Mouth said don’t body is very honest …

Today, I recommend "I may be a false fairy" and decide it’s you. Moon Frost launched an earth attack!
Chapter 212 Decisively dwarf
November 21st!
Thanksgiving eve!
Sitting in the office, Mark wrote his name on the last document that needed his signature and handed it to the opposite blonde secret hand.
When the blonde walked out of the office with a small waist, Mark lay down on the chair with his hands resting on the back of his head!
Quite comfortable spit out a miscellaneous gas and came back from Brussels for almost twenty days.
Although the world is not very harmonious, it is harmonious to Mark!
For more than 20 consecutive days, the FBI cooperated with NYPD and other law enforcement agencies to directly refresh the crime rate in new york in November!
Crime against mutants!
With the inner world, Professor Charles and Wan Ciwang also seek common ground while reserving differences.
Ten percent of the mutants in new york were brought to live in the inner world by two people.
The remaining 20% are people with families and mouths.
But these people also know that there is such a special world for mutants, and they also take the initiative to cooperate with the police to give their arms a positioning instrument issued by Professor Charles …
They won’t resist this positioning instrument like some ordinary people.
After all!
After the dwarf Bolivar Tesla lost the trace of his younger brother Depth Charge Stryker,
It is also a change of hiding behind the scenes, and I intend to directly accept media interviews and programs to preach the harm of mutants to the world!
What is so!
Mark thinks it’s probably a dwarf, and he also feels that there are fewer and fewer mutants in new york …
And after talking to General Ross, Mark also learned that Tesla Industries seems to be building some kind of robot.
Even three days ago, Raven, a magic woman, met with an unexpected attack while shopping.
Sentinel robot!
In an instant, Mark suddenly thought of the genetic root of the Magic Woman and formed an extinct mutant robot!
Touch the bar
A long time!
Mark stepped out of the stairs and looked at Jack who had just come out of the interrogation room. "Did that guy confess?"
Jack shook his head!
Three days ago, when Raven, the magic woman, appeared in the supermarket with Jean and Emma to buy women.
I just walked out of the supermarket and arrived at the parking lot when I was attacked by an armed force!
After the attack, Raven, Emma and Chin were both hit by sneak attack and mutant ability suppressor!
In a more fashionable word, can a mere thing suppress an extraordinary person?
On the whole!
To sum up!
The next day, when Mark came out of the piano bedroom, his waist was sore and his feet were strong!
The soldier in the interrogation room was the only child left when Mark arrived at the scene …
Mark shrugged after seeing Jack shake his head. "It’s Thanksgiving!"
with this
Jack watched Mark directly hit the gate of the interrogation room and looked at the handcuffed black-skinned soldier. He said faintly, "I know who sent you to give you one last chance to tell who ordered you!" "
The soldier’s eyes were as swollen as walnuts. Mark smiled coldly and didn’t speak!
Mark has a smile on his face!
He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Even so, there is no need for us to continue to bet on you."
Jack slightly behind one leng that soldier is also gave me a puzzled expression!
One second!
Mark turned directly to Jack and said, "Arrange a tour team to Cuba and drop this guy in Guantanamo."
"I know!" Jack gave a strange smile and nodded!
The soldier who was tied to the seat suddenly said, "… wait, you have no interest in doing this."
Mark laughed and turned to Jack and said, "I don’t have this advantage?"
"It is said that as far as I know, your deputy director of overseas operations is still famous," Jack said solemnly!
Mark smiled and turned to look at the soldier who could no longer keep calm and said contemptuously, "Look at me!"
"… wait!"
It’s too late. I gave you a chance. From this moment on, your future is doomed to Tanamo.
"… wait!"
Behind the door, Mark couldn’t help laughing when he listened to the cry from the interrogation room.
Next to jack is asked, "the boss really don’t want to …"
Mark waved his hand directly and said softly, "Don’t you need to watch the news about the changes in Tesla Industries two days ago?"
Jack thought for a moment and then nodded!
Mark smiled at his cuff and said, "30% shares of Tesla Industries were held by a mysterious lady. It is said that Tesla surrendered to Rockefeller."
When Jack grew up, his mouth froze and said, "Is this true?"
Mark sighed and said wistfully, "The lady who owns 30% shares of Tesla Industries is called Lucy Rockefeller!"

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