Yang Gao was so scared that he was cold and sweaty that he secretly said, "What happened? I can’t control my body. I didn’t mean to say these words just now. Why did I jump out of these words?" What is it? "

Yang Gao felt a burst of despair.
Next to Lin Ying, she bowed her head and looked at the sweat with a thick smile. Yang Gao was so cool in her heart.
"Fortunately, you always react quickly, or you will lie. Is it a good boy?"
Lin Ying had contact with Yang Gao during the retreat. At that time, he took the opportunity to input a vitality into Yang Gao’s body and secretly controlled him.
Just now, Yang Gao prepared perjury, and Lin Ying directly launched the ability to take over his body and let him say 150,000 words to kill the enemy.
While Yang Guobin gave Yang Gao a satisfied nod, he said, "Thank you, Yang Gao, for confirming to me that 150,000 is a bit reluctant and a bit inflated, but there must be 100,000."
Hearing Yang Guobin, Yang Gao was sweating more, but he couldn’t move at the moment.
"Roll for the old" Yang Meng shouted at Yang Gaoda.
At this time, Lin Ying released the control of Yang Gao.
Yang Gao found that his body moved and immediately opened his mouth. "No, I didn’t say that we didn’t kill so many zombies just now."
"Well, we all know that you just lied about killing 100,000 people, but you lied about 150,000, but we forgive you."
"Yes, yes, yes, we forgive you."
Yang Gao was sweating all over and hurriedly added, "I mean, what I said just now was not that I was wrong. How can I explain this?"
At this time, Yang Meng looked like he was going to kill someone and shouted at Yang Gaoda, "Isn’t it enough to roll over and be ashamed?"
Yang Gao was shivering and came to Yang Meng with some fear. Zhang opened his mouth and had some difficulties in saying, "Leader me."
Yang Meng shouted "Shut up".
Yang Gao was so scared that he couldn’t even get out of the atmosphere.
At Yang Meng and Yang Gao, Yang Guobin nodded with satisfaction and then said with a big smile, "You all heard Yang Gao confirm it, so I will tell you that there is nothing to be afraid of now."
We can kill 100 thousand, and you can kill 100.2 million.
If we unite as one, we can destroy these zombies at a very small cost, don’t you think? "
All smell speech also nodded that Yang Guobin said makes sense.
Yang Meng suddenly debut "Yang Guobin don’t demagogue you said you killed hundreds of zombies and we didn’t see it. Who knows if you flatter yourself and exaggerate your achievements? Maybe you didn’t even kill ten thousand zombies and then fled back. "
Hear Yang Meng Yang Guobin don’t angry but smiled and said, "Yang Meng, don’t you lose heart? Your hand Yang Gao has confirmed what I said. What else do you want? "
Yang Meng turned a supercilious look. "Who knows if Yang Gao was bought by you?"
Yang Gaowen immediately scared and fell to his knees with a trembling tunnel. "Chief, I didn’t. I didn’t get paid off. I’m loyal to you."
Yang Meng heard upset and directly kicked Yang Gao over and scolded him. "He also said that he helped him speak without you."
Yang Gao said sadly, "Leader, I really didn’t tell you the truth just now. We didn’t kill any zombies in our wild camp. We didn’t kill any of them. We didn’t kill any of them while running away."
Hearing Yang Gao’s words, Yang Meng kicked in the past again. "Are you a sand wall and everyone is as stupid as you?"
Then Yang Meng to Yang Gao is a fierce kick Yang Gao body to a few soup also don’t know how many bones are broken.
Chapter seven hundred and fourteen Fool
Yang Gao’s bones were interrupted and screamed, but no one stopped. They all looked at Yang and beat him coldly.
Suddenly green MuYang out drink a "that’s enough Yang Meng you a big sand wall hit people addicted? Old to accompany you to play "
Yang Meng stopped and looked at Qing Muyang angrily. "I beat my people and you don’t care."
Qing Muyang pointed to boning knife and pointed to Yang Mengdao. "Come and let’s play a game to see if the old man doesn’t beat you to life and can’t take care of yourself."
Yang Meng raised his sword and said, "Don’t be afraid of you if you fight?"
Lin Ying went out and cursed, "Stop it! When will you wait until Yang Lao finishes talking? He wants to fight. Later, he will go to the battlefield to fight and kill people. What kind of hero is it to vent all his anger on the corpse and take it out on his compatriots?"
A faint murderous look emanates from Lin Ying’s body, which is not strong but makes people feel palpitation.
Yang Meng looked at Lin Ying and then at Qing Muyang’s sudden debut "I am white"
Most of the audience didn’t know the meaning of this sentence.
Lin Ying sneered, "Hum, what can you do even if you are white?"
Lin Ying’s words make those who eat melons even more confused.
At this time, Yang Guobin came out to make a circle. "Let’s stop arguing and wait for me to finish."
Then Yang Guobin said to the crowd, "This time we killed hundreds of zombies, which is not the biggest gain."
The biggest gain this time should be that Chief Lin told us the news.
That is, after being infected by zombies, human beings do not have to die or be infected. In addition to becoming zombies, they can also become human beings in another state. "
They smell speech immediately fry the pot.
Before someone is infected, it is equivalent to being sentenced to death, either killing himself painfully or being killed by others.
Now Yang Guobin tells them that people may not die after being infected. This news has a great impact on them.
"Chief Yang, please tell us what happened."
Yang Guobin hands virtual pressure continued, "Chief Lin told us that people can become variants after being infected."
"Variant? What is this? "
Yang Guobin "Variants are not things but human beings in another state. Although they are infected with human beings, they have no zombie characteristics and will not become the kind of people who know that killing monsters will not think about eating human flesh and drinking human blood.
And when people become mutants, it is possible to awaken their abilities. "
When they heard Yang Guobin’s words, they got excited.
Someone was surprised. "Is there such a good thing? Can you wake up after being infected? This is amazing. "
Someone’s face lit up. "If it’s really like Yang’s chief said, then human beings are not afraid of zombies and infected."
A little girl even cried and said, "Woohoo, it turns out that people don’t die after being infected. Then my brother was killed just after being infected. Isn’t that a white death?"
At this moment, Yang Meng threw cold water on it again. "Yang Guobin, since you said that people can become variants after being infected, how do you explain the death of more than one hundred people in this battle? What didn’t they become mutants? "
The people around you smell speech face smile suddenly disappeared, staring at Yang Guobin nervously.

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