Mark pointe to that banana smell in Kate’s right hand when she was about to speak.

"Seriously Ryan, I don’t want to discuss this issue!"
"Don’t you ever fall in love or be …"
"… I don’t want to answer this question!"
"Please just tell me. You know I’ll keep asking …"
Just as Mark was about to answer, a trolley appeared from the corner.
A blonde, tall and looks like Denise Richards, with her arms around her and a wary look, said the man pushing the car behind her!
Mark slightly one leng!
The blonde is also slightly one leng and then it is unnatural to look away!
"Let’s go!"
"Don’t buy cereal?"
"I just remembered that there is still an expired box at home!"
Kate blinked in front of the cereal after the blonde took the man in a circle away.
After throwing banana-flavored cereal into a shopping cart that has already turned into a hill, I smiled slightly. "That woman just now seems to be Julia Bev of new york Channel 1!"
"Are you? I didn’t pay much attention! "
"Mark!" Kate stared at Mark and said, "You wake up every day and call the TV station. She hosts the show."
Mark shrugged his shoulders and explained, "I’m just a heart weather forecast."
When Mark got home aft shopping, he took his thing out of that trunk.
Come from the car, Kate. Smile!
After returning to the living room, Mark put a lot of shopping at the bar.
Looking at sitting directly on the sofa silently protesting against his girlfriend, he gave a wry smile and said, "Are you really going to start the second cold war when you finally come back?"
"Mark, you said you wouldn’t hide anything from me." Kate threw her arms around Mark!
"I said I wouldn’t tell a lie," Mark corrected. "Hiding and lying are two different concepts. Sometimes hiding may be based on good intentions."
"You obviously know something about that Julia Bev, so you can’t just tell me?"
A headache swept through the skull instantly. Mark sat down beside his girlfriend and paused. "Just like I said before, I am not proud of my former history!"
"… ho ho!"
"Hey, hey, hey, this is not a solution to feelings."
"I’m sorry!" Kate covered her lips as if she wanted to laugh but couldn’t!
As far as your history is concerned, it’s cheeky if you don’t cut yourself off.
Kate thought so in her heart!
Mark glanced at his girlfriend and sat down again before saying, "It was more than ten years ago when I left my hometown and entered Brooklyn Midtown High School …"
Chapter 47 Hell Kitchen
Julia Bev!
A beauty as beautiful as her name.
Beauty is as soft as a stream, blonde hair.
A pair of blue eyes seems to be fascinating!
To be honest, it was a girl who was attracted by Mark’s few numbers.
And that one who hurt Mark the most!
Mark still remembers that it was a morning when the sun was rising.
The location is in front of the famous auditorium of Brooklyn Midtown University.
In the summer of 1977!
After that conversation, the two went their separate ways.
After a sad day, Mark rode his horse again and fought on the battlefield again.
Julia Bev
It was a month before Mark learned that Julia had dropped out of school …
"Wow …" Kate grew up sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn, listening to Mark tell a story and saying, "Then why did you break up with her?"
Mark wiped his face and shook his head. "I forgot."

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