."
Night surrounds this large manor, and piles of bonfires light up this area.
There is a heavy and strange smell in the air, and even the remnants of those strong people’s moves are heart-pounding.
The night watchman who is responsible for maintaining the scene is the lowest and dangerous level, but even their ears will hear scalp-numbing whispers from time to time.
What is even more worrying than these residual strange smells is Haibei Province, which is already the strongest night watchman, and Yongye Church should have a super-class.
For the night watchman at the scene, they know that this is an attack by the church of the eternal night, but they don’t know the meaning of the building in front of them.
The night wind sounded, and there seemed to be a tide rushing on the earth, which made the night watchman who guarded the scene even more frightened.
Being a night watchman is probably not a coward, but they don’t want to die worthless even if they are not so afraid of it.
If it’s the eternal night church that kills a comeback, what’s the point of dying in the hands of their super strong?
The strong wind stopped and the bonfire around it collapsed. The good people slowed down before reaching their destination, otherwise the scene would return to darkness.
By the light of the bonfire, people finally saw the newcomer. It was a young man in a black trench coat with short black hair and chilling blood.
At that time, all the night watchman clenched their weapons. Although there was no hand from the opposite side, they didn’t think it would be one of their own.
Liu Chen looked at the scene and a dozen vigilant night watchmans frowned and took out the Inquisition identity token "one of their own" from his chest.
Chapter one hundred and seven From the king’s evacuation notice
The night watchman was relieved to see the Seraphim token engraved on it.
It’s no wonder that ShaQi is so angry that he was originally from the Inquisition.
A middle-aged oriental man walked out of the night watchman and saluted, "Please give instructions for the high-risk night watchman in Beihai parish to take off."
"Lu Chen, is this the first scene?"
Liu Chen looked at the ruins and asked
"We are guarding the orders given here, waiting for the king to come and not going in to check."
Ma Tengfei explained.
Lu Chen nodded and walked into the ruins. God knows that there are some young people in Stonehenge behind the manor. The victims have no strange source breath. It should be that mortals have not yet become a formal night watchman.
The gods swept through the ruins, and there were 20 young girls who died. He had seen it in his intelligence, and there should be 21 people in training.
He turned back and asked, "Are there any survivors?"
Ma Tengfei dequeued and sighed, "No, it’s not good for young children’s bodies to die."
Lu Chen is thoughtful, which means that without the witness, he can restore what happened at that time according to the scene.
He walked through the ruins and came to the original backyard of the building. The only intact building stood in the backyard was a small ancestral temple.
He went to the ancestral temple according to the information, and sure enough, the guardian Bi had disappeared.
It is said that only guardians can exert their power, but non-guardians are not untouchable, otherwise the church will transfer these things in recent years.
However, non-guardian words make these equipment no different from ordinary equipment, and the distance with the guardian dagger will become like a forged dagger of every iron.
It used to be a special mystery to place the guardian’s dagger platform, but now it has been destroyed. It used to be able to build a barrier, and it is difficult to break through the super power.
Lu Chen left the ancestral temple and went to the backyard courtyard to observe the site passing through the bloody Stonehenge.
When he came to the back of Stonehenge, he saw a group of priests of the church of the eternal night. There was a dead silver-haired girl holding a blond boy’s head outside, and they died together.
These young boys and girls are ordinary people, and it can be seen that they are well-trained and extraordinary, and they still kill a lot of people and fight against their fate.
If they don’t die, this kind of thing will be the contribution of the elite night watchman empire and people in the future.
But when they died, they were killed by the transcendental unreasonable before they gained extraordinary power.

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