It’s different. This Dragon Cave Dragon Tai and the chief brother of several major Terran forces are not at the same level.

Maybe they are similar in talent, but this dragon in Gulong Cave has been practicing for nearly ten thousand years!
Thousands of snow are full of white hair, crimson and secret blood is boiling, and the peak of Kunpeng method is blessed in the body, and then the earth is sinking, and the trident is still approaching her and Lu Chen.
Xiao Jinlong growled at the sky, and Lu Chen had never seen it so called. Although the sound was still a bit like a dog barking, it was proud and dignified.
Rowen-shaped little golden dragon body spread and tried to counter the idea of pointing at it, but it was still too young. Qianxue was also hurt by that idea, and Long Lin broke into pieces and coughed up blood.
Do you want to cut out the sword of killing a king when Liu Chen is drawn three inches? A white shadow crosses across with the brilliance of moonlight, slapping the trident at the end to force the halberd of Ao Tian to stop.
Beautiful figure, thousands of snow, white dress dancing in the wind, can’t tell the dust.
"The teacher elder sister! ?”
Thousands of snow surprise way she didn’t expect to help at this time.
"Oh, my God, aren’t you being too bullying?"
Ye Liufeng smiles and has a gentle tone.
Ao Tian’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled when he saw Ye Liufeng’s appearance. "It’s not like you’re retiring from the snow and the moon. Today I’m taking my family, the Dragon Hui."
At this time, the trident is still hanging on the top of Ye Liufeng’s head. It is not her strength that can resist the balance of Ao Tian, but that halberd did not contribute.
"Are you a real dragon?"
Liu Chen laughs at
"Ow ow meowed-"
Xiao Jinlong also made a series of strange noises while clutching his belly, but Lu Chen saw Xiao Jinlong laughing wildly.
It stretched out its claws and gestured at Zhong Ao Tian, while gesturing and blare.
Ao Tian frowned. "What did it say?"
Lu Chen smiled and translated easily. "It says you are a bastard."
Ao Tian flew into a rage and sneered, "The world says you are a real dragon, but it’s not like you can’t even say anything today. I’m going to take you apart and see what’s different from us."
When he was 900 years old, he beat and buried the younger generation of opponents of the Star of God. He consciously took a trip on the ancient road of the Star and cut all the way, but all the enemies did not meet each other in the same territory.
He never takes the dragon seriously, so he is nobler than the dragon. The dragon can’t compare with the dragon. He constantly strengthens his own blood in practice, which is no longer a mortal child.
He doesn’t value bloodline, he values the true meaning of Taoism and the victory or defeat in the fight.
This time, I went back to the star of burying the gods. I heard that someone from Wushan Mountain brought a real dragon back. The elders and the strong people all wanted to introduce the real dragon into the Gulong Cave, and they attached great importance to this matter.
However, he disdains to recognize that the old people have lost their minds and paid too much attention to the so-called real dragon veins. He came here today to see what the so-called real dragon really is.
"Teacher younger brother lu mind your dragon …"
Ye Liufeng also had a headache after listening to Lu Chen’s translation. She came to round up the field. Who knew you were so floating?
Even if Xiao Jinlong is a child, you can’t translate as usual, can you
Although she stopped Aotianyi’s blow, it doesn’t mean that she can beat Aotianshuang’s variance to a small level. If she fights, she will support it for a quarter of an hour at most.
"The teacher elder sister …"
Qianxuekou trembles
Or Ye Liufeng interrupted and looked at the eyes. Liu Chen said to Qian Xuedao, "If you want to go back to Wushen Mountain and tell the peak master, you can now or I can help you and do what you want."
Ao Tian looked gloomy at Ye Liufeng’s words. "Do I really dare not kill you?"
Ye Liufeng smiled and shone with a trident all over her body. "Then let’s try if you can kill me in a quarter of an hour."
At the same time, she secretly told Liu Chen and Qian Yukine to "go"
Liu Chen and Qian Xue, of course, don’t stay. Xiaojinlong is also a clever landing morning and rushes directly outside the mining area.
Fang Ye Liufeng has already exchanged hands with Aotian, and Lu Chen has met his opponent before he escaped from thousands of miles.
The fog dispersed and the four dragons met and blocked their way forward.

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