Left gear and right gear

The results of sparring with the stars and the moon were displayed at this moment.
Compared with the time when the moon and the stars control the wooden pile, the attack speed of these mechs is much faster because they have more time and distance to launch.
But also driving the mecha Ji Xinghe speed is much faster than his own.
Long guns collide with knives and swords, and keep their body distance. Ji Xinghe can give full play to the advantage of being one inch long and one inch strong.
Jingle, jingle …
The sound of weapon collision reached the cockpit through the mecha’s body, and Ji Xinghe gradually found his rhythm.
The blocking speed is slower than before, but the blocking efficiency is much higher than before.
"What did you shout at me just now?"
Ji Xinghe has spare capacity.
The count of the four empires kept silent and just rushed to attack them, knowing that they were running out of time.
And federal support and their physical condition are
"Surprise is not a surprise? Is it exciting or not? Unexpected? "
Ji Xinghe heard these words clearly just now, although Adakang must have let these imperial earl shout them out, but this does not affect him to regard these words as his heart-cutting knife.
Deep down, he was amazed at the physical quality of these earl orangutans.
Recall that he was 1000 meters away from the center of the nuclear explosion, which was similar to the distance these earl gorillas faced with the nuclear explosion.
But not long after that, he fell into a coma.
But these orangutans can run for such a long distance and fight twice.
Unhuman in name only.
Let’s make you more inhuman.
Make them more tired and injured by fighting, and break their broken heart defense by cutting their hearts with a heart knife.
It feels like Ji Xinghe has finally attacked.
The pike blocked one handle of the mecha combating Dao, and at the same time, the champion Hou had sideways maneuvered to avoid another handle of the mecha epee, and a duke-level imperial mecha side appeared.
Take the gun and plunge it.
Your gun along the broken protective armor directly into the duke level imperial mecha cockpit.
The broken places were not caused by Ji Xinghe, but by their own fighting just now.
The champion Hou, who succeeded in one blow, maneuvered sideways again to avoid a fatal attack and closed his gun at the same time.
Then the body weapon instantaneous acceleration crashed into an imperial mecha.
The situation that the impact point of shoulder protective armor has mental calculation is already a spent force, and the imperial mecha collapsed.
The champion will fight again.
With two duke-level imperial mecha left, Ji Xinghe easily blocked a handle of mecha epee and kicked another duke-level imperial mecha’s beneficiary position.
This is an extremely rare tactical maneuver.
Mecha’s feet can be attacked by weapons, but most of them are in the face of non-mech’s arms, and the reaction force is enough to make their own mechs out of balance.
Under normal circumstances, Ji Xinghe would never make this tactical maneuver on the Duke-level mecha, but this is not normal.
Champion Hou didn’t lose his balance. The Imperial Mecha was kicked out of balance.
Try to complete the gun-collecting and stabbing maneuver, and then stand back. Two imperial mecha have been broken.
When the gun tip was pulled out of the cockpit, the blood was stained.
After two planes fell to the ground, they got up. The speed of the imperial mecha was slightly different, which gave Ji Xinghe the same fighting opportunity as crushing.
Six jabs
Two duke level imperial mecha body function was completely destroyed, failed to get up, they will never get up.
"Come out"
Ji Xinghe received his gun and waited.
Two lucky to imperial earl didn’t let Ji Xinghe wait too long, almost at the same time hit their respective cockpit and climbed out from the inside.

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