Hua Zhen carried a big travelling bag, that is, when he escorted Rothschild last year, it was simpler to carry the Mann, that is, carrying a bag-like women’s bag with oblique shoulders.

If you want to sacrifice the branches of spring rain, you must first find a willow tree. There is not even a willow tree in the main city of the whole non-Somali port. There are willows in the manor built by Xiao Guang and other three brothers, and many trees have been planted in the backyard by the water’s edge for nearly 20 years.
The manor was renamed Fufeng Garden, and now it has been transformed into the Yangyuan Art Center, which is called the "Yangyuan Art Teaching Research Promotion Center". Manman is the main assistant of the center, and of course, he has been there. The first one is Fufeng Garden.
Two people can get there on foot on the same day, but if there is a car, why not take it? Isn’t that a blind man who made a car? The so-called hard work is not asking for it. Assistant Manman called a car in the center and the driver of Hua Zhen went to Sanhu Town.
Now Sanhu Town is a bit like Kelin District, but it is much better built in Bike Forest District. After all, the three brothers have been running Buffalo Array for 20 years and have a perfect overall plan to build a land of geomantic omen.
Man Man sighed by car, "These street trees are really beautiful. The port of Somalia really needs to be re-planned. When the rainy season comes, we should plant street trees first from the conditional area. I heard them say …"
Mann’s identity requires that she can attend many meetings in the city and sit in a relatively front position, but she usually listens and doesn’t speak, and she always feels knowledgeable.
There are no street trees in the port of Somalia, and the locals don’t seem to have the habit of planting trees. Most people think that trees don’t grow by themselves. Do you still need people to plant them?
Recently, the infrastructure construction in non-Somali port has to be re-planned, and of course, street traffic facilities should be re-planned. Street trees should also be planted on both sides of the new street, which is not only a landscape ornament, but also a sunshade for pedestrians in hot and dry seasons.
Ordinary tree species are not suitable for non-Suo Port as street trees. The results of the research by Uncle Yuan Mo’s manual agriculture and forestry team have been well demonstrated here in Sanhu Town. The street trees are mixed with sand coconut, phoenix tail palm and high crown wood.
Palm trees bear sweet dates, which is a special food in this area.
Phoenix-tailed palm has a main feathery leaf, which is very big like a beach umbrella.
The tall crown tree is a unique tree species in this wilderness. The trunk of the close relatives of the baobab tree is not as bloated as the baobab tree, and the branches cover a large area. It is not easy to plant it artificially.
Hua Zhen said, pointing to the five patrol members coming head-on, "The last one with a willow branch in his waist is the eldest of the three brothers Xiao Guang. I want to refine the multiplier just like the willow branch in his body."
Mann Mann "he is Xiao Guang? It doesn’t look very fierce! "
There’s nothing to patrol in Hua Zhen, and I haven’t met any bad guys. It’s still very good. I heard that Banda City Public Security Bureau was about to transfer him there, so I won’t patrol here soon.
Just now, Xiao Guang walked over with several black aunts. The black aunts in front were all valiant and spirited. Xiao Guang shrank his neck because he also saw the car in Hua Zhen, but he hung his head and pretended not to see it.
It’s been a week since the second meeting. Xiao Guangdai is no longer a blue armband, but an orange armband like ordinary patrol members.
A talent like him will be transferred to Banda City Public Security Bureau next month even if he is banned from repairing Tiantian Street and conducting joint defense patrols.
Encountering Xiao Guang was an episode. Man Man learned less about how Hua Zhenxing wanted to sacrifice a piece of equipment. The main assistant car directly entered the parking lot in the front yard of Fufengyuan.
This manor is very large, covering an area of nearly one square kilometer. Just looking at the front yard is like a park with lattice grilles on three sides. There are corridors on both sides of the main road leading to rockeries and flowers everywhere in the courtyard, which seems to walk at will.
Hua Zhen’s trip just glanced at the courtyard wall in the distance, and the "Chundan Development System" in the Yuan God suddenly had a reaction-
Discover the basic raw material of Chundan-Tiger Jiejing.
Characteristics of aphrodisiac for removing blood stasis and dredging menstruation; male caution is prone to deficiency and hyperactivity.
When the tender buds of the tiger’s cudgel break ground in spring, it must be cleaned and moistened thoroughly, and dried in the sun when it is cut into short pieces and about half an inch thick.
Refining medicine, refining purity, and then taking white mercury snow buds
Note that the immortal core can be replaced, but it can not be replaced at most by 99%
Different from Celastrus hupehensis, it is a very common perennial shrubby grass in the country of origin. It is a bit like the yellow-brown wood with bamboo roots lying horizontally, which can obviously save energy and grow in pieces.
In spring, the bud tip of the tiger’s cudgel is very destructive, and it can stubbornly emerge from the cracks in the floor tiles, which can support or crack the floor tiles.
If the bud tips of the long wall roots can emerge from the cracks in the wall bricks, it can be seen how tenacious the roots are. This plant was introduced to Luoba Prefecture and turned out to be a famous invasive species, and many places were flooded.
East China does not have this problem, and plants also have natural enemies. There are many kinds of insects and more than a dozen fungi in East China, but the tiger’s stick in Luoba does not have these natural enemies.
