Lu Chen’s knowledge covers the city and perceives the changes of ordinary people. At present, he is still awake, and there are still about 40% ordinary people. This is a surprising number.

You know, these are two ordinary people who are cross-polluted by old gods’s will. How can they stand it?
He went deep into some people’s brains and souls and accidentally found that things were a little different from his imagination.
He was not sure whether he could see accurately enough, so he raised his hand and grabbed an ordinary teenager from the street. He was still barely awake at this time.
I was obviously shocked by Lu Chen’s sudden grab. Some people said incoherently, "No, don’t want me. I’ll help me. Pope Mian will help me! I am the most devout believer of the morning goddess! "
He was not frightened by the sudden display of extraordinary ability in front of him, but he felt that the man who grabbed his shoulder looked terrible, which was 10 thousand times worse than the occasional vision of fear in his whisper
Lu Chen showed a broad smile. "Don’t be afraid. I’m Knight Li, an imperial blade. I want to see the sober situation in detail."
Painting pear clothes frowned and stepped back two steps, covering Joan’s nose with her hand.
Lu Chen is also a little disgusted with this young man. How can you be incontinent? ?
Peter smiled like a magic wand before he left. "Don’t be afraid, son. We need your help. You may be able to save the world and make a great contribution."
Although he doesn’t know what Lu Chen is doing to catch people, Bai Luchen won’t be so idle. It must have special meaning to catch this sober teenager.
Sure enough, Peter calmed the teenager’s mood and gradually stabilized, but he was still afraid of Lu Chen. The man’s body was suffocating, which made his soul tremble more terrible than that frightening whisper.
Lu Chen’s spirit washed away the boy’s body odor, and then raised his hand and put it on his head to examine the boy’s soul carefully.
Sure enough, he found that there was a dark fluid like fog and a film covering his soul, which was the embodiment of the will of the dark old gods Asachelis.
When the ancient gods will cover people’s souls, intuitively speaking, people will hear some inexplicable whispers or see some strange visions. Whether they will collapse depends on everyone’s mental resistance and tenacity.
And this layer of black fog film is covered with a layer of crimson fog, which seems to be aggressive, like some kind of emotional root and induces the deepest fear in people’s hearts.
This represents fear. old gods Haques’s will embodies strange things in this fog. It is blocked.
I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that Asachelis’s will has protected the boy from falling into fear and madness.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Foot on old gods
If you perceive it carefully, Lu Chen can find that the black fog attached to the teenager is still soft, which is so close to the soul that it will certainly make people hear some penetrating sounds.
But this will is not very aggressive, and the red fog outside is different. Haques’s will is simply aimed at destroying a person’s spirit
Old gods stands for fear. He is one of the most polluted people in old gods. old gods Klee rapps may also be good at it, but his ability was hacked to death by Lu Chen before he could target human beings.
When Haques’s will is manifested and directed at the creatures abandoned by God, it means that he can destroy most of the creatures on this continent by fear alone, and even the extraordinary can’t resist this simple will.
"Mr Lu?"
Peter couldn’t restrain his curiosity when he saw Liu Chenwei frowning slightly.
"It’s a little strange that old gods represents the night. It seems that his will covers all beings, but it is not strongly destructive. In the end, it is like the representative who fears old gods’s hand to protect these people."
Lu Chen withdrew his hand and the boy fell asleep mentally.
Burton wondered that he was a little confused about the situation. When he first came, he saw the strange night arrival ravaging the people’s mental disorder consciousness, which was considered to represent the arrival of dark old gods to end this era
"It’s possible that my country has also read some lost notes. If old gods wants to destroy human culture, it’s not necessary for the two of them to appear together. This may be some kind of protection."
Chu Hang analyzed that he looked at the people kneeling in the street. "Whispering in the dark is not strong. A few people are insane, but this kind of arousing people’s original fear will is different. Once they are directly attached to the soul, they should not be able to stand it."
Peter listened thoughtfully to several people’s discussion. He waved to a church man who happened to run by the night watchman, "Glance, you come."
Being called to Glance is a bit confusing but also very exciting. He is a dangerous night watchman and has never talked to the Pope’s crown.
"Pope Mian, do you have any orders?"
Glance straight even ready to die consciousness at the moment.
"I ask you, how do you feel now?"
Peter carefully observed Glance’s expression. King Inglan belongs to the lowest night watchman, but he just entered the dangerous level.
Before Lu Chen kindly left, "Let’s just order this."
He put his hand on shivering Glance’s shoulder, and his mind and spiritual force hit the weak barrier of dark will, revealing a gap.

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