A full charge can be regarded as a gift or a gift.

For example, someone who suddenly wakes up from a rich family
John Constantine?
Constantine is Hades.
in other words
Constantine has been played by Hades and is about to explode.
Maybe with Barry Allen changing the future, Constantine may have been washed away, and once again he unconsciously continued to embark on the great cause of exorcism.
Poor Constantine, may the Lord or Hades get tired of you as soon as possible.
Mark thought silently in his heart
Hear this sentence let him run Barry Allen slightly leng leng some not white to mark.
Mark smiled slightly. "I have an appointment with Quick Power."
Ba Li bu suo
Mark sighed.
Mark doesn’t know how to evaluate himself when he can hide his real angel wings in the power of speed.
Is a … A genius?
Barry opened his mouth and said, "Mr. Lewis, but Iris or anyone else doesn’t know me."
Mark picked up a leaf that fell from the ground and handed it to Barry.
Barry took some yellow leaves and looked at Mark.
"Barry, can you find another identical leaf?"
"… how is that possible?"
"It’s impossible."
Mark smiled and stood up and said, "If you change something, the future will change with it, but …"
Mark looks across the park at Barry’s house.
Inside came an old handsome guy with white hair and a brown-haired girl with glasses.
Barry’s father and his mother who lost many years.
Mark shrugged his shoulders and said, "This is what you want, isn’t it?"
"But the flashback says that the longer I stay, the more destructive it will be." Barry’s face flashed a trace of confusion
This future is what he has always wanted.
But cutting-edge laboratories, Iris, and so on, all he knows have forgotten him.
Mark smiled and said, "Reverse Flash is wrong."
Barry looked up.
Mark said, "Even if you correct your pair again, the destructive power will also be caused. When you get back, Catelyn has two personalities and Sisko’s brother is dead …"
Mark said quietly.
Barry’s panic grew worse.
quite a while
Barry interrupted Mark and said quickly, "… that’s impossible. I’ve only been here for ten days."
For the first time, Mark was annoyed that he was not interrupted. His eyes were fixed on the yellow leaf in Barry’s hand. "The original world was this leaf. Can you find the second identical leaf?"
"… what should I do?"
Mark looked at a face of expectation and Barry suddenly leng leng.
What happened?

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