He said this when he didn’t have a national mecha. He said this when he was a colonel in Li Han. He said this before he died blindly. He said this after Ji Xinghe came back.

He keeps saying that.
Most people don’t want to believe that almost everyone thinks that he is powerful because he has been punished by Ji Xinghe God.
If Ji Xinghe chose to give the God’s punishment armor to Qin Tong, Harris, the blind, the lame, the left hand, the deaf and so on when he divorced the star, everyone in the original Xinghe team could be as powerful as him.
But after all, some people are willing to believe Su Chuanyun.
For example, three years ago, people who were left-handed, deaf and lame, for example, were blind and lame in the past two years, for example, Qin Tong and Harris in the past year.
For example, now Ji Xinghe
"Show you the certificate?"
When Su Chuanyun heard the sound of Ji Xinghe, he understood the meaning of Ji Xinghe. Now the independent regiment has a very big drawback, that is, once it is trapped by imperial forces and loses its high-speed maneuverability, it will fall into an endless siege.
However, in the face of such a situation, the tactical plan of the independent regiment has always been that the strongest mecha forcibly broke the array and tore a gap with dual combat power.
There is no doubt that the most powerful mecha in the independent regiment is Ji Xinghe, who took over the independent regiment when Ji Xinghe divorced. Li Han’s method is comparable to Ji Xinghe.
However, after Li Han left the Independent Regiment, the Independent Regiment was in a state of dividing troops for a long time, and naturally it would not face this situation when there was no end to the war.
Who’s coming now, Li Han or not?
"Okay, I’ll prove it to you."
Su Chuanyun silently asked a question and silently answered a question, and then left his squad and the independent group charge formation.
Like Ji Xinghe, the front of the independent regiment’s charge path appeared, and a single man rushed into the fifth line of defense, where the fire output platform was the most threatening to the independent regiment.
Devoted to fighting, Su Chuanyun needs to face too many imperial mecha, and also needs to bear fire suppression, as well as various anti-mecha weapons.
Even if God punishes armour, it’s hard to lose one thousand at this level.
The Independent Regiment’s charge is only over 40 kilometers in a straight line, but it is winding and circuitous, constantly fighting with ultra-high intensity, and killing the imperial defense line again and again has brought a load to the Independent Regiment mecha, which has reached a very high level.
Mental will and physical strength are no longer at their peak.
The increase in combat effectiveness brought by neural link technology is not without cost. Some cockpit of the Independent Regiment Mechs have already appeared critical warning.
Just as Qian Ji Xinghe tested the synchronization rate and then tested the compression resistance of the nervous system.
In the past three years, the neural link technology has been standardized and detailed in all aspects, and the critical value is a new term based on the compressive strength of the nervous system of mecha.
When the critical value reaches a certain level, the mecha will enter a critical state, and in this state for a long time, the nervous system of the mecha will be irreversibly damaged.
Don’t say to continue driving mecha, even normal life is very difficult.
Compared with the relatively small pressure, the mecha Su Chuanyun’s team captains and super-class mecha are naturally under greater pressure.
Learn that Ji Xinghe can persist for a longer time when he breaks the array alone, and Su Chuanyun advances into his critical state.
He knew that they were only halfway through the canyon target, so it would be more difficult to fight later.
But not so much as stronger?
If you can’t kill it now, how can you kill it?
If you can’t kill one step at a time, then go to hell.
Good Su Chuanyun is strong enough. Tungsten steel alloy has been built and equipped with a nuclear fusion reactor, and the 13th generation core engine of the Federation has been replaced. The God Penalty Armor is also strong enough.
Su Chuanyun completed Ji Xinghe’s request to replace Ji Xinghe and completed the independent regiment to break the array, thus successfully killing the fifth line of defense of the empire.
At this time, they should face the anti-Galaxy Corps, but they are no longer in sight.
This is good news and bad news.
The worse news is that the sixth line of defense of the empire has been completed, and the layout is only three kilometers away.
It’s getting denser.
But Su Chuanyun was not afraid at all, but was more excited than ever.

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