Fang Wang and Jiang Li are like this, and so are Ma two dog and Lin Shu.

And the existing people have to give them a chance.
"What are the good photos of the battalion chief?"
Fang Wang looked forward to asking some questions. He and Jiang Li and others called Ji Rongxinyue’ battalion chief’, which originated from the official position of the captain of the independent youth training team. Now, more than one team of the independent youth training team has been named as the battalion chief.
The name’ Yan Yan’ is not good for people who are familiar with Lai Xing Fang Wang, Jiang Li, etc. It shows that the name’ Ji Rong Xin Yue’ shows a little respect for Ji Rong Xin Yue.
In the past 100 years, the age of criminal responsibility in the federal States has been reduced from 10 to 16, and from 16 to 14. Now some members have proposed to lower the age again.
Although it failed, there is still a significant gap between the 16-year-old and the 14-year-old in the same criminal case, although Ma Ergou and Lin Shu are both 12 years old
But in this era, children are so precocious, and what’s more, children born and raised by aliens?
Fang Wang and Jiang Li didn’t treat this group of children as ordinary children, but today they still have a feeling of sitting up and taking notice.
"I have a little problem."
Fang Wang actually raised his hand and got a look in the eyes of Ji Rongxin before he said it.
"Jiang Li and I are different after all. We have received the gift of the old man and have the strength of Qi. If we can go to different stars to participate in the war, it shouldn’t take too long to wait for the standby armor to drive the mecha. Should the performance be good?"
Ji Rong Xinyue nodded slightly and then said, "Three days ago, you said that the problem was true, but three days ago, General Li Yuanba succeeded in getting the theory of Qi power by himself in some way, and he can also have the gift ability, which means that the gift you got is not as rare as before."
From a certain point of view, this is not good news, but Fang Wang and Jiang Li both got up at the same time and looked surprised.
"General Li Yuanba is mighty."
The excitement of the two people is excusable. After receiving the gift, their strength has increased by about 3%. The increase in physical performance data makes them very aware that the gift has brought about an increase in human beings.

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