"Did you give you half a crystal before you saw me?"

Lu Chen asked.
Xiaojinlong nodded and stretched out his hand to indicate that Liu Chen should be left.
Lu Chen added, "Is half the crystal 50%?"
Xiaojinlong nodded again, feeling a little wrong.
"What should the 50% be rounded off?"
Lu Chen is like a kind teacher guiding Xiao Jinlong.
Xiaojinlong clawed his paws to figure it out. As soon as he realized that rounding should be one or one hundred percent, he always felt as if something was wrong.
"You see, if you round up, I have already given you all the crystal, right?"
Liu Chen Cixiang looked at Xiao Jinlong, Xiao Jinlong and Yi Shuanglong, already a little confused.
A long time before Xiao Jinlong nodded his head.
"Confucius can teach"
Liu Chen was very satisfied with the fact that Qian Xue had just fallen by his side before words were heard, and his face was weird at this time.
She looked at Xiaojinlong piteously and felt that the captain really bullied the children.
"Well, it’s getting bigger now. It’s very close to take me back to Wushen Mountain. How about paying you 50 pieces of crystal?"
Lu Chen urged that he felt that he was in a bad state and continued to go back to Wushen Mountain to recuperate his chance, and he also needed a place to digest it.
Xiaojinlong’s eyes were so Brightheart that he felt that he had earned fifty pieces of crystal for nothing and gave it to himself at one time, so he immediately became obese and straightened like an airship.
"Let’s leave it at this point. You should also need a solid state. Wushan people will help me deal with the injury."
Liu Chen told Qian Xuedao that he wanted the elders to help him see the high-level people, which should be able to help him suppress Doggi’s injury a little.
"I’ll take you back to Wushen Mountain. It’s very close anyway."
Thousands of snow some don’t trust them to repair and bury the star, although it is big, but it is only a moment.
Just as Lu Chen wanted to talk, his face suddenly changed and he entered the forbidden state again, holding the ancient residual knife meaning of regicide hilt ready to go.
Xiaojinlong also sensed the danger, "Ow!"
It looked up at the black fog and was hit by a powerful spiritual force. A figure in blue and gold armor was standing there holding a trident.
The man has a long dark blue hair and a beautiful face with a somewhat feminine feeling. His eyebrows are long and narrow, his eyes are slightly narrowed, and a pair of blue pupils look down at Fang Luchen and his party.
Magnificent momentum is where the aura of heaven and earth revolves around him to form a huge whirlpool. At the eye of the wind, everything is photographed at the periphery of the original mine, and the black fog roots are not close to him.
This is a rank, and it doesn’t seem like it’s a good intention to imply the edge of murder, which has made Liu Chen and Qian Xue feel the eyebrows ache.
Worst of all, this is the Gulong Cave Man or Dragon.
At this time, the male eyes locked on the little golden dragon, and the meaning was obvious.
"Is the Gulong Cave going to break the rules?"
Thousands of snow will protect Lu Chen from the ancient classics repaired behind him, and the roaring air machine will continue to expand. Holding snow foam, dozens of black fog behind him will be dyed white and snow will float.
"rules? Ah … "
Male sneer at a "I ao day is the rule"
Said he brazenly toward heaven and earth reiki instantaneous smoke combined with buried god star this boundary Fang Xingyu vitality spirit force has also been mobilized ice blue trident toward the pressure.
Before the halberd started, the hard earth around the mine collapsed, and mining was still going on in the distance. The young brothers all fled, and I don’t know what happened here today. I saw big shots start work one after another.
When a royal family member led a team of elders to flee in the summer, he looked back and saw the blue-haired man standing in Jiutian. "It’s his dragon in Gulong Cave!" It is said that he did not step on the ancient road of the stars a thousand years ago and has not returned today? "
The blue dragon is full of arrogance. Although the trident falls thousands of snow, the snow foam construction field instantly collapses and breaks her Tai Chi knife meaning. This blow is fragile.

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