However, they have not stopped for various reasons. They have launched the pace of charge, such as their responsibilities and missions, such as their blue star relatives and friends, such as they have sacrificed and are sacrificing their comrades-in-arms

For example, Ji Xinghe and Ji Rong Xinyue have already rushed to the transition base.
For whatever reason, when they attacked the Federation and human beings, they were all brave and afraid, and the Federation soldiers were worthy of being respected and remembered as Federation heroes.
It is meaningful for heroes to sacrifice. It has been confirmed that the entrance and exit of the base are occupied by the Federation one by one, and the imperial forces are gradually retreating behind the closed entrance and exit gates, waiting for the Federation to successfully break into the house and launch a deadly attack.
Not all the entrances and exits have five roads that can block Ji Xinghe and Ji Rong Xin Yue. The specific structure of the gates and the terrain of the gods mountain are very large, but these closed gates have caused great obstacles to the federal offensive forces.
Those automatic and remote-controlled fire outlets are not so easy to be destroyed by the attack of the federal intellectual machinery. Although the mecha made a super alloy forged giant bulletproof shield, they could not guard against all kinds of bombs hidden in the wreckage, including all kinds of weapons and equipment of the mecha Federation.
The most influential thing is that the magnetic pulse bomb empire has the same weapon technology as the Federation. When the mecha rushed into the channel, it was suddenly detonated, which caused a large-scale downtime, and then those platforms equipped with armor-piercing firepower attacked the channel in a covered way.
The federal army’s sequence mobile special forces became the main force of this tough battle. Although they wore armored mobile weapons similar to individual exoskeletons, they could almost see the magnetic pulse bomb attack because they did not make the intelligent core and other components extremely demanding.
Compared with the original mechanical power-assisted system, the alloy armor made them carry super-alloy shields and carry fierce firepower into the channel department, and then cleared all kinds of imperial fire output devices through various debris bunkers.
The effect is very good, but there are heavy casualties. Superalloy shields and those wreckage bunkers can’t resist the powerful shock wave and high-temperature fire ball of the firepower bomb department. However, the number of federal mobile special forces is very large. After the alien war entered a new era, the Federation no longer recruited conventional troops to support aliens on a large scale, and the army infantry who have been staying in aliens have changed their clothes on a large scale
Heavy protection has not been eliminated, but most of the front-line arms that need to charge have been replaced by mobile arms that can adapt to the alien environment for a short time.
Short-lived is because the problem of oxygen response is much better than that of individual exoskeleton armor, but it is limited by resources. Although the Federation really wants to equip every soldier with individual exoskeleton armor, it can finally be changed in this way.
However, mobile armed forces also have the advantages of mobile armed forces. Under the condition of relatively low cost, large-scale dressing can be carried out and the average physical fitness gap between federal soldiers and imperial soldiers can be smoothed out from the overall high combat capability of federal infantry.
Team after team of mobile command teams cooperated with the mecha’s various intellectual machinery and even equipment such as stepping chariots to successfully rush to the transition base. The channel department really peeled off the entrance and exit channels of the transition base layer by layer like peeling onions.
The federal advantage is getting bigger and bigger. This situation has finally appeared because there is no support for Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue for various reasons.
There have been three vibrations in the imperial transition base, and each one is stronger than the last one. The most recent one made the whole battlefield feel the obvious vibration. In some areas, the strong vibration made both the federal and imperial forces unable to stabilize themselves.
Yang Antai therefore changed his strategic office, and the Federation has reason to believe that there is at least one of the two grandsons, Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue, who is alive and can continue to destroy the imperial transition base.
From the imperial fight to the last ditch, it has been significantly weakened compared with before. Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue respectively rushed to the entrance and exit of the transition base, and there has been no imperial force pouring out of it, which can confirm this.
People are more willing to believe that the two grandsons are alive now and have completed an incredible rendezvous, and they are working together to fatally destroy the transition base.
After Li Yuanba’s return to the Blue Star, Ji Xinghe became the last battlefield charge general of the Federation. People think that he should not die like this, and the Federation also needs a new general who can charge the battlefield-Ji Rongxinyue.
The Federation needs to belong to this era and lead the Federation and the Empire to win the championship again and again.
Responsible for supporting Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue. The five independent groups’ surface battlefield battles have not ended. Those imperial forces have temporarily lost the opportunity to retreat, but they can retreat from the base or get support that can make them more threatening if they can destroy the federal forces occupying various entrances and exits from the inside.
As all the entrances and exits have been closed, they have become the greatest threat to the federal general attack force. The five independent groups are more suitable for their battlefield, and the battlefield must play a weapon and equipment configuration that suits them.
Taking the first step in place and directly rushing to support Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue are the corresponding logistics and firepower configurations of two mobile special warfare companies, each with 120 soldiers wearing mobile armed special warriors.
The number is a little too small, but considering that they actually shoulder the responsibility of death squads, the number is already a lot. After all, the total number is more than 300. Two mobile special warfare companies need to rescue two people, and they need to face a narrow escape.
Which is more important, 300 lives or two lives?
The death squads have the death squads to play. They didn’t finish the preparation and detection, and they rushed directly to the two entrances and exits, equipped with those detection-type intellectual machinery, as if they had forgotten it
Their communication channel didn’t sound the order to continue to March, but their steps never stopped. There was no suitable shelter, but the formation with high fatality rate forced forward.
It is more dangerous than Ji Xinghe’s breakthrough of the tactical nuclear Grenade by Ji Rongxinyue, because the nuclear explosion can make the passage have a large number of open areas and the advancing team lacks enough shelters.
However, the danger is that the current passage is full of a large number of rushing teams that lack adequate protection when nuclear radiation is not dissipated. If they can survive today, they will need to receive long-term treatment before they can restore the federal alien medical level. In other words, if they fail to return to Blue Star in time or fail to accept gifts, their bodies will be irreversibly damaged.

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