Bury the gods in the mountain of martial arts
Liu Chen, the deacon’s hall of Tianfeng, is making a settlement. Although he didn’t understand the secret of the burial, the harvest was satisfactory.
After coming back, Takeyama didn’t know anything about the bearing crystals. Lu Chen pocketed all the bearing crystals he had excavated.
"After Brother Lu settled, you got 570,000 contribution points."
Lu Chen feels that the elder sister in charge of settlement today is very lovely, and there are not many basic contributions, but he has killed many other influential brothers.
Chapter nine hundred and twenty The ending is doomed?
The wind blows through the mountains, clouds and peaks, and the square in the morning is still the scene of the past.
In the long river, the wheel of history has some things that seem important.
Twenty-four brothers were killed in the exploration of Wushan Mountain, but no one paid attention to these.
There are always new people, and only those dead brothers and friends remember them.
Zhi Gefeng Liu Chenchao took out six jade boxes in the gathering spirit array of Huadian.
After the fight, the faint fragrance and strong blood smell are mixed together. It is a purple Dan medicine with a rare light on its surface.
The secret medicine of the fourth stage of the secret blood fighters was exchanged for the contribution points gained by Lu Chen’s struggle to bury himself in the abyss yesterday.
"something’s wrong with Gdzilla."
Just as he was about to swallow the secret medicine, he received a group frequency call.
Liu Chen’s mind is tight. What happened to them? The mental attention has been put on the team knot launch option.
He buried a lot of bearing crystals in the cave of Shenyuan, and the largest value of that one is unknown, but the bearing crystal he knows alone is equivalent to a hundred bearing crystals.
"What’s the matter? Do you need our help? "
Lu Chen replied, at the same time, he found that some people in the team also entered the room and started the call mode. Obviously, Chuhang was also attracted to his mind.
"We’re not in danger. It’s you."
Xia Mi explained that he was afraid of Lu Chen’s impulsive decision.
"Brother Chu and I are doing well at present, and my horse will continue to ascend."
Lu Chen’s team public channel indicated that they were in good condition.
"That’s not what we mean, Brother Lu. Guess what I found with the secret base of the West Federation of Painting Pears and Clothes?"
Xia Mi has removed the tyrannical king from the ship wall and is checking the function to speculate on what caused this.
Before Liu Chenfa asked about painting pear clothes, he said, "We found a foreign spaceship with a high level of sample viewing. At least the material of this spaceship and Xia Mi’s strength are destroyed by law."
Chuhang at this time is the bodhi old zu chu home to leave the carrier debugging experiment heard painted pear clothes is one leng.
From the perspective of the whole multiverse, the mother ship is not necessarily a strange thing, especially the burial star I. It seems that many secrets are a powerful ancient star with a long history, and it is normal to communicate with foreign languages
He doesn’t think it’s a surprise that the world can find the wreckage of the spacecraft after there is no connection between the planet Burial and the life source produced by this starship carrier.
However, since Xia Mi and Painting Pear Clothes took the initiative to talk to them about this matter and said that they were in danger, it was said that Painting Pear Clothes and Xia Mi found the spaceship and he had it.
"The king of tyranny?"
Chuhang directly cuts into the key point of asking questions.

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