Mark blinked slightly one leng.

This is Marvel Comics.
Shouldn’t this thing be next to the universe?
Chapter 3 Running the Temple of new york
This is an unusual marvel universe.
Mark is sure!
Mark was so sure when his ex-vampire girlfriend came out.
Although there are vampires in the normal Marvel universe, there is no vampire in Twilight.
After the super power out of control, speed passion, mystery detective, extrasensory detective … and so on, all kinds of characters go into chaos.
Mark said that he can accept it.
It belongs to the universe next door, female mummy, that is, Mark digs corners and comes to female forensic. Mark took a deep breath and said that he can accept it.
But the eyes …
Telling the truth
There is not a city called central city here, and there is not a cutting-edge technology laboratory.
So here comes the question
This is strange to mark. Where does the red flash come from?
It can’t be said that he accidentally passed by while traveling parallel to the earth, Barry Allen, right?
I dare not write novels.
Mark’s heart was full of bitterness …
Just then.
Ding Rinrin-
Debbie took out her hand and looked excited. After the future display was aimed at Mark, she put on the phone and said hastily, "Where are you, Jack?"
In half an hour!
A helicopter landed in a wilderness in Virginia bordering Washington State.
At this time, Jack was crouching in the wilderness in the cold wind with his arms around him, clutching a burnt-out mobile phone and shivering with cold …
After Mark and Debbie left the plane,
Seeing jack like this is angry and somewhat funny …
"… what took you so long?" Jack’s tough face was pathetic. He took the sports coat brought by Debbie and said, "If you can ship me back later."
Mark shook his head and said simply, "No, I will cremate you in Washington."
Jack and Debbie "…"

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