"I depend on him, is he old and weak?" Wang Jianghe shot and walked back and forth for a few steps and said, "Are you Shabi? Are you a charity with more than 10 thousand old and weak? "

Lin Ying squinted slightly and asked, "What’s the problem?"
Wang Jianghe walked to the avenue in front of Lin Ying. "More than 10,000 old and weak people can’t do anything."
Wang Jianghe’s expression is very exaggerated, dancing like epilepsy.
Lin Ying stared at Wang Jianghe word for word. "Yes, more than 10,000 waves of grain are coming to your town. Will you take it?"
Jiang-he wang heard Lin Ying words suddenly like heard a big joke suddenly gave a ugly laugh "ha ha ha ha ha laugh me to death to pick up or not to pick up? Ha ha ha ha "
Suddenly Jiang-he Wang’s face became gnashing. "I’ll pick you up. Mahler Gobi stung you. How big are you?"
Before Wang Jianghe’s words were finished, he found a flash of ghosting in front of him, then a sharp pain in his nose, and then tears kept soaring outward.
It’s Qing Muyang who starts work.
Qing Muyang punched Wang Jianghe in the nose, then punched Wang Jianghe in the eye, making him a panda, and then punched him in the mouth and flew several teeth.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Flexion
Qing Muyang’s bow and fist kept hitting Wang Jianghe’s face and instantly turned him into a pig’s head
Wang Jianghe’s hands were also emotional when they saw their boss being beaten. They turned their guns on Qing Muyang and roared, "Stop it, stop it, or I’ll shoot it."
But Qing Muyang Wang Jianghe kept jumping around to let them aim at the roots.
They dare not shoot at random for fear of accidentally injuring their boss.
Green MuYang hit Wang Jianghe while big asked "say you pick up or not? Pick it up or not? "
Wang Jianghe was beaten so hard that he could hold his head and run around.
But no matter where he runs, he will be called back by Qing Muyang.
A moment later, Wang Jianghe, who couldn’t stand the abuse, suddenly shouted, "Stop it, stop it, stop hitting me. Can’t I pick it up?"
I stopped when I heard Jiang-he Wang shout "Green Muyang" and then carried his collar in one hand. "This is your own promise to take over these old and weak people. I didn’t force you."
Wang Jianghe kept nodding his head against the pig’s head and said, "Uh-huh, I promised myself. I promised myself that you didn’t force me."
Wang Jianghe’s tears flowed out of his heart. "You didn’t force me, but did you keep hitting me? If I don’t promise me, he will be killed by you."
Fortunately, the people around him heard Wang Jianghe’s words and his face changed. He held the rifle in his hand tightly and didn’t know if he should shoot it.
At this time, Lin Ying was dancing with a horse-chopping knife with one hand, scanning the surrounding people’s eyes with cold eyes to see a chill in their hearts.
Qing Muyang carried the Wang Jiang River "Let your hands disperse and then get ready to meet people from Dongcheng".
Wang Jianghe immediately shouted to the people around him with a big bag on his head, "Give me all the scattered ones."
All the people around this just put away their weapons and then scattered.
But these people didn’t go far, but scattered not far away, watching the situation here at any time
Qing Muyang loosened Wang Jianghe’s collar and said, "Hurry up and arrange to meet people. I warn you not to play any tricks. My hand will kill you directly."
Jiang-he wang sad face way "eldest brother, even lend me ten thousand bravery I also dare not play tricks.
But you see, my town is so small, and you have stuffed more than 10 thousand people to come over. I don’t have that much material. I can’t receive so many people. "
Lin Ying heard Wang Jianghe’s words and went over and said, "How many people can your town accept?"
Jiang-he wang looked at the green MuYang suo suo neck small replied "three hundred at most three hundred people"
"Fuck off!" Lin Ying directly interrupted Wang Jianghe before he finished. "Don’t play games with me. There are at least tens of thousands of people in your town in peacetime. Now you tell me that you can accept 300 people?"
Hao yang next to the sword rack Wang Jianghe neck nu way "don’t fool us, be careful old kill you to take over your town and then receive those old and weak".
When I heard hao yang, Wang Jianghe was so scared that he was sweating like rain, and then he shivered all over. He almost cried, "Dear boss, I say it’s true. We have almost consumed our materials, and our receiving limit is 500."
Hao yang stared at Wang Jianghe without speaking.
Wang Jianghe immediately changed his tune to "not a hundred"
Hao yang moved a long sword to make Jianfeng stick Wang Jianghe’s neck.
Wang Jianghe bit his teeth a little crazy to "no, no, no, not a thousand people. There must be no more. If there are more, we will have a northwest wind."
Hao yang failed and glanced at Lin image is asking for information.
See hao yang expression Lin Ying turned to Wang Jiang river "you can’t receive so many people that people left? Don’t let them go back the way they came? "
At this moment, Wang Jianghe hurriedly said, "Brother calm down, brother calm down. Although I can’t receive so many people, you can let his base in Nine Cities and Ten Towns receive these people, so that they can divide them up bit by bit and will not exceed their limits."
After hearing Wang Jianghe’s suggestion, Lin Ying bowed his head and thought for a moment, he said, "That line, you will unite his town and village leaders to let them come and receive the population."
When Wang Jianghe heard Lin Ying’s words, his eyes suddenly flashed, "Well, I have a reluctant invitation, everyone."
Lin Ying fidgety way "what is it? Say! "
Jiang-he wang saw Lin Ying some unhappy hesitated, but still said, "Hey, hey, the situation is that all the leaders of the nine cities and ten towns suffered an accident recently to give us these new opportunities."
Although we all control our respective forces, there is a little disagreement about the position of leader.
As for me, I have some ideas about that position
So, I hope that the bosses will help me get the position of the leader, so that I can arrange for them to receive the population in a justified way. "
Wang Jianghe went round and round before finally telling his plan.
Say that finish Jiang-he Wang a face looking forward to Lin Ying three people.
Wang Jianghe himself is a fifth-order strength, but he was just beaten by Qing Muyang, and he knew that he met these three people who were masters.
At that time, even if he was beaten badly, he didn’t let anyone shoot him.

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