"I’ve never seen my brother do anything, but I think it’s very powerful!"

"I don’t want that abnormal reality. Your imagination has surpassed me!" Kakashi said it directly.
When he heard Kakashi’s words, Sasuke turned up a wave of ripples. He thought of the team meeting that day. After the three of them released a little momentum, Kakashi turned over the sample directly. Now Kakashi actually admitted that he was surpassed by Shu Mao. What kind of strength does this need?
"What?" KINOMOTO SAKURA at bluffing a.
"In? Don’t you live with that pervert every day? That abnormal state of enlightenment can be directly ranked in the top three of Konoha, even the first. Maybe now his strength is unfathomable. Don’t think about it. That’s not what you can imagine now. You should practice slowly. "
"Really so powerful?" Naruto is puzzled
"well! If you don’t believe me, after you go back, you will have a fight with that pervert and everything will be white. "
"What about him?" White is shaking a little. Is it going to happen to him? So a strong man must have a very bad temper, right? White again remind of those bad things.
"Don’t worry, my brother is konoha’s famous and good man, and he usually won’t get angry. Of course, if he gets angry, no matter what konoha’s family is! But even so, everyone still likes him very much. "
"Of course, it’s because the elder brother of the tree is eating! He is famous for his food. The villagers are as small as Konoha, and the people in Daming Mansion are very psychic. If everyone eats his food once, the psychic beast will be captured by that taste. I really want to go back to eating quickly. "KINOMOTO SAKURA carefully introduced the proud expression of the power of Shu Mao’s food, and it was displayed on Sasuke’s face as if it were his own food.
"Aren’t you afraid of being fat?" White asked
"My brother won’t get fat when he cooks. He won’t get fat no matter how he eats."
"So he’s not bad, too. There are very few men’s kitchens, let alone ninja kitchens."
"That’s his life. If you go to Konoha to be obedient, you will know that he is the big devil of Konoha and a devil! Konoha ninja is so call him "kakashi plugged in again.
"I don’t know anything!" Naruto is a single cell!
"Because Shu Maoge revised the ninja assessment ninja teaching foundation and other things!"
"He can have such a big profit?"
"Well, he is Konoha Taitai now, and both the dark department and the Huoying Office attach great importance to him. After three generations of retirement, he will be the leader of Konoha’s dark department."
"Ah kakashi teacher brother ready to take over the dark department? Isn’t that why I can’t see my brother often? "
"How do you say?"
"Muye Maru told me that since three generations of grandfathers became the leader of the dark side, he rarely went home, and he couldn’t even see him."
Kakashi patted his head in French. What’s wrong with this thing? Even KINOMOTO SAKURA can’t stand the goods, and Sasuke feels very uncomfortable. Is this Naruto?
"What’s the matter with you?"
KINOMOTO SAKURA just wanted to say something, but Kakashi stopped him.
"Ask Shu Mao directly after you go back. I think he can give you an answer.
In fact, the main reason why he was turned into a devil was that everyone called him the devil because of the devil-like ninja training methods. The devil really knows that there are not many people who have subscribed to the new ninja selection regulations. Don’t talk nonsense when you return to the village. "
"Oh, I know!
The devil’s training method? What? I don’t know. "Naruto is confused again. Is there such a training method?
"…" This is a complete language.
"How do you usually train?"
"Well, I’ll say we get up early, run around Konoha twice, then practice body exercises after breakfast, take a bath in the waterfall in the afternoon, have dinner at night, and then train until nine o’clock and go back to our room to sleep. It’s as simple as that."
"Can you talk about it in detail? There is also a waterfall bath? "
"Don’t listen to this cargo telling you that he can’t tell anything well with this single cell. Let me tell you something."
KINOMOTO SAKURA directly took Bai away and talked about Shu Mao’s abnormal training. Kakashi and Sasuke added something from time to time
"Now you know what everyone calls him the devil, but we also think he is a devil!"
"Ah, teacher Kakashi, you said that my brother is a devil. I will tell my brother to go back!" Naruto was very upset that he was interrupted n times when he wanted to interrupt.
"Nothing, someone wants me to teach him how to endure. Now I’m not in the mood. I forgot what it’s like to endure!" Kakashi is nothing but …
"No, teacher Kakashi, I was wrong. I must tell my brother that this is not you, but I said that you must teach me how to endure!" Naruto admits his mistake quickly. He is always very sensitive to things like Ninjutsu.
Bai Ze looked at him with envy, laughing and joking. Four people ago, he often felt like this again. Although he didn’t reach Konoha, he still saw Konoha’s sample.
"It seems that I will never leave Konoha!" White soliloquize to
"Don’t worry, you will love konoha. We all love konoha."
"White, you are an ice-dodging ninja messenger. When you join Konoha, you must let Brother Shumao help you create a new ninja!"
"Create Ninjutsu!"
"Is the tree mau until now endure surgery is his own creation, in addition to the five-body technique is the three-body technique and the instantaneous (multiple) shadow separation technique, he and he endure surgery is his own creation.
You think he’ll have a lot of ideas. Three generations have said that Shu Mao has brought the power and form of Ninjutsu to the extreme. He has created Ninjutsu not only with great power but also with great beauty. "
"But my favorite is my brother’s bathing phoenix. It’s so beautiful!"
"What is it like?"
"Is it not a very big red bird? What’s there to see! But the power really didn’t have to say. "
"That kind of red bird?" White pointed to the left-hand side of the forest there huge firebird asked.

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