The climate of several miles was not suitable for the growth of tiger sticks, but this manor is quite special. The whole Sanhu town has been turned into a land of good weather and good fortune, and the three brothers’ manor has also planted tiger sticks at its roots.
The courtyard wall here is obviously not ordinary, and the whole manor is located in the center of the circle. There are special considerations, but we are not afraid that the tiger sticks will destroy the courtyard wall or flood everywhere.
Hua Zhen was surprised. He was not surprised to find a panacea here, but surprised that there was a panacea.
Tiger’s cudgel is not a rare thing to find, even if it is most suitable for natural growth in the environment, it is everywhere and even flooded in some places
From the point of view of large-scale industrial production, this is simply an excellent raw material. What’s more, it can replace the immortal core and greatly reduce the amount of the immortal core if not completely replaced.
Immortal core is not taboo for men and women, but it can be refined into a unique medicine to assist the cultivation of nourishing the yuan, but tiger-jie essence is taboo for men, which may lead to adverse reactions.
The so-called "white mercury snow bud" is a term used in foreign countries, and ordinary people don’t know what’s going on. It is similar to ultra-low temperature and supercooled water extraction crystallization in another way.
If pure water lacks impurities, it will not freeze, and the freezing point of condensation nucleus will not freeze. This ordinary process is difficult to achieve, but the Godsworn can do it by knowing the essence and controlling the process.
When refining external elixir, there is no strict data, and it is necessary to know the temperature at any time according to the situation.
If we want to realize large-scale industrial production in the future, we need to formulate strict production technology and organize scientific research teams to develop the most economical and reasonable technological process of specialized processing equipment.
These are all things to be considered later, and the eye gain is to find a panacea that can blindly replace most of the undead cores.
Hua Zhen followed Maman and passed through the main building of the manor, now called the main building of Yangyuan Art Center.
There are already workers in this class. They are all people who studied Yuanshu earlier in Suo Port. Now they have less first-class certificates. Man Man is very familiar with them. Most people also know Hua Zhen and Hua Zhen, nodding and smiling all the way.
From the front yard to the backyard, Hua Zhen discovered seven kinds of raw materials for refining Chundan. It is no accident that the manor was built by three Eastern Godsworn, and they also cultivated medicine fields in a seemingly random way.
The most rewarding trip to Hua Zhen for refining Chundan raw materials was the Laken Garden in the Palace of Belial, where rare flowers and plants from all over the world were planted. Hua Zhenxing found a total of 27 kinds of raw materials.
But this time it’s different. The plants in Fufeng Garden are full of spirituality. After harvesting, they can be found in the alchemy and Laken Garden. The plants’ spiritual effects are unbearable. It’s true that they need to be suitable for the natural environment to find in the future.
Although there was a lot of gain in refining raw materials of Chundan, when they came to the backyard, Hua Zhenxing found that the willows here did not meet the requirements of refining spring rain branches.
Hundreds of weeping willows at the water’s edge are growing well, each of which has a sense of cohesion, but just can’t find the most special one, and there is no such thing as a willow with a brilliant gathering of flowers, which simply doesn’t meet the requirements from the perspective of people.
The willows here should all be transplanted by three brothers and suitable for tropical growth. It is not cold in winter here. Although the willows also shed leaves, they don’t end up much. Generally, they remain green, so it is impossible to call the first budding branch in spring.
Hua Zhenxing was not too disappointed, and he didn’t expect to find it so easily.
The second time he came to this manor, he was directly moved to the long beach by the old man Yang, and then he dared to fight outside the lake and island. Finally, he flew away in the hurricane tray, and he didn’t have a good visit to this manor. Today, he gained something else
Hua Zhen trip still folded many beautiful willow branches and sacrificed them at will. Although it didn’t create a magic weapon, it was also a good craft material. Mann received all these willow branches and made a beautiful shoulder basket.
"You are so handy. When will you learn?"
"Uncle Mo taught me how to play straw sandals. There are many kinds of straw sandals."
"Then carry it on your back to raise Yuangu, and you can pick something on the way and pretend to carry some special products home when you get to the place."
Yangyuan Valley is the valley where Yangyuan Division headquarters is located, and now it also has an official name, where mountains surround the highest peaks around it, with an altitude of 2,000 meters, and the valley is 100 to 1,000 meters above sea level.
There are willows in the valley, and the climate of Yangyuan Valley is very cold in Yuan Ye after different winters. Now it will be the time for willow branches to sprout.
Chapter 247, heaven and earth me
This time from Sanhu Town, both of them changed to walking. Because there is no road to Yangyuan Valley, you can’t drive across the wasteland and then lose your car. This is not a good habit to cherish things, although Hua Zhen is now extremely rich.
The so-called rich as an enemy is literally less than a few miles, but Hua Zhenxing has no such consciousness. Recently, he always feels that money is not enough.
In addition to several projects as big as the golden beast, Huanxiang Industry has many projects under construction or close to completion and production, including cement plant, ceramic plant, glass plant, brick and tile plant … fertilizer plant under planning.
If the Ministry relies on imports to transport these materials, which are much higher than those produced in Chengdu, it is better to bite the bullet and introduce equipment and technology to achieve local self-sufficiency and meet most of the needs.

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