A true brother analyzed that it should be like this, otherwise it would be impossible to explain that Armageddon would not attack Du Jie.

Tian Luchen took the lead in making a knife. Three thousand snowflakes fell in the world for nine days, and his knife was sharp and sharp. This is his new knife in the same place, which is much stronger than that in Du Jie.
But the flash in black is to raise my hand gently, and Liu Chen is familiar with boxing. It is a kind of trend to kill the fairy and break the blade. He was wiped away by that trend before he killed the king.
Finally, when the black flash fist of regicide intersected, the gold and iron broke out, and the black flash fist at the intersection point flashed with thunder arc.
Liu Chen was pleased that he was not directly forced to retreat, but the other party’s "physical" contact!
You know, his best achievement was being repelled hundreds of times, and Reagan didn’t touch the black flash.
I’m glad to be back in the future. Lu Chen felt that the fist came like a resurgence. No, it wasn’t a resurgence. It was waves after waves. He just spent the first wave in the gap.
I’m afraid it would be a big loss if Wu Shen’s body had not been integrated into passivity.
Lu Chen’s body fell at a high speed and almost fell directly into Wushen Mountain from the star. Well, he stopped the car when he was about to fall into Wushen Mountain, otherwise he would dye the apocalypse.
Wushan mountain burst into a gasp. I can’t believe I’m looking at this scene
"Incredibly still can in the same situation will brother lu so strong suppression! ?”
A real brother exclaimed with disbelief.
It is obvious to all that Lu Chen’s fighting power in the same environment is obvious to all. Even if the master elder sister Lu Shuiliu and Lu Chen fought in the same environment, it is hard to say that they can suppress Lu Chen without relying on the experience of Wu Nerve in the fifth environment, let alone so lightly, they will be defeated in nine days.
It’s not that Wu Shenshan’s younger brother is conceited, but they have always recognized that the secret blood fighters are extremely strong in the same environment. Lu Chen defeated the immortal brand in front of them. Although they were surprised, some excellent brothers felt that they were one-on-one in the same environment after seeing the immortal’s combat power, and it may not be impossible to fight the first world war.
Seeing that Liu Chen can be an enemy, he can also suppress those immortals and let the martial arts brothers recognize Lu Chen. This is the peak of the enemy in the same situation.
But what happened in front of them was very shocking. It turned out that the ancient secret blood bodhi old zu was really fierce.
Lu Chentian was hit again and retreated for dozens of miles. After the operation of Emperor Wudi, the body injury was quickly cured and the road base was stabilized.
With these two collisions, his condition became a little bad, and his mouth kept bleeding, not the combat injury, but the injury caused by the basal fissure of the road.
He feels that even if he is in a stronger state than the next situation, it is difficult to survive the last three knives of Plath Luchen.
If Xia Mi and Li Yi know that he deliberately overstocked two small realms and crossed together, they will scold him to death.
However, Lu Chen felt that it was necessary. The so-called "don’t break the Tao base" was already the case anyway. If you don’t want to be hacked to death by Plath Lu Chen, you can crack it again.
He wanted to confirm some things and realize the hidden cause and effect of Plath Luchen’s knife again.
Lu Chen didn’t attack Plath Lu Chen’s humanoid flash like that every time, but after each attack, he carefully adjusted his breath until the injury was stable and he realized the gains from several fights.
At this time, a purple suit on the peak of Gege was looking up at Liu Chen Du Jie in front of the wooden house.
"Is the ancient secret blood warrior so powerful? This Dao is really mysterious."
Xue defeated the day and felt that she could feel it. Even if she was in the same situation as this black flash, World War I was not much better than Liu Chen and would still be suppressed.
Her beautiful eyes are full of crimson, and she looks at the flashing eyes in black and walks with Liu Chen. "So that’s it … then you have to cross this robbery by yourself after all."
Tianhua Lu figure appeared Xue defeated the day and looked at Du Jie’s situation in the sky with appreciation in his eyes. "Not the kui is an old descendant, but the brand of fierce immortals has been cut to the horse."
"The last one is also a fairy brand, but he can’t beat it."
Xue defeated day laughed
Tianhua Lu was speechless for a moment. "Anyway, World War I and Nine are already vast in ancient and modern times."
The defeat of Xue Tian did not refute that "talent is rare in ancient and modern times"
"This elementary school is so clever that it’s greedy to steal teachers in this kind of battle."
Tianhua Lu laughed. He knew that Liu Chen had a secret technique that could imitate others’ taboo killing methods. If it weren’t too profound, Liu Chen’s talent base could be learned by watching it again.
He feels that Liu Chen can learn the method of killing immortals one day, which is also due to this secret method.
"How can a seeker go forward without greed?"
Xue defeated Tian and sighed, "It’s good to be greedy."

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