Gibbs went straight to the researcher.

A federal agent next to him just tried to stop it, but then Mark moved his position with his eyes.
One second
Gibbs pulls his gun as fast as a hurricane and as fast as a flash.
Hand guns directly against the researcher’s head around all exclaimed precious little words to say "antidote".
The researcher was stupid and stammered, "I made a vaccine instead of an antidote. When the victim was infected, Hannah didn’t make a mistake …"
The researcher is just halfway through.
Gibbs pistol chamber
"Don’t … don’t stop it?"
Washington office sent to assist Mark, a senior female agent, to look at the scene in front of her eyes and suddenly looked surprised, just like watching a play, Mark asked.
"Of course … no"
Mark smiled at his right hand and said simply, "Don’t worry about having confidence in our law enforcement team" since he took out a cigarette from his pocket and leaned against the door behind him.
Female agent "…"
The female agent has no intention of speaking to Mark.
At this moment, Mark suddenly thought of a problem.
it goes like this…
After this premeditated attack on law enforcement agents occurred in the Lowell pharmaceutical group with a market value of 20 billion yuan.
The stock price should not be as stagnant as water, right?
In particular, her CEO and several researchers were taken away in public.
Will the stock price explode like an avalanche?
But now …
Mark glanced at dozens of people who were talking in the distance.
It’s a pig. We all know.
It’s too late to enter the Lowell pharmaceutical group now.
That’s a lot of money to get …
Chapter 446 Family Travel
Three days later.

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